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Reasons why people ghost their friend



“We were both having difficulty in our current jobs and wanted to get away from it all, so we decided to go to Paris because of this great deal that a travel agency was offering for New Years. We spent close to two years planning and saving for the trip. The day we left set the tone for the week: she almost put us late because she couldn’t find a specific scarf that she wanted to bring. stopping at an ATM to get US dollars “for the flight” even though we had tight layovers and there was no reason to keep any money on us. she complained about walking. She was carrying literally EVERYTHING she didn’t need with her, then complained about the weight of her bag. She refused to wear a coat that she brought but that didn’t fit. then complained of the cold (and ended up getting sick). But the cherry s On the cake, it was his collapse at Versailles. “

“We both wanted to see Versailles so we had planned a private tour. The guide gave us headphones so we could hear it above the massive crowd inside. They told us on several occasions to stay together There were SO many people Well my friend decided she didn’t want to wear her headphones, got late with our group to take pictures, and ended up getting lost in the palace. One of the two tour guides we had had gone to find her, but in a place of this size – it was a needle in the haystack.

We all had instructions to meet at the golden gates at 1 p.m. sharp. So at 1 p.m., she rushes over to me, starts CRIING and cursing at me in front of thousands of people, then sits down on the floor and cries. She shouted that we had LEFT her and that she couldn’t get help because “everyone speaks French” and had to call the police. She was a 32 YEAR OLD WOMAN.

The rest of the trip was hot and cold. She just did not seem at all prepared for the trip and found everything to be an inconvenience.

On our return we shared a taxi. I told her to let me know when she got home safe and sound, and that was the last time I texted her. “


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