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Senator Gene Dornink: State Inquiry – Austin Daily Herald


Friends and neighbors,

Hope everyone enjoyed their last summer weeks and the first days of fall. We are entering a beautiful time of year with the changing of leaves and family celebrations. As a member of the Capital Investment Committee, I will devote part of my fall to touring statewide, examining many local projects requiring state funding. It has been great to see these communities across the state and I look forward to next month when we visit our district. These liaison visits allow lawmakers to see and understand the importance of state funding in our community.

Recently, Democrats in Minnesota formed the Reproductive Freedom Caucus. I want to be very clear; I will always support life from conception to natural death. This new group will push a radical agenda and target human decency. At their press conference announcing the new “caucus,” Democratic lawmakers said it was an attempt to go on the offensive against abortion restrictions. They went so far as to say: “we can no longer play defense”. I find it reprehensible that Democrats in Minnesota deem it necessary to go on the offensive against our unborn children. We must defend and support our babies, not kill them.

Every child has the right to live, and Minnesota should be the best place to have and raise a child. No woman should ever feel pressured or coerced by anyone that abortion is the best or the only choice for her and her baby. So unlike Democrats who continue to push for the expansion and publicity of abortion, Republicans in Minnesota have made strides in making life easier. Our proposals include grants for funding basic infant supplies, the elimination of fraud and abuse in our child care assistance program, paid work breaks for pregnancy needs, a vocational training for new mothers, medical assistance and many more. My colleagues and I worked hard to make life easier to choose from, and we were greeted with open hostility. At the end of the day, Democrats encourage abortion while I encourage life.

Here in Minnesota, our laws are contradictory when it comes to unborn children. We have laws describing the act and punishment for the murder of unborn children. If your act “causes the death of an unborn child with premeditation and with the intention of effecting the death of the unborn child or of another”, you risk life imprisonment (Statute MN 609.2661). The purpose of this law and other laws protecting our unborn child is that life begins at conception. They have a heartbeat as early as 5 weeks pregnant, a full human body at 12 weeks, and have survived outside the womb at 21 weeks and 5 days. Everything we’ve learned in class that we know to be true says that life begins at conception. Yet oddly enough, we have nearly unlimited abortions in Minnesota, despite our laws protecting unborn children. This is a clear double standard. If we agree that life begins at conception in one area, we must recognize that same fact in another.

Choosing life doesn’t have to be a partisan issue. We can all work together to reduce and eliminate abortions in our state and that starts with supporting pregnant women. I am deeply saddened that Democrats in Minnesota have chosen this path as opposed to the bipartisan path to save lives. I implore you all to investigate the new “Reproductive Freedom Caucus,” their radical program, and join me in saving lives in Minnesota. I want to see Democrats and Republicans come together to promote and support expectant mothers to also choose adoption over abortion. What a win-win concept… the child lives and another family receives a blessing.

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