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Weird symbol on children’s toy divides opinions because no one knows what it means


A children’s toy divides opinion online because no one can quite agree on what a weird symbol means, with wildly varied suggestions.

Learning the alphabet is the cornerstone of education and is taught in kindergartens across the country.

If you have kids or can think back to your youth, you’ll know that words or objects are usually associated with letters, like A for apple.

But a rug with the 26 letters and their corresponding images is causing a stir online because of the letter U, which is usually represented by an umbrella.

A snapshot of the carpet, in an unknown location, was shared on Reddit by user GaryAbusivPaulaTeeks, under the “mildly infuriating” sub-reddit.

They asked, “What is the ‘U’ on this children’s rug? “

The image shows something that looks like a splash or drop of paint, causing confusion among Redditors as to which word starting with the letter U it is supposed to represent.

Since it was shared on Monday, the post has garnered over 27,000 votes and over 3,000 comments.

Ambitious-Scarcity-3 felt that this was a visual representation of the “umami flavor”, while Hipelx thought: “UV rays”.

Reddit post showing a children’s rug with questionable images.

Summarizing a common thread among the comments, mycatisnotvegan suggested, “‘Uh oh'” like an accident, “and opting for a more unlikely response, OneSquirtBurt said,” My first thought was the amoeba, like they thought it was. was uh-moeba. “

And TheWalkingDead91 just said, “Looks like a virus” and, getting a similar vibe, Ruby0wl commented, “A one-celled organism? “

Many people thought it was a kid, although they noted it was a bad resemblance. DIYDame joked, “Sea urchin, you’re drunk, you have to go home.”

“Ugly urchin,” Affectionate-Yam6732 wrote, sticking to the theme, while OutreBrief4717 thought, “Ugly but it’s so poorly designed.”

But it wasn’t just the U that caused a stir, as people polled a few other letters as well.

“I’m trying to wonder how they made a fox under W but I guess it’s a wolf,” Necesitafresita said.

Otto_the_Fox asked: “Does anyone know what q is?” Does he look like a pigeon?

X was also a puzzle for some, as BewareOfLurkers put it: “X-ray fish, strange as it sounds. I can’t figure out what n is supposed to be, though.”

Although apparently explaining the unusual choices, KokiriEmerald explained, “It’s because they’re all animals that they don’t choose any word.”

Eventually, it seems the consensus landed on urchin, as it looks like an addendum was added to the title, which reads: “Urchin. Duh.”

News week contacted GaryAbusivPaulaTeeks for comment.

Archive photo of a child's toy.
Archive photo of a child’s toy. An alphabet rug divides opinion online because no one can understand what a symbol means.
Clara_Gabrielli / Getty Images

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