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UNDER THE MED BRIDGE Where is Tiffany Copeland now? She just had her first baby with her husband Evan Jones!


Tiffany Copeland, who appeared in the first season of Below deck: Mediterranean, gave birth to a baby girl last week!

Amelia Rose Jones was born on July 3, 2021 to Tiffany and her husband Evan Jones. The couple tied the knot on October 10, 2020 in an intimate ceremony in Asheville, North Carolina.

Although Tiffany no longer appears on Under the bridge, she stayed with the yacht life and even met her husband on the seas. Their commitment was perfect for yacht life. A year before their wedding, Evan proposed a boat after Tiffany survived Hurricane Dorian and several other boat-related disasters. She detailed the roller coaster week in 2019 that ended with an engagement in an Instagram post:

“The past week has been eventful. I went through Hurricane Dorian in Virginia on the boat. Broken a stack. No other damage. The next day, there was a fire at the marina where I was (no injuries). But @ evangjones42 arrived that night to help us get the boat to Florida. The next day our two football teams lost, ”Tiffany wrote of the grueling week. “The next morning, as I cast the last line from the dock to Evan, the boat decided it was going to rush off on its own. My captain jumped in and cut the engines and we were able to get a line on a stilts just in time. We almost collided with 2 boats and almost took the second floor of a restaurant.

Evan had planned to propose to Tiffany after all this stress, but Tiffany actually found out about the proposal.
a little earlier than he had expected. “That night, watching #BelowDeckMed, lying in bed (also under the bridge haha), Evan and I took selfies on his phone,” she said. “I went to look at them and scrolled a picture too far. I saw a ring. Oops! But luckily it was a day earlier than he planned to ask, but at least we’ve got a fun story. “

Tiffany announced she was pregnant with a playful “Guess Who” game, and the couple revealed they’re expecting a girl with an adorable mermaid-style reveal party.

Now that Amelia Rose is here, Tiffany continues the mermaid theme, which is quite suitable for the yachties girl.

Under the Tiffany Copeland baby bridge

Photo via Tiffany Copeland @nautiyachty on Instagram

Her pregnancy did not go smoothly. In March, Tiffany was hospitalized with a burst appendix. She shared her experience via Instagram to raise awareness of what to watch out for, especially for people who are pregnant, as the symptoms are very similar to a simple pregnancy. However, it is quite rare to suffer from appendicitis during pregnancy. The Mayo Clinic reports that only 0.1% of people suffer from appendicitis during pregnancy.

“Last week I spent time in the hospital and in the emergency room,” Tiffany said at the time. “I thought I had normal pregnancy pain (round ligament pain). It turns out that my appendix has burst. The symptoms are very similar! If you have abdominal pain during pregnancy, accompanied by fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, consult a doctor!

Tiffany also keeps in touch with her colleagues Below deck: Med alum Hannah Ferrier. The couple had a difficult initiation aboard the Ionian Princess, but they seem to have patched things up. Hannah also recently had a baby. Maybe they can arrange a play date soon?

Is Tiffany a yacht captain now?

When Tiffany appeared on Below deck: Med, she was brand new to yachting and had a lot to learn, but she was determined to move up the ranks. Tiffany is a marine biologist and wanted to use her knowledge of ocean life to become a captain. In 2019, she achieved her goals, and obtained her captain’s license! Obviously, she’s not on the waters right now, but it probably won’t be below until she introduces her new little mermaid to ocean life.

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