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Sharlot Hall in Prescott Showcases Living History Crafts and Grandma’s Toys | Destinations


Summer on the Arizona border was a time to beat the heat after spring chores and post-winter activities around the house.

It’s ‘the good old summer’ in Prescott, with balmy weather and plenty to do outdoors, including the Living History Adventure program on Saturday July 10, at Sharlot Hall Museum.

Amid the cool climates of central Arizona, enjoy the history and heritage of yesteryear, from summer libations at Ranch House to churning ice cream in the Pioneer Living Area, or try croquet at the Gazebo.

More than 15 historical activities fill the Museum’s four-acre campus every second Saturday, and feature old-fashioned crafts and entertainment as part of the ongoing program.

Participants young and old alike need a checklist to keep track of all the events available, from board game manna and making a nice lemonade, to hoop races and the lawn games of the three graces. Make a bubble wand and start blowing bubbles.

There will be gold panning outside the historic Governor’s Mansion, juggling near the pole, and outdoor painting most likely anywhere on campus.

The adventure of the second Saturday of the month remains unique. Sometimes this can include dipping a handmade candle, creating a lavender air freshener, making an all-natural insect repellant, or staining garden plant markers.

Others may include making a special blend of tea, selecting seeds for potting, or making your bed, called a ‘melee mattress’ (where you try to put sheets on a straw mattress. pioneer).

Get your hands wet trying out the washboard and laundry bucket, or try sewing a fun pattern or button sewing. At the very least, try coloring paper dolls – a border family favorite.

While you’re on site for the Living History Adventure program, check out the new “Toys!” »Exhibition presenting more than 160 historical toys for children do not just fun and games.

Discover the Apache playing card game (over 150 years old), the prehistoric dice, the Chattauqua industrial art office and the magic lantern projector. These can be found near the Parchessi game board, Lincoln log set, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, and interactive building blocks.

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