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“She provides counseling for moms struggling with postpartum, mentally exhausted at home all day, who can’t go out and really need someone to talk to. We all know we can’t pour into an empty mug, ”Allen explained. “We have to be fulfilled so that we can dive back into our children, spouses and boyfriends, or whatever that significant other is.”

Allen said that there will soon be another service for the association: a doula. Allen has been working for some time to have a doula and said she was excited to be able to announce who will be offering the service in the near future.

During the 9/11 baby shower, Daddy to Doula’s Juan Irby was able to talk to mom-to-be about doula services.

This time around, the shower had a spaced tent area where moms could sit and talk, something Allen couldn’t provide in the last shower.

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For mom-to-be Tatiana Semanyshyn, having other moms was exactly what she was looking for.

“I came here to find girlfriends who will also have children,” she explained. “I’m excited, but a little worried about the future delivery.”

Mint To Be founder Sharee Allen is also a wedding planner and works with area businesses like Love & Lyte Designs, who created the woodwork for the event.

Victoria Young, Independent Tribune

Semanyshyn said she had just moved to the Concord area and was nervous as a mother for the first time. She was hopeful that having a support group of other moms around would make any new transitions easier, especially being with others who are or have faced the challenge of giving birth during a pandemic.

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