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new “Wild Space” connects children with nature | WFRV Local 5


MENASHA, Wisconsin (WFRV) – There’s a new place for the kids to have fun at the Heckrodt Wetland Preserve in Menasha.

It’s called the Wild Space and today was its grand opening.

Bryan Schaefer says he brings his family to Heckrodt Wetland Reserve about twice a month.

“Getting your children to see nature from an early age is very important,” says Schaefer.

He says the grand opening of the Wild Space makes his family’s visit to the Heckrodt Wetland Reserve special today. Her children love to crawl in tunnels, hurtle down slides and down the zip line.

Maverick Wesner and his family have also given the green light to the new Wild Space area.

“This playground is one of my favorites (of all the playgrounds he’s been to),” says Maverick.

The theme of the playground is to learn about life under our feet as well as life in the canopy. Children can fill a bucket with materials and pretend to build a nest. They can learn about the sounds owls make and compare their wingspans to those of birds that live in wetlands.

“We can’t just wave our flag preserving nature preserving nature, we have to bring people into nature and when they are there they want to protect it,” says Luke Schiller, education director of the nature reserve by Heckrodt.

We are told that the Wild Space is the culmination of two years of work and over $ 150,000 in donations.

Heckrodt celebrates today with music, ice cream and toy gifts for children. The hope is that the Wild Space will lead these children to love nature as much as they do.

“Nature is therapeutic, it’s good for our heart and lungs, and it’s good to get out and be physically active,” says Schiller.

The smooth opening of the Wild space was in November but not all of the space components that were on display today were ready at that time.

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