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Get your gifts early as toys can become scarce as the holidays approach


AUSTIN (KXAN) – Halloween is just around the corner, but experts say you should start thinking about Christmas already.

As ports recede, this means that items, like toys, become harder and harder to obtain and more and more expensive.

“With the toys, it’s the lack of chips and the expensive shipping costs,” said Edward Anderson, professor of supply chain operations management at the University of Texas at Austin. “It will get worse during the holidays, so if I had to buy a toy for my child, I would do it now.”

At Stanley Moore’s toy store Over The Rainbow, they are already getting ready for the holidays and facing some of the challenges.

“Nothing like this has happened before,” Moore said. “We are expecting a number of things. Some companies have told us that there are no more orders or that we are out of stock on some orders. “

Susan Parker, owner of Personally Yours, faces the same challenges.

“We have been placed on limited amounts of things that we can order,” Parker said. “Things that took seven days last year and the year before now take three weeks to get in.”

While things should improve after the holidays, Anderson said the chip shortage will always have an impact on gaming systems or toys that use the chips.

Parker said she tells all of her customers to place their orders early so there is no delay.

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