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I’m suing my stepdaughter after finding out she pocketed my grandson’s £ 600 Christmas money for FIVE YEARS


A distraught grandmother said her stepdaughter took the generous cash gifts she gave her grandson and spent them on herself.

The woman explained that she had a reasonably good business and that she had set aside money for her grandson’s college fees or a deposit for a house.


Grandma was furious to hear her stepdaughter pocketed her grandson’s Christmas moneyCredit: Getty

In addition, the generous grandparent also gave his 15-year-old grandson $ 800 (around £ 600) as a Christmas and birthday present.

Writing on Reddit, she said, “That’s a pretty big amount of money, but he’s a great kid and I think he deserves that money.

“Well, recently he came up and told me for 5 years that my daughter-in-law had stolen a lot of money from him, and a little bit from my son too.

“It turned out that she was spending a lot of money on herself and decided to pretend that my grandson’s money would go to college funds (it was usually through cards- gifts, so how would he even go to a college in the first place?).

“Not only that, but apparently he was barely even DEF and didn’t receive basic necessities most of the time.

“Six years ago she broke up with my son and dated a man whose pay was good enough to make sure my grandson got what he needed. They weren’t in poverty. “

The grandmother explained that she was furious with her stepdaughter for taking her son’s money.

She said: “Not only was the money I gave my grandson for fun being used by someone I didn’t even like at first, but my grandson was being neglected as he could have given her the basic necessities.

“I recently emailed my daughter-in-law, telling her how much she owed me and if she doesn’t pay it back by the end of the year, I’m bringing in my lawyers.

“Well, she was furious and started using the fact that her boyfriend is a ‘military sniper’ to threaten me to drop the charges.

“I told her I refused to do this and then ignored her, knowing that if she kept threatening me all she’s doing is incriminating herself.”

But not everyone in the family agreed with her in her anger.

She said: “My other son who is also an employee of mine said that I was too hard on her and should have given up, and that I already have enough money to pay him back.”

Other Reddit users were quick to agree with the upset Grandma.

One said: “I rarely say this (and people tend to jump on it quickly for small things) but I recommend going to the police.

“The threat of the ‘military sniper’ may be wind blowing, but it’s still a threat of death.”

While another said: “It is fine for you to have defended your grandson, but if you seriously suspect negligence, it is better to take legal action about it (if he is a minor). , there may be laws in your area regarding mandatory abuse reporting and such). “

While a third said: “Go see the police and report the threats they made to your life.

“Tell them she took money from him and neglected him.

“Just because you have more money doesn’t mean you should pay over and over and over again.”

The woman followed up with a second comment explaining that she had already decided to stop giving him cash gifts.

She said: “I have already quit and plan to put all future funds into her college savings account until she turns 18.

“From now on, all the gifts will be clothes or I’ll buy him things while he’s there with me so he can choose what he wants.”

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