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Reaction to latest Carrie Johnson baby bump photos proves she’s right to keep pregnancy sneaky


This morning, Carrie Johnson was spotted in Manchester attending Boris’ opening speech at the Conservative Party conference. The most notable part of his paparazzi photos? His baby bump, at least according to social media users.

Wearing the sustainable brand’s ‘Lola’ dress Cabbages & Roses, Carrie’s bump is barely visible – a look she’s often sported throughout her relatively stealthy pregnancy. We say stealthy because it seems like everyone forgot that she was even pregnant. After being pictured today, the tabloids began to run stories about her ‘hiding’ her belly, leading to a wave of tweets questioning when she got pregnant.

Now, “Is Carrie Symonds pregnant” is a major search term on Google (Symonds is her maiden name), followed by “Carrie Symonds baby” and “Boris Johnson baby”.

Is Carrie Johnson pregnant?

In fact, Carrie and Boris announced they are expecting a second child earlier this year, in July, with Carrie scheduled for December. Currently around seven months pregnant, it appears many social media users either completely missed the pregnancy announcement or assumed she had already given birth and was somehow, extremely quickly, pregnant again.

The announcement of Carrie’s pregnancy was notable in July for its incredible emotion. In an Instagram post, Carrie revealed that she miscarried earlier this year and was terribly nervous about being pregnant again.

“At the start of the year, I had a miscarriage which broke my heart,” she said at the time. “I feel incredibly blessed to be pregnant again, but I also felt like a bag of nerves. Fertility issues can be very difficult for many people, especially when on platforms like Instagram it can seem like everything is always going well. I found it very heartwarming to hear from people who had experienced loss as well, so I hope, in a very modest way, sharing this might help other people as well.

Her honesty has been praised by many and makes the reaction to her now pregnancy uncomfortable. Regardless of what you think of Boris’ offspring, expressing negative feelings or anger about a woman who has already experienced such a traumatic loss is never okay. It’s no wonder Carrie has kept her pregnancy relatively low-key when reactions like this form at the mere sight of her bump.

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