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Australian mom and baby care company reposition itself as ‘lifestyle brand’


Lovekins was founded by CEO Amanda Essery who uses native Australian ingredients such as Kakadu plum in her products. Since the brand’s launch in 2016, it has expanded from personal care products to baby diapers and sanitary napkins.

Talk to CosmeticsDesign-Asia,Essery said the company plans to expand its product portfolio even further to align with the brand’s vision and evolve into a lifestyle brand.

“2019 was a pivotal moment for us when we launched baby diapers and period care. The idea is to make Lovekins a more “adult” brand. We are starting to emerge as a growing lifestyle brand from our trusted brand for mother and baby care. “

After delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand is preparing to launch two more product lines – children and laundry – next year.

“We started with Lovekins Mother & Baby, which is our main brand. With Lovekins Women and Home Care, we’ll have a three-brand architecture that will cement Lovekins as a lifestyle brand. ”

At the same time, Lovekins will seek to expand its business overseas. In addition to its home market, the company is present in Korea, the Middle East and China.

However, the company plans to expand its horizons further in 2022.

Right now, the company is gearing up to enter Ireland, which it hopes will help the brand find its way into the UK and eventually Europe.

It also has a strong focus on the United States. “The United States is a great country where we certainly see opportunity. We are currently looking for agents who will help find opportunities for Lovekins. “

In addition, it is also looking to expand into Southeast Asia, markets like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam to tap into the growing middle class consumer market.

Essery believes Lovekins sets itself apart in the market by focusing on respecting the traditions of harvesting native Australian ingredients.

She stressed that transparency was particularly important for mothers, who are “very knowledgeable investigators”who demand the best for their families.

“Today, the market is becoming very, very saturated. It is very important to have this traceability not only with our subcontractors but also with our suppliers. Now, it’s not enough to say you have transparency – you have to transparently show where you are sourcing from.

Focus on mental health

Along with the expansion, Lovekins will focus on mental health in 2022 as part of its CSR efforts.

Previously, the company supported organizations such as the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to improve children’s literacy and Share The Dignity to end the period of poverty.

Lovekins recently started working with the non-profit organization Dad’s Group to focus on the mental health of dads.

In addition, he plans to work more closely with clinics and hospitals to promote mental health and bring families together by sharing knowledge on skin care, pregnancy recovery as well as personal care.

“We believe you can really use sensory oils and aromas to really help connect families together when it comes to mental care. Massage is something that can help connect and bond with your child, its process that brings families together through the skin ”, said Essery.

The brand has also aligned its targets with Australia’s 2025 national packaging targets. It is committed to making its packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025 and to use at least 50% recycled materials in its packaging by 2030.

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