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TOW S3 Cast’s Biggest News This Week (October 4)


From Biniyam hinting at Ariela being pregnant again to Steven crowning The Other Way villain, read 90 Day Fiancé’s biggest news this week.

Considering that the fans are losing interest 90 day fiancé: the other way week after week, most are turning to social media for their dose of news and gossip. The past week has been eventful for those who have seen Kenneth Niedermeier applaud 90 day fiancé blogger John Yates. Fans have also learned that in Jenny and Sumit’s relationship, it’s Sumit who pays the bills. Ariela and Biniyam have kept a low profile when it comes to providing fan gossip, but Avi’s mother has claimed that only a monster can keep a child away from his father.

On the other hand, Steven Johnston may have proven that “v“in his name means”scoundrel. “Aside from his unsettling conversation with Alina where he revealed he dated people behind his back, he also apparently engaged in animal abuse, according to his critics. 90 day fiancé The girlfriend, however, criticized enemies and defended her boyfriend, suggesting that despite having 100 daughters, Alina and Steven are probably together.

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Meanwhile, Evelin Villegas has expressed resentment towards Corey Rathgeber’s Peruvian partner Jenny. Ecuadorian 90 day fiancé cast member also called 90 days: single life one of his favorite spin-offs. It gave fans hope that Evelin may have finally dumped her. “cowardly liar“husband. Here are all the other landmark stories from TOW world this week.

Kenneth surprisingly loses fan support

Of all the 90 day fiancé: the other way couples this season, fans admit to truly loving and appreciating Armando and Kenny for their genuine relationship and sweet successes. However, Kenny is slowly being criticized, with some TLC viewers even calling him authoritative and arrogant. Kenny only showed Armando his disappointment with Armando Sr. not agreeing to come to their wedding. Many believe that Kenny should give the Mexican family time and not rush them, as they both come from completely different cultures.

Evelin tries to expose Jenny’s lies

Corey Evelin Cheated Peruvian Wife Jenny Into 90 Day Fiancé

Corey apparently kept his wife Evelin in the dark about his full-fledged relationship with his girlfriend Jenny in Peru. Corey claimed it was a one-night stand, so Evelin forgave him and started planning their wedding. But as soon as the truth about Corey and Jenny was revealed on 90 day fiancé: the other way, Evelin took to social media to blow them both up. According to Jenny, she only found out about Corey and Evelin after starting a relationship with Corey. But Evelin took advantage of the comments section of 90 day fiancéInstagram page to pretend Jenny is a “chick side“and whoever supports her is”probably the same kind. “Evelin claims that Jenny is”therefore usable and disposable”And that she always knew who she was because Corey kept posting pictures with his wife when he was with Jenny.

Biniyam may have hinted that Ariela is having a new baby

Ariela Biniyam in 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way 3

Biniyam and Ariela’s story originally focused on the Ethiopian man’s jealousy of his future wife’s ex-husband, but it took a heart-wrenching turn due to the condition of baby health Avi. With Ariela booking tickets to the United States without telling Biniyam, he worries that she will take Avi away from him, just like his ex-wife, Bria, did with his firstborn Simon. However, fans spotted Ariela and Biniyam together in America, proving that all is well between the couple. But latest rumor claims Ariela could be pregnant again after Biniyam posted an IG photo with Avi using the hashtags, “#babygirl, #babyshower, #babyfever”In his caption.

Steven becomes the biggest villain of the season

Alina Steven Johnston 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way Around

It’s time for Ariela and Evelin to step down now that Steven has been ranked as the leader 90 day fiancé: the other way villain of season 3 following his off-putting behavior and the controversial treatment of Alina. During episode 7 of TOW, Steven admitted to cheating on Alina after he started dating. He also revealed that he had sex with four or five women while expecting Alina to remain a virgin. Fans have compared Steven to Andrew Kenton, Big Ed Brown, and Colt Johnson, who took the top spots as the most hated. 90 day fiancé cast members.

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90 day fiancé: the other way Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

Source: 90 Days Fiance / Instagram, Biniyam Shibre / Instagram

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