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bbno $ releases new ‘yoga’ single with Rebecca Black – Manila Bulletin


bbno $ and Rebecca Black

Rising star bbno $ [baby-no-money] released their brand new single and videonfor ‘yoga’ with Rebecca Black, from her brand new upcoming album ‘to eat vegetables’, via the bbno $ label in partnership with mtheory.

Listen to ‘yoga’ ft. Rebecca Black here

Before the release of ‘to eat vegetables’, bbno $ offers fans another brilliant single and video from the album “yoga” featuring internet sensation and artist Rebecca Black. Produced by Diamond guns, the disco-influenced track combines bbno $’s witty pun and alluring voice of Rebecca with bouncy synths and an addicting bassline for the perfect party anthem. The entertaining accompanying video, produced by frequent collaborators Shiraz and Michael Anthony, shows both bbno $ and Rebecca transforming into drag queen / king versions of themselves as they “do a little yoga and do a little dance”.

Speaking of “yoga”, Rebecca Black said… “I was so happy to jump on ‘Yoga’ as soon as I heard it, it’s crazy how we / bb / diamond guns were able to put this together from a distance – they absolutely killed him. Working with bbno $ has been incredibly fun and full of surprises every step of the way and I can’t wait for everyone to see the chaos we got into for the video. The jury is out on who does better bbno $ or RB… ourselves or each other.

bbno $ simply state …“Rebecca Black. Need I say something more?”

‘yoga’ follows the release of previous singles ‘I remember’, ‘wussup’ and successful collaboration ‘Edamame’ with 88Rising Rich Brian, who raised more 90m broadcasts on major DSPs, reached # 78 in the Spotify Global Top 200, # 39 worldwide on TikTok, and currently # 39 on the US Radio Top 40.

Released from bbno’s sixth studio album $ ‘to eat vegetables’, the 12-track album is set to be a nostalgic, genre-blending journey with guests from Rebecca Black, Night Lovell and Rich Brian, alongside frequent Y2K collaborator production and more.

Released on October 8, the project brought together die-hard fans of bbno $ signature of previous catchy singles and those interested in his exploration of a whole new sound.

Speaking of their next album bbno $ noted…“Eat vegetables, it’s really my social responsibility to tell children to eat more vegetables. There is no deeper contextualized meaning. Hope you enjoy lol.

Tracklist “eat your vegetables”

  1. to resume
  2. yoga (with Rebecca Black)
  3. edamame (feat. Rich Brian)
  4. black eyed pee
  5. brainless
  6. you’re crazy
  7. 2 time zones (feat. Night Lovell)
  8. verification
  9. big boss baby
  10. I remember
  11. wussup (feat. Yung Gravy)
  12. tonight we’re having a fucking party




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