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Best Emergency Loan Services For People With Bad Credit

Best Emergency Loan Services For People With Bad Credit

When you’re searching for a specific product the best thing you can be aware of is its advantages, security as well as overall customer service. In the same way, we looked at some of these elements when we ranked the top emergency loans, particularly for those with poor credit histories, when it is a cash emergency.

There were many factors we studied and evaluated while evaluating the best lending options to make sure that the top choices were trustworthy, reliable, and efficient. This included:

* The overview of the brand for the specific loan platform online.

* The many features provided by the lending company.

*The interest rate offered by lenders are correlated to the specific lending platform.

* The variety of loan amounts offered by lenders is a part of this lending platform.

* The amount of time since the date of its creation.

* The general rating that the firm has received.

* The reviews from customers of the lending website online.

* The advantages and disadvantages of going for a particular service.

* The repayment terms used by loan lenders are linked to the network.

* The accessibility of money for those who have poor credit scores.

* The security of customers’ personal information.

* The website provides educational resources.

Based on the above factors we were able to identify the top four lending websites that provide cash-flow assistance to those suffering from an emergency financial situation and are not discriminatory to people with poor credit history.

UK baby milk producer Kendamil becomes first new international manufacturer to export formula to US amid crisis


LONDON, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — kendamil is in advanced talks with the FDA to become the first international manufacturer to export significant quantities of non-medicated infant formula to the UNITED STATES below that of Joe Biden “Operation Fly Formula” to deal with the current crisis of the shortage of formulas in the UNITED STATES.

Kendamil is a brand of Kendal Nutricare, a Queen’s Award-winning, family-owned manufacturing business based in the English Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kendamil is the only baby milk made in Britain, supporting hundreds of dairy farms across the UK by sourcing fresh milk from Red Tractor accredited farms. Kendamil is the most popular baby milk in the UK (Trustpilot, social media) its fame was built on viral word-of-mouth from parents praising its British provenance and its unique natural recipe, which uses whole milk as its main ingredient and source of fat compared to the industry standard of 100% vegetable oils. Kendamil is also responding to growing consumer demand for more sustainable, ethical and natural products, by avoiding palm oil in their recipes and using plant-based omega-3s rather than the conventional choice of fish oil. (derived from offal). Kendamil offers organic and conventional cow formulas, as well as goat formulas (which would be a first in the UNITED STATES where, unlike Europeno goat’s milk is currently certified for sale to infants under 1).

Kendamil has been in talks with the FDA for several weeks since news first broke about formula shortages and the Biden administration’s announced moves to bring international brands into the UNITED STATES. Following a meeting between Ross McMahonCEO of Kendal Nutricare and Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a Spring Showcase event at 10 Downing Street on the 9thand In May, communications were opened between US authorities and the UK Department for International Trade. Kendal Nutricare was among the first to respond to the FDA’s call for help from international manufacturers, with Kendamil’s English packaging and fully nutritionally compliant recipe (including iron levels) ensuring that the brand was accelerated compared to other European brands. The factory of Kendal is able to produce c. 10 million 900g cans of formula per year and although today runs at c. 50% of its total capacity, taking into account the exponential demand from the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and now in the United States, plans are in place to more than double site capacity by 2024. Kendal Nutricare plans to ship 100 trucks to the UNITED STATES over the next 6 months, but management has made it clear that it will continue to prioritize its core markets and existing customers and therefore does not expect any impact on its existing markets or parent supply UK customers, who can now shop the award-winning Kendamil range in more than 5,000 stores across the country.

Kendamil is the fastest growing infant formula brand in the UK, with UK sales growing by 900% in the past 12 months (compared to an overall decline in infant formula sales). infants by 10% – The Grocer). Since its launch in 2016, the brand has grown rapidly to sell in more than 35,000 stores in 40 countries and four continents around the world, making it one of the Europe 1,000 Fastest Growing Companies (Financial Times) and wins prestigious awards including the Grand Gold Monde Selection Award for Quality, Queen’s Award for International Trade and becoming a Fast50 Food and Drink company. The brand first received international recognition when it was reported that the royal family had chosen to wean Prince Louis using Kendamil’s formula. Since then, the brand has grown rapidly and organically, thanks to word of mouth and online testimonials from thousands of parents citing Kendamil’s more natural taste and smell compared to other formulations. Although Kendamil started out primarily as an export brand, having once accounted for over 10% of UK food export business to Chinarapid growth in its home market means the UK now accounts for 50% of the company’s sales.

Ross McMahonCEO of Kendal Nutricare said, “We have received the call for help from the FDA and Kendamil is ready to act. The urgency of the situation and the scale of the U.S. opportunity will warrant Kendal Nutricare doubling its capacity for Kendamil by 2024, dairy exports from Cumbriacreating more local jobs and providing long-term security for UK dairy farmers.”

Kendal Nutricare plans to meet the needs of at least 150,000 US households during the import period, with a unique, high-quality formulation at a price competitive with existing and startup brands.

Ross McMahon added: “The relationship between the UK and UNITED STATES is very strong and we look forward to bringing the highest quality formula to American parents, while supporting UK jobs, local farming and organic dairy products.”

SOURCE Kendamil

What better way to celebrate two years?


We thought we’d seen it all, and then this video popped up on our Twitter feed.

Who would have thought that the bottle service would satisfy everyone in this beautiful establishment?

As seen in the video below, the baby is offered a bottle with all the bells and whistles.

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You have to see it for yourself:

As captured in the video above, the baby is offered her bottle with a sparkler as people vibrate to the sound of music and turn to watch what happens.

This party starter caught the eye of onlookers because bringing a bottle to a table with a sparkler is a common practice in the “jolling” scene.

This tweet definitely made our day and made us laugh.

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The comments were hilarious, see a few below:

  • “Bottle service I can get behind”
  • “This baby is about to get fired”
  • “What to expect when you’re pregnant”
  • “Formula milk is so expensive that you have to buy a table just to have it”
  • “This Baby Shower Is Lit”
  • “We all know who the real hype man is”

The internet loves this baby shower moment and many have said they will in the future.

All we can say is: be sure to capture it for our entertainment.

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Image courtesy of @funkycoldmelina/Twitter

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Shortage of Formulas Forces Parents to Get Creative | News, Sports, Jobs


CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Two specialty Similac formulas, NeoSure for premature babies and Pro-Sensitive for babies who have trouble digesting regular formulas, both pictured, are among the hardest to find amid a national formula shortage in the United States

Shortages across the United States have parents panicking as they wonder if they’ll be able to find the right formula for their babies, and in Marshall County, the situation is no different.

Marshalltown mom Jess Althaus recently struggled to find the Enfamil brand’s basic formula for her three-month-old son, who was born in the 10th percentile weight range. Althaus said by month two he had lost quite a bit of weight, so they started taking him to Ames for weekly checkups. Meanwhile, they stopped at Sam’s Club to buy formula.

For a while, Althaus said their favorite formula was in stock, but after their appointment last Monday, she discovered the shelves were empty. Sam’s employees encouraged her to order online, but she was unlucky.

“We ended up getting him to take this formula well without spitting out and losing a lot of weight. So when we finally find a formula that works, and he handles it well, that’s when we reach the point where it’s like, now that formula is not available,” Althaus said.

Althaus searched for equivalent formulas in different brands, but she still couldn’t find it. Eventually, she reached out to other members of the community via Facebook messages asking anyone who sees the formula to let her know. She was able to acquire a formula that worked, but the fear of running out is still very real.

“I probably haven’t felt this fear in a very long time because my baby needs to eat and formula is her only option right now,” Althaus said. “I can’t not have it.”

Although Althaus couldn’t find the brand she typically buys, she was grateful that her son didn’t need specialty formulas and had the opportunity to try other options. She contacted their health care provider and got several other referrals, but some parents just don’t have that option.

“It’s so terrifying to imagine. Not to mention what I’m going through, not to mention those other parents, what they’re going through when they have an even smaller selection of formulas to try,” Althaus said.

Jasmin Banderas, a crisis and family support worker with Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS), said that many of the families she works with through the CAPS Strong Foundations program struggle to find specialized formulas for children. premature babies or for those who need it. sensitive formulas.

In addition to shortage issues, many of the families Banderas works with face other challenges such as language and transportation barriers. While some parents can travel to Ames or Des Moines to pick up formula, others cannot.

A specific Banderas family is currently working with the necessary NeoSure formula – which is specially designed for premature babies – but they couldn’t afford to get it outside of Marshalltown, and the mother doesn’t speak English.

The mother struggled to understand the situation surrounding the shortages, and to help her overcome these difficulties, Banderas contacted the mother’s health care provider at the McFarland Clinic.

“I thought it would be a good idea to contact his doctor to see if there was anything else he could do, if it was that the baby could take a different formula. And of course we would need permission from his provider to make sure everything was okay since it was premature and just to see how they were working on the issue with other families,” Banderas said.

From there, Banderas and the mother were able to come up with alternative formulas. McFarland gave her a box of formula to help her through it, and then they were able to go a slightly different route after speaking with the supplier.

The doctor suggested three other formulas and shared specific instructions on how to mix each of these formulas to meet the baby’s dietary needs. Since the mother was also using WIC – a special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children – to purchase formula, the doctor provided prescriptions for each of these formulas for the mother to purchase.

“I would really encourage a lot of families to do that, maybe talk to their suppliers to figure out the safest way to get the formula they need,” Banderas said. “I don’t know if many families know they can do it.”

Shortages are creating additional pressure on families amid inflation and record gas prices, but The Associated Press reported that 78,000 pounds of specialty baby formula from Europe arrived in Indianapolis on Sunday . Relief for parents in difficulty, even temporary, could finally arrive.


Contact Susanna Meyer at 641-753-6611 or

[email protected]

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CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan will be pulling a handcart today, collecting toys and other goods for anganwadi children


Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will launch a drive to collect toys and needed materials by going out on Tuesday with a handcart from the Ashoka Garden area.

Chouhan said he would reach out to the people and make an appeal to seek public participation in the running of the anganwadis on May 24. With the cooperation of the public, the items needed for the Anganwadi centers will be collected during the campaign.

Chouhan called a meeting in Mantralaya on Monday to discuss the outlines of the campaign. Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang, Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains and other senior officers were present.

Chouhan said that the “Adopt an Anganwadi” campaign is ongoing in the state and to build momentum for the campaign, he himself will appeal to the public to provide toys and stationery materials to Anganwadi children by releasing a handcart.

He said in many places people donated water coolers and furniture to Anganwadi centres. Many citizens have come forward to include nutrients in the diets of children who attend these centers. The campaign can only be carried out with the cooperation of the public. If there is voluntary support, then the usefulness of these centers will increase and these children will also reach the Anganwadi centers, which are currently not coming. Said the CM.

Sarang said that by walking a distance of about one kilometer from the Vivekananda intersection to the Mansa Devi temple in the Ashoka garden area, the toys and other materials needed for the Anganwadis will be obtained with the cooperation of the audience. Representatives of the public will also be present alongside Chouhan.

Posted: Tuesday May 24th 2022, 05:01 IST

Balenciaga takes on crypto, the causes of the rich – WWD


CRYPTO MADNESS: Was it because his show was on the New York Stock Exchange, or just customers wanting to pay with it? Whatever the reason, Balenciaga revealed that it now accepts cryptocurrency payments. Considering how much they’ve fallen in value over the last 10 days, you could say the timing wasn’t ideal, but starting with the US, the brand will now be accepting crypto at its flagship stores, including on Madison. Avenue in New York and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, as well as on balenciaga.com. Other regions and e-commerce will follow, the company said.

Balenciaga store on Bond Street
Tianwei Zhang/WWD

The fashion house is still deciding which payment solution provider it will use, but it will accept currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to start with and more currencies will be added in due course.

Regarding volatile fluctuations in value and if this is of concern, the company said in a statement that “Balenciaga is thinking long-term about crypto, and fluctuations in the value of currencies are nothing new.”

The Kering-owned brand joins Tag Heuer in accepting crypto. Earlier this month, the LVMH-owned watch brand Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton said its customers could pay at checkout in any of 12 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum through a solution provided by BitPay. . —WWD STAFF

THE CAUSES OF THE RICH: The Sunday Times of London unmasked some of Britain’s greatest philanthropists, including the former owners of Selfridges, the Weston family; David and Victoria Beckham; Cara Delevingne, Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek.

The newspaper published The Giving List alongside its annual Rich List, ranking donors by what percentage of overall wealth they gave in the past year, and to what causes.

Many have donated to COVID-19-related charities in the wake of the pandemic, while the newspaper also noted that the 2022 list includes more climate change activists than ever before.

In addition to COVID-19, the fashion world has focused on various causes over the past 12 months, including health, education and Ukraine.

Lewis Hamilton, who has worked with Tommy Hilfiger in the past and is an investor in W Magazine, ranked number five on The Giving List, donating £20m of his £300m fortune to charities charities for youth, education and employment.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne
Lexie Moreland/WWD

The Weston family, which sold Selfridges Group last year but still owns Fortnum & Mason, the parent company of Primark, Associated British Foods and Holt Renfrew in Canada, came in at number 24. The family donated 182 £.5 million to COVID-19 causes, education and the arts.

The family’s net worth has risen by £2.5billion to £13.5billion over the past year, making them the eighth richest entry on the 2022 rich list.

For the annual Rich List, The Sunday Times makes its own calculations of the minimum wealth of individuals and families based on public domain information.

It ranks the 250 richest people living and working in Britain (not necessarily British citizens) and also splits smaller lists including the richest musicians and charity donors.

Number 35 on The Giving List was Delevingne, who is worth an estimated £41million, and who donated £400,000 to environmental causes. Last year, she set up her local charity, Initiative Earth, which helps people regenerate their local ecosystems and communities.

Harry Styles, musician, fashion lover and founder of new beauty brand Pleasing, was listed at number 37. He has donated £800,000 of his £100million fortune to ‘various causes’, according to the log.

David and Victoria Beckham were ranked at 65 on The Giving List, with a £1million donation to Ukraine following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country earlier this year.

The Beckhams’ wealth has been estimated at £425million by The Sunday Times, thanks in part to David’s recent deal with Authentic Brands Group.

The Beckhams do not feature in the top 250 of the ranking, although their wealth exceeds that of other celebrities including Elton John, Sting, Mick Jagger, whose fortune is less than 400 million pounds.

Tied for number 92 on the gift list are Pinault and Hayek and father and son diamond jewelry moguls Laurence and Francois Graff.

The Kering Group owner and his actress wife sit on an estimated £7.13billion fortune and have donated £5.5million to COVID-19 and other humanitarian causes.

The Graffs, who ranked 56th on the 2022 rich list, have an estimated wealth of £3bn and have donated £2.6m to COVID-19, poverty relief and charities African health organizations over the past year. — SAMANTHA CONTI

Billie Lourd and Bruce Bozzi

Billie Lourd and Bruce Bozzi
Tommaso Boddi/Courtesy of Getty Images for Mujen Spirits

BY TRAIN: Entering their party, Billie Lourd and her stepdad Bruce Bozzi are matched – both in baby blue.

“It wasn’t intentional, but we’re in sync,” Lourd exclaimed, bubbly and smiling, in an Autumn Adeigbo dress. “It tends to happen.”

“It really wasn’t on purpose,” Bozzi said, dressed in a custom ’70s-style suit. the foreground of “Saturday Night Fever. It is a creation of the family tailor, “Mario in Beverly Hills”.)

“I walked in and was like, ‘Look at what I’m wearing,'” he continued. “She’s like, ‘Look what I am to carry.’ We live together.”

“It ends up happening in a weird way,” Lourd said. “And we even matched the bottle and didn’t want it.”

The Mujen “Ai” bottle, i.e. Bozzi’s new Shochu company (“ai” means love in Japanese; “mujen” means infinite).

As Bozzi – former co-owner of The Palm and husband of CAA talent agent Bryan Lourd – and his business partner Sondra Baker began rolling out the distilled spirit (made in Japan for over 500 years) in November, it was their official launch party, and Lourd was hired as a hostess.

“I was so excited to welcome this, because Bruce has worked so hard to create this amazing brand, and I wanted to support him as much as possible,” said the 29-year-old actress, daughter of Lourd. and the late Carrie Fisher. “It has been so difficult with COVID-19. We haven’t been able to do events and be outside and do things like that. And when this opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it and I was so excited. It’s a real family brand for us. We really do everything together. A group of my friends are here, and his friends.

The guest list included Billie Lourd’s husband, Austen Rydell; rising actors Nico Hiraga and Austin Crute; former freestyle skier and actor Gus Kenworthy; Jamie Schneider Mizrahi and Nico Mizrahi; Andre Caraco, director of Sony Pictures; film producer Jon Berg and guitarist Tim Reynolds.

“In the end, Sondra Baker brought me into this,” explained Bozzi de Mujen. “She was the visionary of this.”

The two first met in the 90s at a gym in Los Angeles called Sports Connection. They ran on adjacent treadmills.

“Fun story, isn’t it?” said Baker.

They reconnected years later, finding themselves in the same schoolyard when their kids were in first grade (Bozzi is a father to a pre-teen, Ava.)

Baker (who has a background in technology) discovered Shochu through her husband, and after learning that when made with rice the liqueur is free of sugar, carbs and gluten, she saw an opportunity for a “healthier” mind.

“I said to my husband, I want to start this business, and if I do, I want to do it with him,” Baker said of Bozzi. “He was involved before he even knew he was involved.”

They visited distilleries in the Kumamoto region of Japan, landing at a 119-year-old family site run by the founder’s great-granddaughter. They offer three Mujen bottles: “Ai Lite”, at 23% alcohol, the “Original”, at 35% (intended to be mixed in cocktails, which were enjoyed at the party – names like “Tokyo Lemonade and “Rosé Spritz,” created by mixologist Ash Miyasaki), and “X,” a brown-colored option, with 42% alcohol, aged for 10 years. Diane von Furstenberg is among the investors.

“She’s a very dear friend of mine, a very old friend of mine,” Bozzi said. “Her and [husband] barry [Diller] – I brought it home for dinner, and she was like, ‘It’s amazing. How can I be involved? »

Mujen can currently be purchased online in 45 states through consumer direct and available in select locations in New York and Los Angeles, found in LA hotspots like Gigi’s, owned by Alexander Wilmot – the go-to spot for the party – Jeff Klein’s The Tower Bar, San Vicente Bungalows members’ private club, as well as Monsieur Marcel at The Grove and The Little Door on Third Street.

“Anderson had never tasted it, and Andy loves the Ai,” Baker said, recounting Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen’s entertaining, booze-filled show live on CNN’s “New Year’s Eve,” where we sees them engage in Mujen (Cohen is a friend of Bozzi).

“We didn’t know they were going to run a four-hour commercial on Mujen,” Baker joked. “Anderson has the best quote in the history of mankind. He said, ‘It’s like a beautiful mermaid licking you from the sea of ​​Odysseus.’

Laughing, she added, “I’m going to make T-shirts out of it.” — RYMA CHIKHOUNE

NOT REALLY RAW: Rather than simply publishing its Summer 2022 campaign online, Neiman Marcus decided to bring the summer camp vibe to life with an upstate retreat for a select group of editors and influencers, for an adult version of summer camp.

Guests traveled to the new boutique hotel “It” Inness, in Accord, New York, for a two-night stay centered around the campaign’s “summer camp” theme. The itinerary started with dinner under the stars on Wednesday evening, followed by a drink in the library and some time around the campfire. On Thursday, camp activities like tie-dyeing, jewelry making, candle making and archery were practiced, and later in the evening, Studio 189 founder Abrima Erwiah organized a dinner, which was then followed by a campfire with s’mores. by Giacomo Missoni and Silvia Torassa.

The campaign, “Neiman Marcus Summer Camp”, features more than 200 brands, including Santa, Acler, Oceanus, Rebecca Vallance, Mignonne Gavigan, Blue Sky Inn, Veronica Beard, Missoni, Zegna and Jacquemus. It was filmed in Redwood Forest in California and Texas.

“We are all ready to go out, dress up, socialize with friends and family, and travel. Our customers’ desire for pure, unadulterated fun and freedom is at an all-time high, and they’re determined to make the most of this season,” said Neiman Marcus Marketing Director Daz McColl. “The concept of the campaign evokes our memory structures borrowed from fun summer camp experiences rich in childhood nostalgia with a touch of fashion you expect from Neiman Marcus.” —LEIGH NORDSTROM

Balenciaga takes on crypto, causes for

Inside the Neiman Marcus Summer Camp Campaign Launch Trip.
Mike Vitelli/BFA.com

Catherine Tyldesley introduces her new baby girl and reveals her adorable name – EXCLUSIVE


Jane Dowdeswell

Actress Catherine Tyldesley is pictured for the first time with her baby girl in HELLO! magazine – and announces its name.

MORE: Catherine Tyldesley wears her wedding dress again as she celebrates a special anniversary – EXCLUSIVE

During the family photoshoot at home in Cheshire with her husband Tom Pitfield and their seven-year-old son Archie, Catherine reveals that their baby girl, born on April 19, is called Iris.

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WATCH: Cath Tyldesley’s exercise routine with son Alfie

“These first few weeks have been so precious. I’ve lived my best life. Iris will find her own path and decide what she likes. But for now, I’m going with pink. I’m a very girlie girl,” she says HELLO!.

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READ: Catherine Tyldesley shows off a bare baby bump in a striking red bra days before welcoming her daughter

“I’ve had the name Iris for years. A while ago I played a character called Iris Moss in the BBC drama Lilies and I’ve loved her ever since.”


Little Iris was born on April 19

Their daughter’s middle name is a touching tribute to photographer Tom’s late grandmother. “Iris Ellait really works,” says the 38-year-old TV star Scarborough, Point of view and 2019 Come dance strictlyin which she competed with Johannes Radebe.

Catherine tells how Iris was born two weeks after her due date at St Mary’s in Manchester at 10.12pm, weighing 8lbs.

“It was the same with Alfie, who was 15 days late,” adds the former coronation street star. “I had kind of hoped, as a second baby, that she might come sooner, but I had to be induced.”


The newborn with his older brother Alfie

Even then, progress at the hospital was slow until Catherine revealed that she suddenly sensed Iris was about to arrive. “Within minutes she was born. Even though it was super quick and we were both in shock, it was a beautiful birth,” said Catherine, who used hypnobirthing and meditation music, and reveals that she cut the cord. The couple saved the stem cells, in case of future ailments or injuries, which they did not know when Alfie was born.

On having a second child, Catherine adds: “I feel like we’re so much cooler with Iris than with Alfie. With our first baby, we didn’t have a Scooby-Doo which we we were doing and i think i tried. If you talk to other mums, it can really help.


“It was a beautiful birth”, says Catherine

Her pregnancy was not easy, with the actress suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and insomnia.

“Without sleep, you just can’t function,” she says. “I wasn’t socializing. Even when my friends said, ‘Let’s have a baby shower,’ I said, ‘I can’t. I don’t have that in me.” Birth: “I started to feel like myself again. As soon as Iris was born, I started sleeping again.

“Now I just want to hang out and meet people. We’re all excited to show it off.”

To read the full article, pick up the latest issue of HELLO! on sale now. Subscribe to HELLO! to get the magazine delivered free to your door each week or purchase the digital edition online through our Apple or Google apps.

Bay College in Escanaba Hosts Inaugural BAY-CON


ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) — On a college campus far, far away were two siblings, Charles and Emily Hickman. When a friend told them about a new event in Escanaba, they knew they had to go.

“(My friend) said there would be a lot of vendors here. Having a local event and having really good cosplays, like the dark trooper and the snow trooper, is really good,” said Charles Hickman.

The brother-sister duo were among hundreds at Bay College’s Joseph Heirman University Center for the inaugural BAY-CON. It was a celebration of pop culture that people of all ages grew up loving, ranging from comic books to video games.

The school’s director of student life and Title IX coordinator Dave Laur said it was an idea that dated back to 2018.

“The past two years have been tough for everyone and tough for our community,” Laur said. “And so we started thinking about it again now that things are reopening. What can we do that is fun without stress and brings people together in a positive way? BAY-CON, that was it.

There was plenty of entertainment, including an arcade, pinball machine, and getting zombified by EMT students. Some wore costumes including Star Wars stormtroopers and Power Rangers.

More than 37 vendors sold baseball cards, artwork, collectible toys, and even vinyl records. Jon Teichman, a salesperson from The Emporium in Marquette, had a favorite part of the event.

“It’s seeing all the young people who are as enthusiastic about this stuff as I was when I was that age,” Teichman said.

One of the goals of the convention was to make everyone feel like kids again.

“You see this toy you had when you were a kid, and instantly you’re ten (years old). You’re eight years old again. You hold that Nintendo game you opened and you’re transported to another time,” said said Laura.

Emily Hickman said she and her brother would attend such an event again.

“It’s really fun to see everyone’s ideas and their creative aspects. Like us, we have our costumes put together, but some people have costumes from the actual shows themselves,” Emily Hickman said.

BAY-CON will return with “BAY-CON Strikes Back” on April 22 when students join the community in celebrating pop culture once again.

Copyright 2022 WLUC. All rights reserved.

Formula milk from Germany will be flown by the US military to Indiana

Placeholder while loading article actions

US military planes will deliver 132 pallets of infant formula from Germany to Indianapolis over the weekend, in support of a Biden administration initiative that aims to rapidly increase supply to the food source in a context of national shortage.

The flights are part of Operation Fly Formula, which was launched after President Biden authorized the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services to request commercial aircraft contracted by the Pentagon to deliver formula from abroad. Military planes will transport the supplies this time because no commercial planes were available, the White House said.

Imports will fill in the immediate gaps while buying domestic manufacturers time to ramp up production. The military’s involvement in transporting formula milk reflects the urgency of the shortage, which particularly hits medically vulnerable babies and some older children who may depend on formula milk due to life-threatening food allergies.

The White House has said it expects the majority of flights to be conducted with commercial jets under contract, although the military assesses and assigns them based on need.

This weekend’s flights will carry Nestlé’s Alfamin Infant and Alfamin Junior formulas. Another 114 palettes of Gerber Good Start Extensive HA formula will be shipped “in the coming days,” the White House said. Shipments are sufficient to fill approximately 1.5 million 8-ounce bottles.

All formulas shipped are hypoallergenic and can be given to babies with cow’s milk protein intolerance. “They serve an essential medical purpose,” the White House said.

Why Biden is using the Defense Production Act for the formula shortage

The formula shortfall comes amid global supply chain disruptions related to the coronavirus pandemic. But the shortage worsened when Abbott Laboratories recalled products made at a plant in Sturgis, Michigan, after a health crisis when four infants fell ill, two of whom later died. The plant was later closed, but the Food and Drug Administration has since reached an agreement with Abbott to reopen the facility.

Abbott is one of the big four companies responsible for approximately 90% of the infant formula supply in the United States. It is also a major provider of WIC: a food assistance program for women and babies. Caregivers are typically limited to one brand of formula with WIC vouchers, but the House and Senate recently passed legislation allowing participants to purchase any brand available.

Biden has now signed the infant formula bill after the legislation was flown to Seoul, so he can sign it during a trip to Asia that began on Friday, a House official says. White.

Indiana, where the first planes of Operation Fly Formula will land, is one of the a handful of states that do not have WIC contracts with Abbott. It has already enabled mothers receiving WIC assistance to purchase other brands.

Seung Min Kim contributed to this report.

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye spoiler alert: Drunk Prisha ruins Soumya’s baby shower


Drunk Prisha ruins Soumya’s baby shower on Sony TV show Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye

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Sony Entertainment Television’s new offering, Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye, has sparked the curiosity of viewers. As we have seen so far, Armaan becomes Soumya’s ideal husband. However, Armaan’s father Harsh discovers that Sushma is doing business. He gets mad at her because he wants his wife to take care of the house. Soumya opposes the idea and Armaan also takes a stand for his mother and supports both women, which shocks Harsh.

Later, Armaan goes to Prisha’s room and gives her a diamond necklace. When he leaves the room, Soumya catches him in the act. However, Prisha mentions that Armaan came to show off the diamond necklace he was planning to give her on the day of the baby shower.

Now, in the upcoming episode, the Oberoi family is having a baby shower for Soumya. She receives the blessing of the elders. However, at the baby shower, Prisha arrives in a drunken state. She gets closer to Armaan and asks him to reveal everything about their relationship. This shocks Soumya and Armaan.

Will Armaan’s affair with Prisha be revealed?

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Netflix has launched “Kids Mystery Box” to help parents discover new content for children


Netflix has come up with a new feature to help parents introduce new content to their children: the Netflix Kids Mystery Box. The new feature will allow parents to click a button to be presented with a new kid-friendly movie or show that has not yet been watched by their child.

“Kids are drawn to what they like — their favorite toys, foods, songs — and it’s hard to get them to try something new. So today we’re launching a new Mystery Box feature on TVs around the world to provide a fun and safe space for kids to check out their next favorite series and movies or reconnect with a familiar face – whether it’s a a comedy series in a beloved franchise like Boss Baby: Back In The Crib or an animated adventure featuring a whole new cast of lovable characters like Back to the Outback,” said TJ Marston, Director, Product Innovation – Kids and Family, at Netflix, in a press release.

The process to take advantage of this new feature is quite simple. You can follow these steps to use the Kids Mystery Box:

#Sign in to Netflix with a “Kids” profile

#Find the “favorite line” at the top of the homepage

#According to Netflix, this line is character-driven to help kids connect with characters more easily

#Hover over the glittering “Mystery Box” tile with a question mark on it to discover a title that hasn’t been watched with the account yet.

Hover over the “Kids Mystery Box” thumbnail in the favorites row. (Image credit: Netflix)

This isn’t the first time that Netflix has launched a new feature aimed at making it easier to discover age-appropriate content for kids. In July last year, the streaming platform introduced a new “Top 10” line for age-restricted profiles that featured the most popular children’s content in the user’s country.

At the same time, the company also introduced bi-weekly summary emails for kids that were sent to account holder emails with at least one Kids account set up. These emails included recommendations based on the child’s favorite shows and movies, printable coloring sheets, and activities based on the child’s favorite character, themes, or main characters that showed the types of programs that your child enjoys the most and tips on how to use Kids features on Netflix.

Shortage of infant formula is worse for low-income families and high-risk infants

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The shortage of infant formula has put the medical community on alert, from pediatricians screening infants for anemia to specialists struggling to replace the carefully calibrated recipes that keep high-risk youngsters alive.

“It’s a crisis,” said Mark Corkins, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, who chairs the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition.

What to do if you can’t find formula

The most vulnerable children have been hardest hit, including those whose parents are unable to spend hours searching for formula online or in person, as well as premature babies and medically complex babies who need a specialized nutritional support. Doctors say deficiencies caused by watering down or using alternatives to formula can in some cases be catastrophic, causing imbalances that can lead to seizures, coma and even death.

“These are not small risks. These are big risks,” said Kimberly Giuliano, a primary care pediatrician affiliated with Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. She recalled a single mother who didn’t have a car describing walking to five supermarkets on an unsuccessful search before social workers could find her a formula.

Tiffani Hays, director of pediatric clinical nutrition education and practice at Johns Hopkins, has spent months at the center of a logistical jugglery involving daily calls and regular meetings to assess formula inventories in different locations, consolidate them and redistribute them where they are most needed.

One of the biggest challenges, she said, has been helping babies in need of complex care, some of whom have trouble swallowing or malformed bowels, and receive tube feedings at home. They often can’t tolerate a different brand, said Hays, who described pulling dietitians out of clinics to coordinate with prescribers and try new products and recipes.

Despite efforts, two babies had to be hospitalized. The release of a newborn has been delayed.

The shortage, which began in February after contamination at an Abbott Nutrition production facility in Michigan, has been exacerbated by pandemic-related supply chain issues. While many healthy, full-term babies can easily switch between brands, for others a switch could be a life-and-death decision. Babies with a condition known as galactosemia, for example, are unable to digest lactose, the main sugar found in formulas and breast milk.

Le Bonheur recently admitted a toddler and preschooler with a medical condition known as short bowel syndrome that requires an amino acid-based formula. When that wasn’t available, doctors tried a peptide product. The children became dehydrated and ended up needing intravenous fluids and hospital care. One was released after about a week; the other remains in the hospital.

“That’s not what we committed to do,” Corkins said. “We’re not providing the best care we can give.”

The shortage of infant formula in the United States worries parents. Here’s what you need to know.

Katie Lockwood, a primary care pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is always on the lookout for signs of iron deficiency in infants at the South Philadelphia clinic where she works: Pale skin. Fatigue. And a heart that beats too fast.

But what was once a clue that families saved money by making their own formula may now signal another plague: Parents are diluting insufficient supplies or replacing cow’s milk, which doctors advise against for children under 18. ‘a year.

“All they’re trying to do is feed their babies,” Lockwood said.

The AAP said this month that in a pinch, parents can feed babies 6 months and older cow’s milk “for a brief period until the shortage improves”.

Paediatricians say parental anxiety has increased in recent weeks as the shortage has worsened, prompted by a mix of panic buying, price gouging allegations and fears about the future.

These concerns seem well founded. During the first week of May, the product analysis company Data assembly estimated the out-of-stock rate at 43% among US retailers. Abbott and the Food and Drug Administration reached an agreement Monday to resolve safety issues and resume production, but it will take weeks to get additional formula on the shelves. The government has also launched a website with guidance for parents, while encouraging states to take advantage of waivers that allow easier distribution of the formula to low-income parents.

While government data shows that most families use infant formula at some point in infant development, the shortage is hitting economically disadvantaged communities and communities of color hard, in part because they rely heavily on infant formula. infants, according to data from the Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention. Half of the country’s formula – much of it from Abbott – is purchased by recipients of a mother and baby food assistance program known as WIC. More … than 1.7 million infants are in the WIC program.

“It’s a systemic problem,” said Gabrina Dixon, a hospitalist at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, who said African-American mothers often face a lack of structural support at home and at work to feed their babies. with breast milk.

Although the AAP recommends that babies be breastfed until they are one year old or older, many women are unable or unwilling to breastfeed for a variety of reasons, including difficulty latching on, production of insufficient milk or a lack of breastfeeding support at home or at work.

Feature stories: The formula crisis

Black infants are less likely to be breastfed than Hispanic and white infants, while over 90% of Asian babies are breastfed. Infants who receive WIC are also less likely to be breastfed than infants who are not eligible for the program.

Lockwood, in Philadelphia, said the women she sees often face significant barriers to breastfeeding. The work schedules of many new mothers involve spending hours away from their babies, often with no privacy to express milk or no place to refrigerate their milk. Now they also face ill-informed criticism for not breastfeeding, she said.

“Unfortunately, some people don’t understand that women can’t start breastfeeding months later,” Lockwood said.

Last week, the Department of Agriculture echoed President Biden’s message of support for low-income families, urging more states to take advantage of the waivers the USDA offers under the WIC program, allowing participants to access a wider range of sizes and formula brands. The FDA said this week that it will approve new types of formulas from foreign and domestic sources on a case-by-case basis.

“We are acutely aware that the ongoing recall has left many parents and caregivers worried about access to formula and how they will feed their babies,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said. A declaration.

Help can’t come fast enough for Houston’s Crystal Sandoval. Her Armando has been a picky and unpredictable eater, prone to spitting out the precious formula she provides.

“I would drive from WIC store to WIC store,” Sandoval said, visiting Walmarts and Targets in hopes of keeping a few extra bottles on her shelves. She refrigerates half-consumed bottles, determined never to waste a drop. And whenever it’s low, “fear starts to set in,” Sandoval said. “I never really know if he’ll end up on the last box.”

Maria L. Marquez, pediatrician and administrative medical director at Mary’s Center, a community health center that serves nearly 60,000 people in and around Washington, said she is focused on educating parents, telling them to Call ahead before spending time and gas on hopeless journeys. to pharmacies and advise on substitutions.

“It’s a lot of extra work,” Marquez said, “to guide them when it’s okay to take the available formula.”

Kate Breznak, a nutritionist in the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, a safety-net facility in North Philadelphia, said she has maintained adequate supplies for inpatients, although she sometimes had to switch infants from one formula to another during their hospital stay to ensure they were getting the higher levels of calcium, phosphorus, protein and calories than the preemie formula provides. These days, once babies leave the NICU, her search continues on behalf of new parents who may not be so digitally savvy.

“I try to google and find places where mom might be able to get formula,” Breznak said.

Some desperate parents try everything they can to feed their children. Colette Acker, who heads the association Breastfeeding Resource Center in Abington, Pennsylvania, said she recently helped a mother try re-lactation, a strenuous effort to stimulate her breasts to produce milk again.

Another client, Michelle Galanek, developed mastitis, a breast infection, followed by an abscess shortly after the birth of her second child.

When Galanek had to supplement his reduced milk supply with formula, the baby developed a rash, indicating a cow’s milk allergy which sent him to emergency care. Her husband, along with their 2-year-old child, went in search of a hypoallergenic formula, which they eventually received from a pediatrician.

Since then, Galanek has relied on online research and a network of friends and family to browse the shelves and find the type of Enfamil her baby needs, while continuing to work with Acker. to stimulate the production of breast milk.

“It’s funny – if it wasn’t for what’s going on with the formula, I’d probably quit [breastfeeding]said Galanek, describing a painful and time-consuming process. “But not knowing how to find a formula or if it’s consistently available is the lesser of two evils.”

Parents’ individual efforts to find formula are multiplied many times over at a huge institution like Hopkins. The cost of overtime and having to pay retail prices to buy off-contract products will be enormous, Hays said. Additionally, some parents are “rolling the dice again,” she said, having to change a second time because alternatives aren’t always available.

“I really didn’t think something like this could happen in the United States,” Hays said. “It’s shocking to me.”

Laura Reiley contributed to this report.

Dheeraj Dhoopar is having a baby shower for his wife Vinny Arora, Shraddha Arya-Anjum Fakih join in the celebration. See the pictures


Popular TV actors Dheeraj Dhoopar and his wife Vinny Arora are expecting their first child soon. On Monday, the couple hosted a baby shower for family and close friends. Dheeraj’s Kundali Bhagya co-stars also joined in the happy occasion.

Hosted at a five-star hotel in Mumbai, Dheeraj and Vinny opted for a white-themed baby shower. The two, dressed in matching white Indian outfits, also posed with an LED nameplate that read “baby Dhoopar.”

Adaa Khan, Ssudeep Sahir, Rashami Desai, Smriti Kalra sent their best wishes, while Ridhi Dogra looked upset to miss the party. She wrote: “God better have an explanation why I’m missing these milestones 😭 looveeeeellyyyy you watching. Bless you ♥️🧿♥️🧿♥️🧿.”

Dheeraj Dhoopar co-star Shraddha Arya, who was seen alongside the couple, also shared a series of photos from the party. She captioned the post, “Mommy daddy to be…with me who is as happy and overjoyed as possible. It’s DD’s Baby on the way!!! Wishing you both a world full of happiness, love and luck!!!!Coming soon!!!!

Wishing them their new adventure, Anjum Fakih also warned them of the sleepless nights ahead, as she wrote, “Heartfelt congratulations to the new parents for being @vinnyaroradhoopar & @dheerajdhoopar May you be blessed immensely & my best wishes and good luck for the new adventure and sleepless nights he he ❤️❤️❤️ .”

Others present at the baby shower included Ruhi Chaturvedi, Abhishek Kapur, Manit Joura, Usha Bachani, Anisha Hinduja, Rishika Nag, Swati Kapoor, Naveen Saini among others.

Married for six years Dheeraj Dhoopar and Vinny Arora earlier this year announced their pregnancy. Sharing a romantic photo of the two kissing, they are seen holding a picture of her ultrasound report. “August 2022 ♥️ We are waiting, a little miracle,” they wrote.

Babies Didn’t Just Breastfeed Before Modern Infant Formulas


AAs families across the United States grapple with baby formula shortages, some social media commenters have asked: Why aren’t people just breastfeeding? Isn’t that what everyone did before infant formula?

As a historian who studies infant and child nutrition, I can tell you that breastfeeding has never been possible for everyone and people have always needed breastmilk substitutes. It wasn’t until the 20th century that alternative baby foods became reliable and nutritious, in the form of modern infant formula. Previously, many families had to endure the agony of losing a baby to starvation, malnutrition or a related disease. Modern formula milk is a life-saving wonder, not a luxury.

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Throughout American history, people have been unable or have chosen not to breastfeed for a variety of reasons. Maybe the parent giving birth didn’t have enough supply or the baby couldn’t latch on properly. Perhaps the mother died in childbirth or needed to return to work. Maybe the baby was adopted or needed to be cared for by someone else.

Sometimes other people nursed the baby. Friends or relatives could intervene. Wealthy families had wet nurses, who were either servants or slaves. Breastfed infants often died, but not as frequently as nursing babies, deprived of their mother’s milk.

An even riskier alternative was bottle or spoon feeding. Infants ate soft or liquid foods made from animal milk, broth or cereal. In the 17th and 18th centuries, these foods were homemade; by the end of the 19th century, industrially produced options became available.

Ashley Maddox holds her 5-month-old son, Cole, after feeding him formula she purchased through a mothers-in-need Facebook group on Thursday, May 12, in Imperial Beach, Calif.

Gregory Bull—AP

But until the 20th century, babies who were not breastfed often died. Alternative foods could rarely meet the nutritional needs of infants, leaving many undernourished. In the days before refrigeration, modern food safety, most vaccines or antibiotics, thousands of people died from diarrhea caused by spoiled food.

Breastfeeding rates declined sharply around the turn of the 20th century and remained low for decades. As historian Jacqueline Wolf describes, early 20th century pediatricians encouraged programmed feeding (as opposed to demand feeding), which hampered breast milk production, and other practices that made breastfeeding more difficult. Without workplace protections for nursing or modern pumping technology, women working outside the home had no choice but to bottle feed.

Read more: Washington politicians helped create the formula shortage. Can they solve it?

Around this same time, infant formula and baby food manufacturers advertised heavily to new parents, many of whom became convinced that infant formula was a more modern and scientific choice than breastfeeding. And, as the food industry has become more regulated, alternative baby foods like modern infant formula have become safer and more nutritious than in the past. As a result, notes historian Amy Bentley, most baby boomers ate commercial or homemade formula, not breast milk.

At the end of the 20th century, breastfeeding experienced a renaissance in pediatrics, public health, and parenting. Today, 84% of American newborns begin breastfeeding, but only 25.8% exclusively breastfeed until 6 months of age, according to CDC recommendations. Breastfeeding outcomes are highly stratified by race and income; white and Asian babies breastfeed more than black babies.

Although the United States has enshrined some protections for breastfeeding workers, such as workplace lactation rooms and insurance coverage for breast pumps, the lack of universal paid family leave still prevents some working parents to breastfeed.

Read more: COVID-19 makes new moms feel even more pressured to breastfeed

But even if the United States adopted paid family leave and other policies to support parents, some families would still need or choose to use a formula. Parents who need medication incompatible with breastfeeding. Adoptive or foster families. Children with specific nutritional or allergic needs. Parents who just don’t want to breastfeed.

In the absence of modern infant formula, infants used to starve or die of disease due to inadequate nutrition. We are fortunate to live in a time when parents have multiple safe options for feeding their babies, but when those options become limited, as they are now, it is indeed a crisis. We don’t want to go back to the past.

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I am the richest YouTube child star in the world


HE may only be ten years old, but YouTuber Ryan Kaji enjoys a luxurious lifestyle thanks to his channel’s massive multi-million payouts — all thanks to playing with toys.

Last year, the youngster pocketed a whopping $27m (£21m) salary, more than Logan Paul.


Ryan Kaji has earned millions from his YouTube channel1 credit: Ryan ToysReview
The star, 10, is one of the highest paid on the platform and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle with her family


The star, 10, is one of the highest paid on the platform and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle with her familyCredit: Instagram/ryansWorld

Born in Texas, Ryan may only be young – but his success began six years ago when his mother decided to start a YouTube channel called Ryan’s ToyReviews for her son.

The pint-sized influencer – born in October 2011 to Shion and Loann Kaji – started making toy videos

An instant hit, Ryan saw his views and subscribers increase within months – his mother boldly deciding to quit her teaching job within a year to run the channel full time.

In 2015, he accumulated more than a billion views on a video where he opened a giant egg of Lightning McQueen.

I'm an iPhone expert - three mind-blowing tricks everyone should know
Facebook teases controversial BILLIONS update in official warning

Ryan’s channel, now called Ryan’s World, continued to go from strength to strength, and in 2017 his parents signed a deal with kids’ media startup PocketWatch.

In 2019, the preteen sensation was the focus of a 20-episode preschooler TV series called Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.

That year he was named YouTube’s highest-paid star aged just eight after banking $24m (£20m).

Ryan – older brother to twin sisters Emma and Kate – is also the star of two games published by Outright Games.

And a range of Ryan’s World products can be purchased on Amazon and from well-known US brands like Target – including products like branded toothbrushes and a giant Ryan’s World Mystery Egg.

As he grew up, Ryan expanded his channel from simple toy reviews to also posting family-friendly science videos and vlogs.

With viewers around the world, the youngster can make up to $45,000 (£36,000) per video.

Ryan now has 32.5 million followers and shares photos of his lifestyle on Instagram.

Snaps posted by his parents to his 158,000 subscribers on the platform show him and his family enjoying trips to theme parks, including Disney World.

He can also be seen posing alongside celebrities such as former American footballer Aaron Donald and with toys from his extensive collection.

Ryan once again made the list of top ten highest paid YouTube stars last year, joining the likes of MrBeast, Jake Paul and Dude Perfect.

He is also among the ten richest YouTubers as he is said to have a net worth of $32m (£26m).


But last year Nastya, eight young YouTube stars, overtook him in terms of earnings, raking in $28m (£23m) last year for his family vacation videos, his best friends and his lessons on responsibility.

The young Russian – real name Anastasia Radzinskaya – is the biggest child YouTuber in the world with 250 million subscribers.

Additionally, she has won eight YouTube awards and has 428,000 followers on Instagram.

Another youngster relishing a luxurious lifestyle is nine-year-old Mompha Junior, who claims to be the world’s youngest billionaire.

He owned his first mansion when he was six years old and travels the world on a private jet.

The tween influencer – real name Muhammed Awal Mustapha – shows off his blingtastic lifestyle to his 25,000 followers on Instagram.

A post shows him on the bonnet of a cream Bentley Flying Spur he said his father bought him as his first car.

In another, he poses in front of a red Lamborghini Aventador dressed head to toe in designer clothes. He captioned the post: “Happy birthday to me.”

Flashier motors, including a yellow Ferrari, can be seen parked outside one of his sprawling luxury homes in Dubai.

Ryan's channel now has 32.5 million subscribers


Ryan’s channel now has 32.5 million subscribers1 credit: Ryan ToysReview
Ryan with his mom Loann and dad Shion


Ryan with his mom Loann and dad ShionCredit: Getty
Eight-year-old YouTube star Anastasia Radzinskaya is one of the richest YouTubers in the world


Eight-year-old YouTube star Anastasia Radzinskaya is one of the richest YouTubers in the worldCredit: likenastya/Instagram

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Oh baby! Andile and Tamia Mpisane welcome their little girl – The Citizen


Musical artist and football star Andile Mpisane recently welcomed his third child into the world with his wife and second mum, Tamia Mpisane.

Taking to social media, proud grandmother Shauwn Mkhize shared a photo of her newborn granddaughter’s tiny feet, announcing in the caption the birth of Miaandy. She informed her fans and followers that mom and baby are doing well, and that her son Andile is exhausted but delighted with the successful delivery of his third child.

“The Mpisane, Louw and Mkhize family are happy to announce the arrival of Baby Miaandy. Our little princess arrived safely early this morning at 12.14am weighing 2.8kg. Mom @tamia_mpisane is also safe and recovering. Dad @andilempisane10 is extremely tired but in good spirits. We thank God for the safe delivery and thank you all for your good wishes,” Mkhize said.

Taking inspiration from her Instagram Stories, Tamia also shared an adorable photo of her daughter’s feet with the caption, “10 little fingers and 10 little toes.”

Screenshot of Tamia’s Instagram stories.

The 26-year-old influencer also shared a photo of two Louis Vuitton shopping bags she received as gifts from Andile, and captioned the photo “thank you daddy bear”.

push present
Screenshot of Tamia’s Instagram stories.

ALSO READ: Mamkhize raves about her granddaughter’s first day of school

Mamkhize hosted a magical baby shower for Tamia in April, which was attended by her closest friends and family.

The baby shower was held in their garden and the event consisted mostly of white decorations which were complemented by splashes of bright and vibrant colors from the balloons, snacks, cakes and baby shower accessories.

Tamia’s guests were instructed to wear bright pastel colors, while the guest of honor showed up in a black cocktail dress and pencil strap heels to complete her look.

Taking to social media, Tamia shared a video made up of snippets of special moments from her lavish baby shower, and also thanked her friends and family for their love and support, before ending her caption by thanking her mother-in-law for organizing the baby shower for her.

“Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our baby shower with us. The love was deeply felt. We are truly blessed.

“Special thanks to my mum @kwa_mammkhize for hosting a magical baby shower for #BabyAM, it was everything I imagined and more,” Tamia said.

Man tells Hanson’s kids to ‘just get in’ his van after approaching them and offering them toys, police say


Hanson police are looking for a ‘suspicious’ man who they say approached the children on Saturday morning, offered them toys and asked them to ‘get in’ his van.

Chief Michael Mikschs said police were dispatched to 500 Whitman St. where a caller reported that his son and his friend, both under the age of 12, were approached by a white man with a haircut short and glasses who would have between the age of 35 and 40 years.

The man reportedly asked the children if they wanted toys. The children said no, then the man told one of the children to “get in” in his van. The two children fled the area and returned home to inform a relative.

Hanson Police checked the area and found a video feed from a nearby resident. The video feed shows a white work van, possibly a Ford E-Series E-250 van with roof racks and running boards. The children told police the van had rust and writing on the back, but they were unable to remember the writing. The van made two passes by the children and on the second pass the man interacted with them.

Video feed shows the van stayed in the area for a minute or two before interacting with the children, then left the area toward East Washington Street.

Hanson units checked the area and a BOLO was sent.

Anyone with information about this incident, the vehicle or the driver – especially residents of the Whitman Street area – are asked to call the Hanson Police Department at 781-293-4625.

Khloe Kardashian is letting fans suspect she got a smaller butt with skimpy snaps


It’s no secret that Khloe worked hard in the gym and wowed fans with skinny snaps taken as she worked out – but some have speculated she went under the knife for make her buttocks smaller.

Video loading

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Khloe Kardashian flaunts a petite figure as she works out

Khloe Kardashian took to Instagram today to share videos of herself working out, leaving fans wondering if she’s been working out.

The youngest of the Kardashian sisters posed surrounded by workout gear in a sky blue matching ensemble, revealing rock hard abs and sporting her now famous faded blonde bob.

But eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that the reality TV star looked skinnier than usual, and even wondered if she had undergone surgery to make her butt look smaller.

It’s not the first time in recent weeks that fans have noticed the star’s smaller rear; In October 2021, a photo taken on the set of SNL showed such a drastic transformation that some wondered if she had butt implants removed, although the star denied having had them in the first place.

Fans were worried about Khloe’s thinness – and wondered if she’d had her butt worked out



Khloe looked confident in the gym, but fans weren’t so sure



Khloe immersed herself in an intense fitness regimen several years ago, sharing her progress on social media and releasing the 2015 book Strong Looks Better Naked, detailing her journey to becoming her best self.

The star also became the host of the controversial body transformation TV show Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian.

And this year, as her fitness journey becomes more intense than ever, fans have expressed concern that the star is getting too thin.

At this year’s Met Gala, she looked worlds away from her pre-fitness self


Getty Images)

Reacting to a previous Instagram Story posted by the star, a fan asked on Twitter, “Has Khloe had her butt removed?”

Meanwhile, another commented on a post uploaded to the 37-year-old’s newsfeed: “That’s too much Khloe.”

The Kardashian family has a long and checkered past with body image issues, from extreme exercise routines to promoting diet pills and teas.

The family have also been accused of keeping all of their plastic surgery procedures secret.

Sister Kim has also recently come under fire for her extreme dieting techniques



After this year’s Met Gala, older sister Kim Kardashian reportedly starved herself into the famous dress Marilyn Monroe wore to US President John F Kennedy, drawing much criticism.

The social media mogul claimed she lost 16lbs – over 7kg – in less than a month in order to squeeze into the iconic dress.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said, “It was like getting ready for a role.”

However, Kim was quick to receive backlash, including from Riverdale actress and body positivity advocate Lili Reinhart.

“Openly admitting that you starved yourself for the Met Gala. When you know full well that millions of young men and women look up to you and listen to your every word. Ignorance is disgusting from another world,” Lili wrote . of the controversial claim.

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Shortage of infant formula: what are milk banks?


Americans are turning to milk banks because the shortage of infant formula has led to an increase in demand for milk in the United States.

Why is this important: Mothers have sought to donate breast milk to milk banks to help struggling families, who are panicked by the shortage and are asking milk banks for help in feeding their infants.

What is a milk bank?

Milk banks collecting donations from nursing mothers and distributing milk. At the moment, milk banks are helping families in difficulty because of the shortage.

  • These banks often operate as non-profit organizations that reserve milk supplies for premature babies.
  • Premature or medically fragile babies are given priority in these locations, but healthy babies can also receive milk, NBC News reports.

What they say : “Donations come from women whose supply exceeds their child’s needs and they generously donate their milk to us,” Linda Harelick, executive director of the New York Milk Bank, told CBS News.

Why there is an increased demand in milk banks

State of play: There has been a “significant increase” in demand for milk banks due to shortages of formula milk, said Lindsay Groff, executive director of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, according to The Associated Press.

  • Demand has increased because families cannot find their infant’s normal formula due to shortage and hope to find it in milk banks.
  • Groff said donation questions have jumped 20% in recent weeks amid the baby formula shortage, which has been caused by supply chain issues and a recall of popular baby formula.

Yes, but: Donated milk does not help all families. Infants and premature babies need specialized formulas due to their specific medical conditions, which has made the shortage even more troubling for some families.

  • A small percentage of babies are also milk intolerant, so they rely on soy formula. There are also protein hydrolyzate formulas for those who cannot tolerate both.
Milk banks may not be enough

The silver lining: Groff told CBS News that milk banks are only a “partial solution” to the current shortage, but donations could have long-term benefits.

  • “The demand is growing, people are desperate,” she said.
  • “Babies always need donor milk,” she said. “I hope this helps more people understand this.”
  • “If more healthy breastfeeding people contact their local milk banks to donate, we will have more milk available to reach beyond those most urgently needed,” Groff said.

What we are looking at: The White House, Congress, and the Food and Drug Administration are all working to improve the infant formula crisis.

  • “We recognize that many consumers have been unable to access the infant formula and essential medical foods they are accustomed to using and are frustrated by their inability to do so,” said FDA Commissioner Robert Califf. , in a press release.
  • The Biden administration has said it is looking to cut red tape to make sure infant formula gets to store shelves faster.

HHS launches website to help families find formula


(Gray News) – The federal government on Friday launched a website with resources for families struggling to find formula milk amid the national shortage.

The website of the Ministry of Health and Social Services HHS.gov/formula offers information including manufacturer hotlines, community resources, and other tips. It also has a link for WIC-eligible families to contact a local office for assistance.

President Joe Biden also announced on Thursday that his administration was stepping up its response to the shortage which forced frantic parents to form online groups to trade and sell themselves to feed their babies.

The president spoke with executives from Gerber and Reckitt about how they could ramp up production and how his administration could help, and spoke with executives from Walmart and Target about how to restock shelves and address regional disparities in formula access, the White House said.

The administration plans to monitor possible price increases and work with trading partners in Mexico, Chile, Ireland and the Netherlands on imports, even though 98% of infant formula is made domestically.

The problem is the result of supply chain disruptions and a safety recall, and has had a cascading effect: retailers are limiting what customers can buy, and doctors and health workers are urging parents to contacting food banks or doctors’ offices, in addition to warning against diluting formula to stretch supplies or using DIY recipes online.

The shortage is hitting low-income families particularly hard after formula maker Abbott was recalled due to contamination concerns. The recall wiped out many brands covered by WIC, a federal food stamp-like program that serves women, infants and children, although the program now allows brand substitutes. The Biden administration is working with states to make it easier for WIC recipients to purchase different sizes of formula that their benefits might not currently cover.

According to the White House, about half of infant formula nationwide is purchased by participants using WIC benefits.

Copyright 2022 Gray Media Group, Inc. The Associated Press contributed to the report. All rights reserved.

Corrie fans call Sally ‘savage’ as she attacks Toyah over baby drama


Coronation Street fans have branded Sally Metcalfe ‘savage’ as she digs into Toyah Battersby over Abi Webster’s baby drama on the ITV soap opera tonight

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Coronation Street: Sally asks Toyah about baby Alfie

Coronation Street fans have praised ‘savage’ Sally Metcalfe for digging Toyah Battersby over Abi Webster’s baby drama.

Abi lost custody of her son Alfie, with the baby then in the care of Imran Habeeb – with whom Abi conceived the child during a one-night stand – and Toyah Battersby, who was desperate to adopt a baby.

Ahead of the christening ceremony on Monday, Toyah decided it was time for her to bring Alfie into the underwear factory to show off the little one to her colleagues, but she ended up with a pretty chilly reception.

Sally had some wild remarks for Toyah



Imran dressed the baby in a little baby that said “mama’s boy” on it, and that was what Toyah bought for Abi when she got the news that she had the baby, and Toyah first hesitated to take the little one in that.

However, she decided to accept it – covered in a cute cardigan – but when they unbuttoned the jacket the baby’s size was revealed and Sally and her colleagues had a lot to say about it.

Baby Alfie was brought to the factory



As Sean commented on how the baby had Imran’s eyes, Sally gave a wild dig at Toyah’s expense.

“Well, he won’t have much Toyah, will he?” she said, as she sat sullen in the corner seconds away from Toyah. When Beth walked in to see what was going on, she spotted the little one’s bodysuit and also made a sarcastic comment.

She said, “Oh, that’s an interesting onesie,” as Sally did another wild dig, “Oh, business standards would have a field day.”

Beth also had something to say



“It’s Abi’s baby and he should be with his mother,” she fumed as an awkward Toyah looked on.

Beth then added, “If someone had ripped our Craig-y off me, they wouldn’t have lived long enough to regret it,” as Toyah defended herself, insisting she hadn’t ripped it off. the little one and that he “needed a good home”.

Abi has been adamant to get Alfie back after Ben lied to Imran and said she was still using drugs meaning she was unable to get custody of her child – but she did. was thrown a lifeline after obtaining evidence that Ben had been trafficking.

*Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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Inside Jess Wright’s rabbit-themed nursery with £380 designer blankets as she prepares to welcome her first child


JESS Wright showed off her gorgeous nursery with £380 designer blankets as she prepares to welcome her first child.

The 36-year-old reality star has tastefully decorated the nursery with neutral tones.


Jess Wright showed off her gorgeous nativity scene as she prepares to welcome her first childCredit: Instagram
The TV star has tastefully decorated the bedroom in neutral tones


The TV star has tastefully decorated the bedroom in neutral tonesCredit: Instagram

There is an animal theme throughout the nursery – with various teddy bears and a cute bunny picture on the wall.

Dressed in white loungewear, Jess proudly cradled her growing baby bump as she stood in front of a cream crib.

The Essex beauty splashed on a £380 Dior beige and ivory wool cashmere throw for her newborn baby.

The former Towie star completed the room with woven straw baskets, a soft cloud-shaped rug, a ball pit and a matching changing table.

Michelle Keegan holds Jess Wright's bump at Shard's amazing baby shower
Jess Wright looks days away from giving birth as she reveals her baby bump

Jess beamed in the snaps as she tenderly held her bump and told fans she was thrilled to put her tampon on her newborn baby’s room.

She wrote: “Nursery is ready for you little boy and so are we 👶🏼💙.

“I love interiors, so what could be more exciting than the project of designing the nursery. I started by paneling the walls and choosing our color scheme which as you can see is neutral 🤎🤍.

“The bed I saw on @rowenhomes and loved with its nude suede ends and gold rope details, as well as its hot air balloons, pretty baskets, frame and bunny bow 💕.”

It comes after Jess shared footage of her unborn baby kicking her stomach as she prepares to give birth.

The Essex star revealed her huge baby bump ahead of her baby boy‘s arrival.

She described him as a “mover and a shaker” as he struggled inside her.

Jess also showed off her baby’s bottom print, saying, “He sticks his butt out like this all the time.”

The pregnant star recently celebrated her incredibly lavish baby shower at Britain’s tallest skyscraper, The Shard.

She had clearly spared no expense on the big day with dozens of guests seated at four tables at the super luxurious five-star Shangri-La Hotel.

The event brought together Jess’ sister, Natalya Wright, 21, and her famous sister-in-law Michelle Keegan, who is married to their brother Mark.

Michelle was among those queuing to touch Jess’ bump as they celebrated she was a mum-to-be.

Jess told fans, “My baby shower was absolutely beautiful and everything I had planned.”

Jess announced she was pregnant in November but kept the fact that she was expecting a boy a secret until January.

I love unique baby names - the origin stories behind my eight children's names
Holiday Haven now on sale from £4 pp per night in June

She said to Hello! “I always imagined being a girl mom because I’m so girly. So I was quite shocked to find out it was a boy, but I couldn’t be happier.

Dad-to-be William Lee-Kemp, whom Jess wed in Mallorca in September, added: “It’s not really getting better.”

Jess announced she was pregnant in November


Jess announced she was pregnant in NovemberCredit: Instagram
Jess bought a £380 Dior throw for her son's bedroom


Jess bought a £380 Dior throw for her son’s bedroomCredit: Instagram
The star customized the bedroom with hot air balloons


The star customized the bedroom with hot air balloonsCredit: Instagram
The couple opted for a cute animal theme


The couple opted for a cute animal themeCredit: Instagram

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Formula Shortage Hits NYC Parents, Special Needs Kids Hard


Babies aren’t the only ones affected by the crippling infant formula crisis: Children with special needs — and their frantic parents — are also feeling the brunt.

As parents continue to browse the bare aisles of New York stores, pharmacies are also struggling to make ends meet for young children who have formula prescriptions in the pipeline.

Roger Paganelli, the owner of Mount Carmel Family Pharmacy in the Bronx, told the Post he has “hundreds of patients” who are fed formula out of medical necessity — including children who have tubes in their stomach because they are unable to ingest food.

“These are complex and special-needs patients,” Paganelli said Thursday.

Some parents have regular, scheduled collections for the prescription formula – but the pharmacy now has to ration it to ensure every child gets a portion.

“We try to balance and ration as best we can. It is a very sensitive situation. These are tough decisions to make,” Paganelli said.

Shady Gramajo tells the Post that if the formula her mom sent from Florida doesn’t arrive in time, she might have to take time off work.
Provided by Shady Gramajo

“Moms are stressed. They have to feed their children. Children need the formula. The pharmacy is the outlet for stress and we feel their pain.

Meanwhile, other parents are now forced to consider what comes next if they run out of formula.

Shady Gramajo, 31, of Forest Hills, Queens, told the Post she might have to miss a day of work if the formula shipment her mother sent from Florida doesn’t arrive in time for her 3-year-old daughter. month.

Andeisha Carbon Halstead
Andeisha Carbon-Halstead tells The Post that she had to switch to a brand of formula that costs double the usual price.
Steven Vago/New York Post

“If it’s not the case [arrive], I’m going to squeeze every ounce of milk I have in my breasts,” Gramajo said. “I was thinking of calling her at work and having her nurse all day on my nipple to try and get some milk.”

Gramajo said her baby drank eight bottles a day, but could only produce enough breast milk for three.

She hasn’t been able to find her baby’s formula, Enfamil Gentlease, anywhere in town.

Mount Carmel Pharmacy
Roger Paganelli, owner of Mount Carmel Pharmacy, says he has hundreds of special needs patients with infant formula prescriptions.
Robert Miller

“It’s very stressful because it’s nowhere,” Gramajo said. “I live in Queens and had to drive all the way to Manhattan and the Bronx to pick him up. I spent my whole day with my baby in the car seat. We drove for three hours.

Andeisha Carbon-Halstead, 30, of South Bronx, told the Post that she and her husband will have to cut their grocery bills so their children can eat.

The mum said she was forced to switch to an organic formula brand for her 10-month-old daughter – and it’s double the price.

Shortage of infant formula
The infant formula shortage is caused by a safety recall from formula maker Abbott due to contamination concerns.
Helayne Seidman

“Money is going to have to be moved from other things this month and probably next month,” she said. “We can’t move the money for rent or medical expenses, so it’s going to have to come out of our food budget.

“In order for our children to eat, my husband and I will have to reduce our expenses.”

The shortage is the result of the Feb. 17 safety recall by formula maker, Abbott, due to contamination concerns and ongoing supply chain disruptions.

It’s had a chilling effect on New Yorkers — and parents nationwide — as retailers limit how much customers can buy and store shelves remain empty.

Doctors have urged desperate parents to turn to food banks, while warning against diluting formulas or resorting to DIY recipes online.

Mum-of-three Erika Thompson, from Wallingford, Connecticut, said it became a full-time job trying to find the hypoallergenic formula her little girl needed.

He only has a small sample left, though friends out of state mailed him his formula when they found it.

“You can travel everywhere – countless cities, stores, Amazon, online,” she said of finding shortages everywhere. “Honestly, it’s heartbreaking. Some stores have absolutely nothing and now they’re limiting you. So what do you do?”

The issue has prompted some parents to trade, sell and offer leftover supplies on social media.

Baby formula
Parents have taken to social media in an attempt to get formula.
Robert Miller

Jennifer Kersey, 36, from Cheshire, Connecticut, said she was also on her last can for her 7-month-old son when someone spotted her Facebook post on a group and dropped off some sample cans.

She said she and other members of the group are now helping each other by finding stores that have stock and providing formula milk to mothers in need.

Angels of Long Island, a thrift store in Patchogue, also began handing out donated cans for free on Wednesday.

As parents continue to struggle, Gov. Kathy Hochul said Thursday the state health department has stepped up communication with formula makers in an effort to track production, supply and shipments.

“In close coordination with our federal partners, New York State will continue to do everything possible to support New York families who need formula for their infants,” Hochul said. “My administration is committed to ensuring that every newborn and every child has access to the nutritional support they need to stay healthy.”

The state’s GOP senators — Sue Serino, Daphne Jordan and Mike Martucci — previously called on the governor to take immediate action to address shortages, including streamlining the supply chain.

“No parent should have to live in fear of not being able to find the formula they need to feed their baby,” Serino said. “This shortage and the inaction surrounding it is absolutely unacceptable and it will take committed partners at all levels to scale up production.”

Shortage of infant formula
Doctors have encouraged parents in need of infant formula to turn to food banks.
Robert Miller

With post wires

Reviews | Babies need formula – no Twitter-ready discussion topics

Placeholder while loading article actions

I realize that the answer is almost certainly “no”. But please, for a moment, could we refrain from using babies as political footballs?

The continued shortage of infant formula is a real crisis for American families. Yet people on the right and left are already reducing it to a talking point.

“Looks like the Democrats’ plan to fight the baby formula shortage is war with Russia and easy access to 40-week abortions,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted tuesday. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) slammed the Biden administration for focusing on the war in Ukraine and disinformation, before tweeting “Baby life matters.” And Rep. Troy E. Nehls (R-Tex.) complains about reports that the Border Patrol received shipments of formula to feed undocumented babies in the agency’s care, complaining, “The formula should go to the Americans before the illegals.” It shouldn’t be said.

On the left, the rhetorical gesture of the day for commentators, if not elected officials, has been to link formula shortages to what appears to be the impending demise of Roe vs. Wade. As Jimmy Kimmel said in a late-night monologue, “There’s never been a better time for the Supreme Court to force women to have more children.”

Liberals have argued for decades that Conservatives are more concerned about delivering babies than what happens to those babies when they get here. A shortage of formula, by logic, is just one more indignity to add to the list of what conservatives are supposedly prepared to expose parents and babies to by limiting access to abortion.

But all of this rhetoric only underscores how our most vulnerable citizens are an afterthought in American politics: Sure, babies need formula, but it’s really Ukraine, or immigration, or Hunter Biden, or the Supreme Court we should be talking about! Worse, these pivots offer nothing to desperate families who need infant formula right now.

The cheap zingers also obscure the fact that, for once, there is true bipartisan energy reinforcement to do the right thing for babies and their parents. Conservatives and liberals recognize that it will take a combination of zealous regulation and a reinvigorated market to ensure that in the future, parents and babies are not left behind.

Alyssa Rosenberg: The shortage of infant formula is an outrage. A sane country would remedy that.

In February, House Republican Conference President Elise Stefanik (RN.Y.) correctly identified that the sweep of a formula recall by Abbott Nutrition — whose products account for more than a third of the formula market — meant that the children were “put to bed”. hungry while parents try to identify alternative formulas that are often difficult to obtain. At the time, she argued that the response to reports of bacterial contamination of formula produced at Abbott’s plant in Sturgis, Michigan, suggested the Food and Drug Administration was moving too slowly on food safety concerns. .

This turned out to be a prescient concern. In April, Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-Conn.) revealed that a whistleblower contacted the FDA with concerns about conditions at the Sturgis plant, but it took the agency months. to follow up on the allegations.

While Stefanik sometimes uses harsh language about the Biden administration’s approach to the formula crisis, she asks the right questions rather than spinning the debate in other directions. The concerns she identified about the FDA’s role – in formula safety and available – are not partisan. Among others, Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Robert P. Casey Jr. (Pennsylvania) share his concern.

More recently, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) sent an urgent letter asking numerous questions of the FDA and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, and asking them to examine the concentration of the American formulas market, which is dominated by a handful of large companies.

Families who need infant formula immediately might not be reassured by the prospect of new manufacturers entering the industry years from now, or the idea of ​​creating more robust supply chains for ingredients and packaging. . But that’s exactly the kind of redundancy the US infant formula market needs, so expectant parents don’t see their babies’ fates hanging with one company or one factory.

Lately, conservatives have expressed more concern about the concentration of power in Big Tech than in other parts of the economy. But the formula seems a worthy target for that kind of scrutiny — and liberals like DeLauro agree.

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) cut to the chase when she told Fox News, “I will work with anyone who works with me” to end the formula shortage.

That’s the idea. Now let’s see our politicians act accordingly. And let’s hope they remember: a Twitter quip might seem smart in the moment. But as an alternative to real change, “Let them eat takes” is awfully stupid.

My learning curve as a mother and entrepreneur: Chef Mama Ghazal Alagh


Becoming an entrepreneur is something that happened as an extension of my personal experience and my challenges as a mother. When Varun and I had our first child, as avid millennial parents with a baby with a skin condition, we researched everything we bought for our baby. During this process, we realized that all baby care products contain chemicals that are not suitable for sensitive baby skin.

Since I lived in New York during my art studies, I knew that there were brands that created safe and effective baby products. I ended up importing the products for a while, but that was not an option in the long run.

Ghazal Alagh

During this journey, we have identified a huge gap in the market for safe and toxin-free baby products. We’ve reached out to so many parents to figure out the right kind of ingredients that make people trust brands, products, and more. We spent a lot of time typing to understand what people were looking for in products for their babies. I used to make hundreds of calls daily to consumers to understand their challenges and requirements. This led to the creation of Mamaearth‘ – India’s first certified ‘Toxin Free’ baby care brand.

When we started, we were ordinary people who quit our jobs and decided to embark on this adventure. There were many challenges balancing work and being a mother, but my husband and family helped me manage both roles. Babies don’t come with a manual, so I had to figure it all out on my own. I think first-time moms are the best managers and leaders because they have to learn everything on the job, the ways to multi-task and get things done. It is also an important trait for business leaders.

The first few months were exhausting as we barely lived on three to four hours of sleep. During the day, work in India and the baby kept us awake, and then we had to connect with the US security team to get things for certification, get formulations approved, and so on. There were times when I would cuddle my son on one arm and hold the phone with the other to attend a work call. It was extremely exhausting because we were all alone. It was a great learning curve for me as a mother and an entrepreneur.

Eventually, we created our first product line with six baby products. The next challenge was to define the sales channels. Selling on our own website wasn’t the most feasible idea, so we chose to go to Amazon first. It was an easy move, and we accepted it. Eventually, we realized that to build fairness among our consumers, we had to be on our own channel. Then we disconnected too early. So we made way too many mistakes, but all of those mistakes shaped how we built our business.

But soon, we made progress in our entrepreneurial journey. We rented an office and it was so nice to move into our own premises. It was a small space, but it was so quiet and peaceful, and I could do so much work, it was amazing. I loved going to the office. Varun and I bring very distinct strengths to the business and we have used these to divide the work between us to build a more structured organization.

We built a small team of 5-6 people, then over the months we grew bigger and bigger. As we grew, we had to define roles for each team member. The moment we did this, I experienced the most obvious moment of gender bias of my life. Some team members quit because I had no experience leading teams.

I take feedback very well and this one was taken too, and I worked on myself to learn the finer nuances of the business. I had a similar experience with manufacturing partners too. It’s a male dominated industry and taking instructions from a female is not an accepted norm so that was also a challenge but as I continued to work with them it got better and now I share excellent relations with them.

Being a mother made me realize the challenges of parenthood and gave me the impetus to create a brand that solves the problems faced by millennial parents like me. I recently gave birth to my second child and returned to work within 10 days. Balancing my personal and professional commitment helps me increase my productivity and manage all aspects of my life. Being a mother is the best thing in the world and I think we need to encourage other mothers by inspiring them to choose the right path and follow their aspirations.

Starting a business is like raising children. You have to nurture a business like your own baby. The value system we create defines the output in both aspects. Whether it’s instilling good values ​​in children to ensure they grow up to be good human beings, or ensuring your business becomes scalable, profitable and sustainable.

There were challenges but nothing distracted us from our path. I take tremendous pride in building a company that is committed to building brands with a strong sense of purpose while engendering consumer love along the way. It motivates me to continue my efforts and create more purpose-oriented brands and serve our consumers. I treated every brand I launched like my own baby and gave it my all. I am a proud ChiefMama.

McGirk Resident Introduces FFA at First Swine Management Competition


Submitted by Linda Reichel

McGirk, Mo.

[email protected]

California FFA agricultural adviser Gary Reichel took a team to the first-ever hog management competition in Colombia on Thursday and came home with third place overall. Chase Schlup and Dillon Wood respectively finished third and fourth overall individually. The competition was organized by the Missouri Pork Producers, the Missouri Pork Council and Mizzou hosted this career development event. Team members included Dillon Wood, Connor Althoff, Chase Schlup and Gavin Porter.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Dottie Flippin. His son David lives in McGirk.

Donna Milligan visited Johnny and Linda Reichel on Monday afternoon.

Dean Reichel worked at Double-X Speedway Sunday night for the season opener. Local driver Darin Porter, who lives south of McGirk, won the pure race.

Linda Reichel checked in with her Aunt Pat Stanley if she had a nice visit with her grandson David Ferrell and his family in Springfield. On the way home they enjoyed eating at Lambert’s Cafe.

Johnny and Linda Reichel, Julie Schlup Amanda, Addison, Allison and Aiden Reichel attended the California FFA Awards ceremony Tuesday night at the California Performing Arts Center, where Chase Schlup was named secretary for the year 2022-23. GaryReichel is one of four agriculture teachers/advisors at California High School.

Camryn Schlup visited Johnny and Linda Reichel on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Dave Johansen picked up pig feed for his granddaughter at Reichel Farms.

On Friday, Johnny Reichel had the chance to visit friends Bill Triplett and Bill Vantiger who were fellow drivers during Johnny’s Walmart truck days. He also had a good visit with his friend David Petree.

Gary, Addison and Allison Reichel brought their pig trailer to Dennis Limbach so he could take their show pigs to weigh them for the Miller County Fair.

Dean Reichel came to Reichel Farms on Friday to visit his parents and his nieces Addison and Allison.

A baby shower for Samantha Kenney was held at the Eagles on Saturday.

Johnny and Linda Reichel attended the Troy Eichelberger family fundraiser on Saturday night, enjoying the pulled pork dinner. The auctions and benefit dinner were held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Tipton. A benefit volleyball tournament was held earlier in the day at California High School.

Celebrating Mother’s Day Saturday night at the Red Lobster in Jefferson City, Bill and Judy Buerkey Jackie Holzberlei, Jason and Ellen Romerro, Brandon, Joanie Cook, Paige and Tucker, Gail and Yvonne Cook and La Verne Cook.

Chad Cook attended his 10th class reunion at Jamestown High School.

Joanie and Tucker Cook, Jackie Holzberlein, Gail and Yvonne Cook, Chad Cook and LaVerne Cook celebrated Mother’s Day at The Flame in California.

Show Me 4H held its monthly meeting at the McGirk Community Building last Monday evening. My granddaughters, Addison and Allison Reichel, did their Clover Leaf children’s demonstrations.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Genevie Rowland. Visitation will be at the Lebanon Baptist Church at 11 a.m. Friday, followed by the service at noon. After the burial, his church family will host a funeral dinner.

Lebanon Baptist Church News

A Mother’s Day breakfast was served before the morning service and each mother received a carnation at the end of the morning service.

Recognized birthdays were those of Don Willi and Braelynn Miller

Brother Jeremy opened the morning service with a prayer.

Gail Cook joined her mother in the morning service as a special surprise for Mother’s Day.

Members of the praise team were Kayla and Kennedy Barnard, Emily Bilyeu and Kendra Witthaus, accompanied by Michelle Bilyeu on piano.

The call to worship hymn was “Love Lifted Me”, followed by the hymns “He Hideth My Soul” and “Found a Friend in Jesus”. The offertory hymn was “Trust and Obey” and Jason Bilyeu shared the offertory prayer.

Michelle Bilyeu and her daughter, Abbie Rohrbach performed the special “Go Tell the World” music.

Brother Jeremy’s message is taken from Luke 11:27-28. He chose this scripture in remembrance of mothers and grandmothers and memories created. We are all blessed by these special women in our lives and the life lessons they teach.

The worship team joined by Michelle Bilyeu gave the responsorial hymn, “O Come to the Alter”.

Brother Jeremy ended with a prayer.


A deacons meeting was held after the morning service.

May 11 — A business meeting will be held and Gospel Kids will meet.

May 28 — 2-4 p.m. reception in honor of Rick and Dawn Cook on their 50th wedding anniversary

June 5 — A shower will be held for Heidi Porter and Skylar.

July 16 – For everyone entering sixth grade in the fall and above, a youth lockdown and pond party will be held at the James and Danielle Morrow Residence.

Experts urge caution as infant formula shortage continues


It is increasingly difficult for families across the United States to find infant formula, and the situation is so dire that even one of the best children’s hospitals in the country is struggling to stock up on infant formula. families in need.

“There are concerns on all levels,” Nicole Meadow, a clinical dietitian with the Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, told Spectrum News. “Because we have families who call us multiple times a day, in terms of what they can get for their baby’s needs, we deal with all types of access issues.”

What do you want to know

  • A continued shortage of infant formula is forcing retailers to limit sales, as healthcare providers scramble to meet needs
  • Retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Target and Walmart have all imposed online or in-person restrictions on formula sales.
  • The shortage has been exacerbated by a recall of formulas made by Abbott Nutrition, following suspected contamination of a Similac-branded formula
  • Experts recommend that parents not take drastic measures to stretch the supply and work with their children’s doctors to find alternatives if they cannot find formula in stores.

An existing shortage, blamed on supply chain issues and inflation, was exacerbated by the voluntary recall in February of Abbott Nutrition’s formula brands, including Similac’s PM 60/40 formula, Alimentum and EleCare powder formulas – all of which are designed for children with special dietary needs. According to an investigation notice from the Centers for Disease Control last updated in March, four children contracted an illness and two children died after drinking formula contaminated with a rare germ known as cronobacter sakazakii, which can cause sepsis or severe meningitis in infants.

According to the Associated Press, when the Food and Drug Administration visited Abbott’s plant in Sturgis, Michigan in March, inspectors found lax safety protocols and bacteria on several surfaces. However, none of the bacterial strains matched those collected from infants. The FDA and CDC investigation is ongoing. It is unclear when the Abbott plant will be able to reopen.

The shortage is hitting families hard at pharmacies and retailers. Two of the nation’s major pharmacies, CVS and Walgreens, have limited formula sales to three items per person — and even still, shelves are often empty for families looking to feed their babies. According to their websites, major retailers including Target, Walmart and other national supermarket chains are imposing restrictions on online ordering.

According to Datasembly, a company that collects real-time data from retailers across North America, 43% of the nation’s formula supply is out of stock by the first week of May. In April, more than half of retailers in three major metropolitan areas — Des Moines, Minneapolis and San Antonio — had out-of-stock rates above 50%, while seven states (Connecticut, Delaware, Montana, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington) had out-of-stock rates above 40%.

“Inflation, supply chain shortages and product recalls have led to unprecedented volatility for infant formula,” Datasembly CEO Ben Reich said in April. “We expect the infant formula category to be significantly impacted by these conditions. Infant formula inventory has been one of the most impacted categories so far in 2022, and one that will continue to show above-average stock-out levels.”

CVS and Walgreen, in separate statements to Spectrum News, said they were working with suppliers to meet increased supply. Neither provided a timeline for when they expect the shelves to be restocked.

On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the FDA was working with major formula makers to ensure they ramped up production and tried to streamline review of manufacturing changes and import entry process from foreign factories.

“It is not only their responsibility, in their view, to ensure that we meet our obligations to protect Americans. It is also their obligation to take steps to ensure that the supply can be met when they take these measures,” Psaki told reporters.

In a statement, Abbot Nutrition said it is “prioritizing the production of infant formula to replenish supply in the market,” while air-shipping formula daily from a factory registered with the FDA in Ireland. The company also said it is working on ready-to-use liquid formulas and working with healthcare providers to determine alternative formulas where possible.

Meadow said the CHLA team has not been given a date when more preparations will be available for the hospital. “It’s day-to-day, as more becomes available,” she said, noting that her hospital is working with suppliers and insurance companies to acquire formula. “We are waiting for answers to know when things will be a little better.”

“As a team, based on a doctor and a dietitian [input], we really work with each other to help families get what’s best for their needs,” Meadow said. As part of this, she suggested that families could, if necessary, swap formulas and brands of what they typically give their children to other FDA-approved formulas. (Although families should expect a little tummy ache — gas or other minor discomforts — during the transition.)

In the meantime, Meadow and the FDA urge parents to refrain from making their own formula, including using social media suggestions or archaic medical recommendations from decades past; that families do not buy online, especially from sources where they are not sure that the product is genuine or has been stored correctly; not to switch to solid foods or formulas designed for toddlers and urge parents not to try to stretch their reserves by diluting formulas.

“It’s really important — especially for small infants, but also for older babies — that if [families] don’t prepare formula properly, that they might have micronutrient deficiencies or calorie deficiencies and not grow properly,” Meadow said.

Instead, Meadow recommends parents call their children’s pediatrician, working with their family’s healthcare providers to find solutions.

“That’s what our patients do, and how we’re able to fill those gaps when they’re in a very precarious situation,” Meadow said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

CCTV footage shows daycare worker tying child’s hands with duct tape


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (VAGUE/Gray News) – Two parents are wondering what kind of liability a Louisville daycare center received after their young daughter’s hands were tied by an employee.

“She’s adorable, she’s sweet, she’s kind,” Nina Colvin said of her daughter.

“She wrapped me around her finger,” Nina’s husband Chris Colvin added.

The Colvins thought their daughter, who had just turned 4 at the time, would adjust and do well in daycare. They found a place, officially known as Outer Loop Child Care.

One day in April 2021, their bubbly 4-year-old seemed a little off.

“She said ‘Mom, Miss Miah hit me today,'” Nina Colvin recalled. “And I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ She said, ‘No, like taping me.’ She made, like, duct tape around her arms.

Surveillance video showed the caregiver of their baby girl kneeling on a table and missing a shoe.

It also showed what their daughter had described: the employee, Ramiah Douglas, binding the girl’s hands with duct tape during nap time.

Attorneys for the Colvins said she was left with her hands tied for about 40 minutes.

“She was my child and I wasn’t there to protect her,” Chris Colvin said.

“It changed his personality,” described Nina Colvin. “She’s terrified that someone will hurt her again.”

Douglas was fired immediately. But the incident was only the beginning of what the Colvins would discover about the employee, WAVE reported.

According to court records, she previously had arrests for possession of marijuana, which were either amended or dismissed, four separate citations for not having a valid registration or license plate, and one charge. of prostitution.

That charge was also dismissed after she agreed not to post on Backpage, a classifieds site seized by the US Department of Justice in 2018 after it facilitated several counts of prostitution, according to court records.

Although Douglas’ previous citations did not cost her jail time, the Colvins are still waiting to hear what qualifications she had to work with children.

“I wouldn’t have hired that woman,” Chris Colvin said.

Douglas was arrested and convicted of tying the child’s hands after Nina Colvin called the police.

It’s unclear if Outer Loop Child Care, which has since sold out, has ever done any background research on Douglas.

What is clear is that the daycare had a history of not performing or maintaining any criminal background check records on its employees, according to the Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services.

Read a Kentucky daycare’s inspection record.

WAVE found three other times state inspectors wrote to the center for this. In fact, the center has recorded over 50 offenses in less than 10 years.

They included poorly maintained employee records, a lack of state-required training or evaluations, and four repeated violations for lack of evidence or expired TB vaccines.

“You put them in a professional facility, and they let us down,” Nina Colvin said.

Other violations were repeated, such as having bleach and cleaning chemicals accessible to children, dirty toys, and holes in the wall where slugs and birds had taken up residence, to name a few. only a few.

For two years in a row, they were also written for unsanitary and torn diaper changing stations.

Keeping tabs on themselves was something the Colvins couldn’t do in March 2020.

“We weren’t allowed in anymore because of COVID,” Nina Colvin said. “We had to stop at the door.”

But, despite the seemingly thorough inspections, the state continued to renew Outer Loop Child Care’s license.

On the state daycare inspection portal, there is no mention of fines, suspensions, or revocations.

This is after state records showed violations of a child’s shoulder being dislocated by an employee, another child burned from being dragged on the carpet, a child’s head smacking in a bed and another student locked in the bathroom for seven minutes as punishment, all under the same owner who fired those employees each time.

“Did anyone’s parents know about these violations, because they reported them to the parents or did they just write them down and stick them in a drawer?” asked Chris Colvin.

The violations continued until Outer Loop Child Care was sold. Despite this, his most recent condition rating still shows three out of five stars.

As for the Colvins, they hope the pandemic and what they see as a lack of accountability won’t put more children at risk.

“If you don’t meet that standard, you don’t have a license,” Chris Colvin said. “It’s that simple.”

“You have our most important asset, our child,” added Nina Colvin. “You have to do better.”

Outer Loop Child Care has since been sold to a new company. The new owner said they had nothing to do with the daycare’s past and started from scratch.

Douglas’ attorney declined to comment. WAVE is still awaiting a response from the state and Outer Loop Child Care’s attorney.

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Chester Village baby brand secures millions in funding


A CHESTER village-based business launched just 20 months ago is celebrating double success after securing £4.25million in funding, which values ​​the business at £20million.

Pura, the eco-friendly baby brand which launched in June 2020 in Tattenhall, has received £4.25m in Series A funding, led by private equity and investment firm Maven Capital Partners.

Co-founders Guy and Abi Fennell launched Pura as new parents, and the company’s growth spurt has been spurred by its disruptive marketing, quality products and environmental credentials.

Guy Fennell, Founder and CEO of Pura, said: “Pura started out as a small company with very big ideas and our success in such a short time has demonstrated that we have a viable business model with strong growth potential. The investment is proof of that.

Pura founder Guy Fennell.

“Maven’s expertise will help us take it to the next level in 2022. Ultimately, the funding will help us make it even easier for parents to make positive change and transition to baby care that’s good for them. the planet and their baby.”

Pura is on a mission to “democratize eco” for all parents, with its 100% plastic-free baby wipes and multi-accredited yet affordable eco-friendly nappies, appealing to parents looking to move away from traditional, less sustainable brands. , baby care good for baby, the planet and piggy banks.

Originally created to sell to parents via its website mypura.comthe investment will also support Pura’s expansion into bricks-and-mortar retail that began with its supermarket debut with Asda last month.

Led by Guy Fennell, an experienced fast-moving consumer goods retailer and entrepreneur, and supported by an experienced management team, Pura has invested heavily in research and development since its inception. The recent investment will fund new product innovations with key additions to its eco-friendly lineup slated for this year.

Pura’s distinctive marketing – featuring playful activist ‘spokespeople’ – has already won critical acclaim and has earned the brand £250,000 in advertising value in the Sky Zero Footprint Fund. This investment will enable Pura to further develop its marketing activity and raise even more parents’ awareness of “easy eco”.

Determined to use business as a force for good, the Pending B-Corp and Carbon Neutral brand is the only company to recycle millions of nappies in Wales each year, through its Pura NappiCycle partnership. The injection of funding means Pura can focus on delivering on its bold ambition to bring the service to parents across the rest of the UK, starting with a trial in Bristol in the coming months.

The transaction with Maven includes £4 million in funding split evenly between VCTs Maven, NPIF Maven Equity Finance, part of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, and Maven Investor Partners, Maven’s high net worth investment syndicate .

James Rosthorn, Chief Investment Officer at Maven, said; “Pura represents an exciting opportunity for our investors to back a high-growth ESG brand with strong environmental credentials and which has developed an innovative product line for consumers and large retailers.

“The business has grown to scale in a short time, thanks to an experienced and credible management team, who have personally invested significant sums in the business. Given the quality of the business and the macroeconomic sentiment broader around environmental and sustainable brands, we see significant growth potential for Pura over the next few years.

Teen victim of road rage thanks ‘God every day’ she’s still alive – WSB-TV Channel 2


Teenage victim of road rage thanks ‘God every day’ she’s still alive The Carrollton High School student believes a higher power prevented the bullet from hitting his vital organs

ATLANTA — 17-year-old Ashlyn Crouch knows how close she came to losing her young life after being shot in a road rage incident.

“The doctor would tell me an inch to the right and I would be gone,” she said.

The Carrollton High School student said Channel 2’s Tom Jones that she believes a higher power prevented the bullet from hitting her vital organs.

“I thank God every day that he protected me,” Crouch said.

Jones was at Grady Memorial Hospital following Crouch’s release on Friday night. She still has bandages covering her wounds as she recovers from being shot in the head.

The bullet first hit her near her left ear. Then it came out near his left eye.

“It’s the exit wound. They haven’t sewn it up yet,” the teenager explained why she still needed the thick gauze.

She can’t wait to get home and reconnect with her friends. Many feared she was on her deathbed.

“They think the bullet went here,” Croupton said, pointing to his forehead.


It was Sunday, May 1 when Ashlyn might have breathed her last. She, her boyfriend and two other friends traveled on Interstate 20 eastbound from Carroll County just after 4 p.m.

“My boyfriend was driving. We were going to a baby shower,” she said.

That’s when she said she noticed a speeding car had stopped behind them. Her boyfriend changed lanes. The car also changed lanes and Croupton said it nearly hit them.

“She comes next to us and she insults us. Roll the window down. Shoot the bird. She had her little kids on her back shooting birds,” Crouch said.

That’s when Ashlyn admits she made what could have been a fatal mistake.

“So I shoot the bird and then all the time she follows us to Chapel Hill,” Crouch said.

Douglasville Police said Brittney Griffith, 30, followed the teenagers for 10 to 15 miles to the Chapel Hill Road exit. Crouch said his friends in the car recorded video of Griffith pointing a gun at them through the window.

“And they were like, ‘Oh no! No! Duck! Duck! Duck!’ We thought it was just his hand, but it was a gun,” Crouch said.

Crouch said as Griffith was walking out of Chapel Hill, that’s when she pulled the trigger.

At first, she didn’t know she had been hit.

“The ball was hot. I couldn’t really feel the pain. I was just in shock. Like, ‘Wow. I got shot,” Crouch said.

The bullet didn’t just threaten his life. She said her boyfriend could have been seriously injured.

“The bullet went through me and hit my boyfriend,” Crouch said.

She said the bullet actually went through her hat, barely missing her head. He was not seriously injured.


Crouch said her best friend was frantic after noticing blood coming from her head.

“It caused trauma for my best friend because she was crying. Everyone was surrounding me and I was just holding my head,” Crouch said.

Police said the video recorded by the teens was key to identifying the shooter. Officers say they posted a screenshot of the video on social media and immediately received several responses.

That Sunday evening, police said Griffith turned himself in. Police said she confessed and told them she threw the gun into the Chattahoochee River.

Officers also said Griffith had her three children, ages 4 to 9, in the car with her.

Then there was the revelation that shocked even the trial court judge who presided over Griffith’s first appearance hearing.

Police say Griffith went to get her nails done immediately after shooting Crouch. The judge asked her what the hell was she thinking. Griffith got no response.

Crouch wonders if the shooter thought the bullet had missed its target.

“I don’t know if she thinks it hit me. That’s why she got her nails done,” Crouch said.

Griffith is now being held without bond. She faces four counts of aggravated assault, four counts of first-degree child cruelty and possession of a weapon in the commission of a felony.

Prosecutors said in court there may be other charges.

Meanwhile, Crouch continues to recover. Her mother, Dianna Crouch, said she would need round-the-clock care.

“She is not allowed to walk alone. Go to the toilet alone. She’s going to have to have a lot of following,” Dianna Crouch said.

The mother said she would be off work for another two months to take care of her daughter. She said it will put financial pressure on them. Still, she prays for Griffith.

“No one wants to see their child hurt by another person. And I pray for this lady. I really do. Because not only is my daughter hurt, but her children are hurt,” Dianna Crouch said.

Prosecutors said in court they would contact state child protective services to investigate the incident.

Ashlyn Crouch said she learned a valuable lesson about life and road rage.

“When someone does this to you (by waving), just keep your window open and carry on. Keep it all to myself, just be the nonchalant person and humble yourself,” Ashlyn Crouch said.

Ashlyn Crouch said she had so much to live for. She continually thanked God for keeping her here.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” said Ashlyn Crouch.

A GoFundMe account has been created to assist Ashlyn and her family with expenses incurred as a result of this incident.


Natural Botanical Baby – A sustainable solution to your baby’s needs


There has been a growing consensus in our society regarding the change that should occur in our way of life. In a country like India where our surplus of waste in proportion to our population and our daily consumption is exorbitant, it is imperative to immediately switch to organic and natural products so that the environment can be saved from rampant wastes in years to come. coming.

Natural products are not something new for India. Ayurveda and Naturopathy have been part of Indian culture for centuries. And people have found great benefits from using them.

Just as we adults need natural products to help us lead healthy, eco-friendly lives, so do our babies. Companies like Pigeon India have conducted extensive research since 1957 to understand the unique needs of babies. Pigeon has been recognized by the generation of parents and their babies as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of baby and mother care products. To help families lead a healthy and enjoyable life, Pigeon is committed to providing the best quality care products. Pigeon intended to create products that are not only good for the baby, but also good for nature. That’s when they created their product line: Natural Botanical Baby.

”The Natural Botanical Baby Skincare series aims to improve the quality of life as well as care for the environment, providing the best for the baby and giving back everything we have borrowed from mother nature,” said said Mr. Zenzoh Yamaguchi, Managing Director Pigeon India.

Natural Botanical Baby uses recycled materials for packaging so there is less waste generated. Pigeon also works closely with reputable organizations such as WWF Singapore to support reforestation. This helps make the planet greener and also provides a sustainable source of income for rural communities.

The bottles used for the products are made from 20% recycled plastics. Aware of the damage caused by the uncontrolled production of palm oil to tropical rainforests and communities, Pigeon actively participates in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Production (RSPO), to support more ethical and respectful agricultural practices. of the environment.

At Pigeon, they’re constantly discovering ways that lead to a cleaner, greener future for your little one. Natural Botanical is made with natural, nutrient-dense ingredients like olive oil extract, argan extract, and chamomile, all of which have important qualities that promote the development of strong, smooth, and healthy skin. healthy.

When it borrows heavily from nature, the company knows when to stop. Pigeon has a range made up of 90% natural ingredients, but not 100%. All-natural might not be safe for your baby’s skin. Therefore, the remaining 10% of ingredients are added to improve product safety, efficacy, integrity and fragrance.

Pigeon India also helps you find the solution to all your baby’s problems and provides you with necessary advice for this. Recently, Pigeon India was honored and commended with Times of India Most Valued Mother and Child Award 2020.

About Pigeon:
Pigeon uses superior research and development innovation to support the healthy growth of babies and the happiness of mothers and families. Pigeon has worked tirelessly for over half a century to produce mother and baby care products that are easy and comfortable to use.

Q&A: The magical journey of motherhood


Every mum has a story to tell, whether young, old, experienced or brand new. We asked three different moms — a new mom, an experienced mom, and a stepmom — to give us some insight into their journey this Mother’s Day.

Participants include: Sarah Stevener, new mother to her four-month-old son; Jerriann Calenzo, mother of three children and one grandchild; and Lindsey Mandia, mother-in-law of 12 years and mother of hers for seven.

What three skills were essential to your motherhood?

Sarah, new mom: Patience, communication and time management have been a big part of my daily life over the past three months. Patience with myself and my little boy, open communication with my husband and managing my time throughout the day to focus on me and my baby.

Experienced Mom, Jerriann: Three skills that were essential in motherhood for me were: patience and understanding, being able to multi-task in regards to school, extracurricular activities, etc., and raising my children to be close to God. .

Mother-in-law, Lindsey: Patience, empathy, organization.

When it comes to being a mother, what are you most proud of so far?

Sarah: I am very proud to have got through the difficult days with little or no sleep! As they all say, sleep will come, and it begins slowly but surely.

Jerriann: I’m very proud of my children’s accomplishments and know that I raised them with values ​​and that they push themselves to be their best.

Lindsey: I’m proud of the children I see growing up before my eyes. We may have tough days, but this is my world and we will get through them together.

What advice do you have for moms-to-be?

Sarah: Soak up every moment and be present. It’s easy to get distracted and think about all the things we could be doing at some point. But your baby needs your attention the most, and that’s the only priority!

Jerriann: The advice to mothers-to-be is that once you become a mom, your life now revolves around your children. I have always believed that family comes first and that the lasting bond you will have with them is forever.

Lindsey: The days are long, but the years are short. Try to enjoy every minute of your time with your children. It’s so easy to get caught up in chores and life, but don’t let the days pass without spending time together. They will even remember the little things and those special moments will have such a positive impact on their life and yours!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Farm throws a shower for newborns | News, Sports, Jobs


Staff Photo / Bob Coupland Max Holland of Salem, left, cuddles a baby goat on the lap of John James of Beloit during the Baby Animal Shower on Saturday at Mill Creek MetroParks Farm in Canfield. Young and old could see, pet and feed the baby animals.

CANFIELD – It was a special day Saturday at Mill Creek MetroParks Farm as the public got to see some baby animals born this spring.

In recent years, this popular family event has attracted up to 5,000 visitors who have been able to see, feed and pet everything from baby pigs, goats, horses, rabbits and peacocks.

Lynn Zocolo, a 20-year-old educator at the farm, said the annual “baby shower” has been held in the spring since 1992 with a few years missed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are open again and have a variety of wonderful baby animals for the enjoyment of our visitors. This is a free event for families. It makes your heart smile when you see the baby animals,” she said.

New this year are tractor and wagon rides around the property and also feeding the animals a small “baby snack” ice cream cone filled with cereal for $1.

Zocolo said most babies are born from mid-April to May.

She said the children love to see the foal, calves, alpacas, pygmy goats and peacocks.

4-H students and Canfield Junior Fair members helped out with the event.

Zocolo said the farm, located opposite the Canfield exhibition grounds, is open seven days a week all summer for visitors. Also twice a month in the summer there will be 45 minute tractor and wagon rides around the property and to see the century old barn off Leffingwell Road as well as stables for poultry and horses.

“It’s been a few years since 4,000 to 5,000 people stop for a four-hour period,” Zocolo said.

Austintown’s Olivia Griffith said her son, Zackary, 1, loves animals, especially horses and cows.

“He’s so excited to see the animals, I used to come here when I was little when they had the baby shower. It’s his first time coming here. The whole family is here,” she said. declared.

Griffith said Zackary’s second birthday will have a barnyard theme.

Frank Lanterman of Austintown, Zackary’s grandfather, said: “This is a great event. Children see animals on television and do not interact with them. This allows them to interact with the animals and see them up close.

Boardman’s Tug and Suzie Sanner brought their twin sons, Beau and Keegan, 2, to the event.

“It’s the first time we’ve all been here. We want to feed the baby animals,” Suzie Sanner said.

Beau said his favorite animal was piglets.

Canfield’s Karen Hartman had her two children, Bronson, 6, and Kaelyn, 4, at the event.

“We wanted to stop by today and see all the baby animals,” she said, noting that her kids love the little pygmy goats.

Jamie Yohman, director of community engagement for Mill Creek MetroParks, said the event is popular every year.

“Baby animals are always a big draw. People love to see them. Tractor and wagon rides are new. We educate people about the history of the farm, the crops and the animals,” she said.

There were long lines of people waiting to get on the wagon.

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Gerber Baby Isa: the company unveils its new “spokesperson”


Gerber has revealed the winner of its 12th annual photo search and the next Gerber spokesperson for 2022.

Little Isa Slish from Oklahoma won the award for her infectious smile.

Baby Isa will serve on Gerber’s Executive Committee as Honorary Chief Growth Officer (CGO).

Part of her role will be working with Gerber to test baby food products before they hit the market.

She will also give “advice” to Gerber leaders on what the next generation of babies need for the future.

But Slish was a special baby even before she was selected as the 2022 Gerber baby.

“We found out when I was 18 weeks pregnant that Isa would have been born without a femur or fibula in her right leg,” said Meredith Slish, Isa’s mother. “We hope Isa’s story can raise awareness of the differences between the members and create greater inclusion for kids like her. Because, just like Isa, they too can be or do whatever they want!

Gerber will also match the $25,000 cash prize awarded to Slish’s family with a donation to March of Dimes. The money will support their child and maternal health programs.

Slish also received free Gerber products for up to a year, $1,000 for a wardrobe provided by Gerber Childrenswear, the opportunity to be featured on all Gerber social media and marketing campaigns for a year, and a $1,000 gift card to ezpz to purchase utensils and dishes.

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Toddler uses Spiderman toy fishing rod and ends up catching huge rainbow trout


A three-year-old named Zach took the city and social media by storm with his huge catch of rainbow trout in May 2018 at Jamaica Pond in Boston, Massachusetts. And the most interesting part of this experiment is that he did it with a blue and red rod from Spiderman!

The Governor of Massachusetts and the State, along with Massachusetts Wildlife, work together to supply different regions with different types of trout – rainbow, brook, brown and tiger – for everyone’s enjoyment (regardless of age ). This helps to endorse outdoor sport as well as foster community and family bonds. And more precisely at that time, the Jamaica pond was populated with about 1,000 trout.

READ MORE: Country songs about fishing that can prepare anglers for a day on the water

And to celebrate Zach’s catch, the official Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game Twitter account tweeted a photo of him with a big smile standing next to his trout, which was almost bigger than him! Well, Zach wasn’t the first little kid to wrap a grip on a toy cane or a Spiderman cane at that point. (Spidey is definitely a favorite kid)but he’s definitely caught the biggest…so far.

READ MORE: Don’t end up ‘fishing alone’: ‘Just fishing’ with your dad now means more than just ‘catching a fish’

Outdoor trout fishing is definitely a great activity for kids and the whole family. If you want to try it, you can head over to here to check the trout stocking report and see what’s in your nearest pond.

Grieving mother Erika Richter speaks out after Congress passes ban on slant rails and crib bumpers

Infant slant sleepers and crib bumper cushions will be prohibited from being sold under law passed Wednesday by Congress.

The bill, known as the Safe Sleep for Babies Act, will now go to the White House for President Joe Biden to sign.

Among advocates calling on Biden to quickly sign the legislation is Erika Richter, whose 2-week-old daughter, Emma, ​​died while using a Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play sleeper, a type of incline sleeper believed to be prohibited under the new legislation.

“To get this bill passed is a huge win, and the fact that it has bipartisan support only underscores that this change was long overdue and undeniably needed,” said Richter, of Portland, Oregon.hello america.” “There are 4.7 million of these products sold.”

Erika Richter, of Portland, Oregon, holds her newborn daughter Emma in 2018. (Erika Richter)

Richter has been a strong advocate for change since the death of Emma, ​​his only child, in August 2018.

In 2020, Richter filed a lawsuit against Fisher-Price for wrongful death and gross negligence. The case is pending in Los Angeles County Superior Court and Richter declined to provide details about the cause of her daughter’s death due to the litigation.

In its response to the lawsuit, Fisher-Price denied all allegations and specifically denied “that by reason of any act or omission on their part, their agents, or independent contractors, the plaintiffs were harmed or damaged in any way.”

WATCH: How the CPSC hopes to phase out dangerous baby sleep products

It wasn’t until after Emma’s death that Richter said he heard of other infant deaths associated with Rock ‘n Play sleepers, who were recalled in 2019 by the Consumer Product and Safety Commission (SCPC) after being linked to more than 30 deaths.

“I thought, ‘If I had known sooner,'” Richter said. had Emma.”

Erika Richter’s daughter Emma died in a Rock ‘n Play sleeper in August 2018. (Erika Richter)

Last June, Richter shared his story publicly for the first time at a congressional hearing who followed a report of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. The report found that Fisher-Price had ignored repeated warnings that its Rock ‘n Play sleeper was dangerous before the the device has been recalled.

The report found that more than 50 infant deaths were related to the sleeper, which puts infants at a 30-degree recline.

The cause of death for some of the babies was asphyxia, or the inability to breathe, due to the child’s position, according to the report.

“We trusted a known brand, and we were wrong,” Richter said in her testimony, holding up baby clothes as a reminder of what she left behind to remember her daughter.

When Richter first shared his story publicly last June, a spokesperson for Mattel, the parent company of Fisher-Price, told ABC News in a statement that “there is nothing more important for the company that the safety of its products and that its “heart goes out to all the families who have suffered a loss.”

“The Rock ‘n Play Sleeper was designed and developed following extensive research, medical advice, safety analysis and over a year of testing and review,” a spokesperson said, adding that independent medical analysis and other experts have verified that the sleeper is safe when used in accordance with its instructions and warnings. “It met or exceeded all applicable regulatory standards. As recently as 2017, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) proposed adopting the voluntary ASTM standard for a 30-degree angled crosshead as a federal law.”

A Mattel spokesperson confirmed to ABC News on Thursday that the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is no longer on the market, noting that it “was sold from its introduction in 2009 until its voluntary recall in April 2019.” .

CPSC Guidelines and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) say caregivers should always place infants to sleep on their backs on a firm, level surface and should never add “blankets, pillows, padded bumpers or other items to the sleeping environment. infant sleep”.

Erika Richter’s daughter Emma was just 2 weeks old when she died in 2018. (Erika Richter)

Additionally, caregivers should not use infant sleep products with seat backs that are reclined more than 10 degrees, and should not use infant car seats, bouncers, and other products that are reclined for sleeping , in accordance with the guidelines.

About 3,400 babies in the United States die every year in their sleep, in sudden and unexpected deaths, according to the AAPwho released a statement on Wednesday applauding the passage of the Safe Sleep for Babies Act.

“The message from pediatricians has long been clear: the safest sleep environment for babies is a firm, flat, bare surface,” AAP President Dr. Moira Szilagyi said in a statement. “Despite what science shows, crib bumpers and slant rails have remained on the market and store shelves, misleading parents into thinking they are safe and resulting in dozens of deaths. preventable infants.”

Experts say that padded crib bumperswhich are also prohibited by the new legislation, pose a particular potential hazard as infants may turn their face into the bumper padding, increasing the risk of choking, may become trapped under or around the bumper, or may become entangled in bumper clips, increasing the risk of strangulation.

Erika Richter, of Portland, Oregon, became a consumer product safety advocate after the death of her baby daughter in 2018. (Erika Richter)

Even when federal crib standards changed in 2011, mandating a smaller distance between crib slats so babies don’t get their heads caught between them, crib bumpers child – which had presumably reduced this risk – became useless, but they remained on the market, despite the safety risk, according to Dr. Ben Hoffmanprofessor of pediatrics at Oregon Health & Science University and chair of the AAP Council on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention.

“There is an assumption that [products] are safe until proven to be unsafe, contrary to what I think the public believe is that if something is sold it is safe,” Hoffmann told ABC News last year.

Richter said she, too, has learned from her advocacy work since Emma’s death that parents need to be careful consumers when it comes to the products they use with their children.

“I learned that we have a long way to go when it comes to consumer protection and that traditional brands are not synonymous with trust,” she said. “People are dying because they assume that brands themselves do their due diligence, and you can’t put that kind of control in the hands of a profit maker or a profit owner.

Richter said she plans to continue pushing for more consumer controls, including calling on Congress to repeal a provision, 6B, of the Consumer Product Safety Act that she says allows companies to “self-regulate” in product safety.

Richter said she also plans to continue speaking out to raise awareness and ensure banned infant sleep products don’t end up in the hands of other mothers.

“I’m still a mom. I’m still Emma’s mom. I still have that responsibility, and I still think like a mom and I still want to protect other moms and other kids,” she said. . “It’s so important to me.”

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DON’T MISS: Wild West Extravaganza, one of many upcoming events



Wild West extravaganza

The annual Pahrump Festival, established two decades ago, is held this year at Petrack Park. The Wild West Extravaganza will celebrate and re-enact rural western features of our history and culture including Pony Express, gunfights, prison escapes, shotgun weddings, animals, saloons, locomotives and dependencies. Explore the western history and culture of the settlers and people of the Pahrump area and surrounding areas. The full weekend includes melodrama performances, vendors, historical information, food, games, music. FREE ENTRANCE. Call Janice at 775-209-5853 for more information.


Jazz and funky rock rhythms

Popular Las Vegas musicians Breck & Dave visit our very own Bounty Hunter Saloon for an instrumental evening of electric drums and bass. Daryl Keppner, bassist of the now defunct band Incognito, describes them as “top-notch performers”. Not really loud, but super absorbent. The show starts at 7 p.m. No cover. 680 East St. at Second St. 775-513-3370.


Comedy Club at 5280 Mexican Grub & Pub

Hosted by Comedy Central’s “Stoner Rob,” laugh along with a succession of quality comedians live every Friday. Sat down at 8pm in time to order food while the kitchen is still open. The show starts at 9 p.m. with a fabulous after-party. To finish! Pahrump has a Comedy Club, courtesy of Sonny at 5280 Mexican Grub & Pub. No coverage, but reservations recommended. 2450 W. Mesquite, 702-379-8926.


Open Jam Session at the Bounty Hunter

Come jam for this receptive audience. All musicians and instruments are welcome. 2-6 p.m. 680 East St. at Second St. 775-513-3370.


50s Sock Hop at VFW Hall

The public is invited to an evening of music and dancing at VFW Local 10054. The dinner menu from 5 p.m. includes a Salisbury steak for $9. DJ starts spinning the oldies at 7 p.m. Jell-O games and shots. 4651 Homestead Road. 775-727-6072.


Last Fish Fry of the season

Dine in or take away. Fried fish, baked fish, fish tacos, clam chowder – and of course, lots of fries and coleslaw! Our Lady of the Valley welcomes everyone to the community of Pahrump. You will see lots of neighbors there. 4-7 p.m. in the parish hall. 781 E. Gamebird Road.


Monster Truck Insanity Tour at McCullough Arena

See and hear the invasion of monster trucks tricking and dragging the tailgate, roaring at high speeds over challenging ramps and mountains of dirt, in wild, high-flying freestyle at McCullough Arena. The Monster Truck Insanity Tour brings five of America’s best modified monster trucks and racers to Pahrump to compete for championship status. There will also be a Pro-Mini Monster Mafia demonstration of 1/4 scale trucks, and an opportunity for spectators to participate in the Obsessed Monster Ride Truck experience (no age or height limits for drivers; a small supplement applies). Please note: Tough Truck & UTV races are designed for competitive Pahrump and Nye County residents to compete in the arena for cash prizes during a portion of the show. Registration for the Tough Truck & UTV Contest runs from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. each show night. Complete event information is available online at www.nevadamonstertrucks.com. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. The Pit Party runs from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., where spectators can see the monster trucks up close and meet the drivers. Shows begin at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and will last approximately two hours. VIP tickets are sold out for both nights. Adult tickets (13 and older) are $25; children ages 3-12 gain admission for $16.50. All seats except VIP are general admission. Tickets can be purchased on site in cash or by credit card. Call 775-727-5107 for more information.


Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament

The inaugural Pahrump Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament will be held Friday and Saturday, May 6-7 at Mountain Falls Golf Course. It’s open to the public. For more information, go to www.pahrumpchamber.com or call Mountain Falls at 775-537-6553.


Pahrump Farmer’s Market

Fresh products and artisanal products. Find your spring tomato plants, locally grown seasonal produce, microgreens, honey, eggs, baked goods, jams, jellies, arts and crafts. PVTimes Favorite: Shelly Belly NY Bagels. Conducted in the Tractor Supply parking lot at 900 NV-372 from 8:30 a.m. to noon.


Former Lettermen musician back by popular demand

Mark Preston will perform in concert at Sanders Family Winery this weekend. Mark’s show combines nearly every type of music, from pop to Broadway to country, along with plenty of humor. From “My Way” to “Friends in Low Places”, Mark presents his songs with a showmanship and ease rarely seen on stage. Phyllis Diller once said, “He has one of the loudest, most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. He sings, acts, emotes, looks good…everything. Jack Sanders invites you to bring a picnic to his Sanders family winery, sip a bottle of wine from the Pahrump Orchard, available for sale before the show, and enjoy the stars above the sky as Preston’s voice fills the night. Food truck also on site before the show. Seating begins at 6 p.m. The show begins at dusk. Tickets are $25 per person and you can call 775-727-1776 now to reserve your table. 3780 E. Kellogg Road.


Danny Estocado, the Hawaiian cowboy from Maui

Special engagement at the Mexican Grub & Pub. Arrive wearing a lei and receive your first domestic or complimentary drink. 2450 W. Mesquite, 702-379-8926.


Kickball at Simkins Park

Do you remember that classic game you played during recess and gym class? Kickball is easy to learn, easy to set up, and fun to play; making it one of the most popular recreational sports in the country. It plays like a baseball game with a few key changes. With a bigger, softer and more bouncy ball than most other sports, kickball is easy and safe for everyone to pick up. The object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team. All ages and skill levels are welcome. The rules are reviewed at the start of each game to make everyone feel more comfortable. Your hosts, Meagan and Sam Landa, are super flexible to work with! Moms, dads, kids, all adults – bring it on! Every Saturday at 5 p.m. at 450 E. Simkins Road.


Kentucky Derby Tour at the Nugget

Broadcast live from Churchill Downs, watch “The Best 2 Minutes in Sport” this Saturday from 3 p.m. The William Hill Sports Book in the Pahrump Nugget will focus on the 20 great horses that made it to the Kentucky Derby. Publication time is 3:57 p.m. local time. 681 NV-160. 775-751-6500.


Pahrump’s response to Bonnie Springs

Do you miss Bonnie Springs? The same goes for Nature Health Farms in Pahrump. Petting zoo, antiques and more are now open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Visit the acreage and get up close to piglets, a burro and alpacas. Find out what a typical day looks like on the farm where many animals roam freely. Pet and feed the alpaca, mini horse, donkey, pigs, piglets, goats, ducks, geese, chickens, peacocks, rabbits and more. But don’t get too close to the ostrich, LOL. There are also antiques, cool cars, antiques and artwork all around the farm with plenty to do and see for the whole family. Adults $15, children 3 to 11 $10, seniors 65 and over $10. For $5 more, Alex will prepare a generous bucket of sweet hay, cereal, and freshly grated carrots to help you make some really good friends with these animals. “They know Sunday is treat day.” 351 Bunarch Road, 775-764-9880.


Cocktails and Canvas

On Saturday, May 14, at the Pahrump Senior Center, join Cocktails and Canvas to paint a picture of an Old World window box filled with geraniums. Painters will have fun sponge painting and stenciling lace for this project.

The cost is $25, which includes all supplies and instructions. Bring your favorite drink. The fun starts at 1 p.m. Call, text or message Laurie at 775-209-6200 to reserve your spot.


Comedy Bash hosted by the Kiwanis Club at the basement

Five comedians for $25, with proceeds benefiting Pahrump Valley Kiwanis. Headliner Dwayne Perkins performs his hysterical show at the Winery Outdoor Theater next Saturday at 7 p.m. Four additional local comedians are booked, including Shelly Fisher and Mike Shank. Snack from the light buffet on site before the show for an additional $15 (not included in the price of the ticket). Cash bar available. Buy your $25 tickets in advance at GIUSA next to Albertsons to secure your general admission seat, or buy tickets at the door. 3810, vineyard road. 775-751-7800.


Nathan Adelson’s Butterfly Exit

The annual Butterfly Release, hosted by Nathan Adelson Hospice as a celebration of life, will take place at Calvada Eye at 2 p.m. Those who have lost loved ones will have the opportunity to celebrate their memories and honor them at this event. It’s open to the public. The release of the butterfly was inspired by a Native American legend where the butterfly takes its wishes to heaven to be granted. For more information, call Nathan Adelson at 775-751-6700.


Community baby shower

Pahrump Family Collective is hosting a Baby Shower event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the NyE Communities Coalition at the NAC Building, 1020 E. Wilson Road.

Free car seats and car seat inspections, door prizes, food and games. Consignment and locally made baby products. Free clothing sizes for babies and children, ages 5+, and additional free family resources.

For more information, contact Pahrump Family Collective at 702-670-0790. NyE Community Coalition, NAC Building, 1020 E. Wilson Road.


“New York, New York?” “Two black Cadillacs?” The theme song to “Mr. Ed?” Bring it on!

MON, from 7 p.m.: Double Trouble Karaoke at Rhinestones, 1700 Pahrump Valley Blvd., in the parking lot in front of Terrible’s Casino. 775-302-9653.

THU, from 6:30 p.m.: Who’s Dunes, 900 NV-372. 775-253-1433.

FRI/SAT, 8 p.m. – midnight: Tatuado Wild Side by Vince Neil, 2101 E. Gamebird. 775-537-2499.

FRI/SAT, from 7 p.m.: Bounty Hunter Saloon, 680 East St. 775-513-3010.

FRI/SAT, from 8 p.m.: Coyote’s Den, 3971 E. Kellogg Rd. 775-727-5233.

FRI, from 8 p.m.: The Bearded Lady Saloon, 1330 5th Street. 775-764-9377.

1st FRI of each month at 7 p.m.: Hideaway Bar, 4760 S. Pahrump Valley Blvd., Ste. #13. 775-751-1425.

Email your calendar events to [email protected]

Pro-life activists offer $25,000 for information on DC Abortion Doctor | National Catholic Registry


Pro-life groups have long expressed concerns about Santangelo, an OBGYN and abortionist in the District of Columbia.

WASHINGTON — Pro-life activists on Wednesday offered a $25,000 reward to anyone who provides information about illegal activities of Washington, DC abortionist Dr. Cesare Santangelo.

The offer comes a month after activists associated with the anti-abortion group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) claimed to have discovered the remains of 115 aborted babies outside the facility operated by Santangelo.

Five of the babies, who appear to be in late gestation, were located by the Metropolitan Police Department on March 30. PAAU says he arranged for DC police to pick up and examine the babies, fearing the babies’ injuries would be evidence. illegal abortions.

More than a dozen PAAU activists gathered outside the Washington Surgi-Clinic in Santangelo to announce the award on May 4. They called for a full investigation of the remains – and of Santangelo.

Abortion rights supporters clash with PAAU activists outside the Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington, DC on May 4, 2022. Katie Yoder/CNA

“He is a mass murderer and he must be held to account,” PAAU founder Teresa Bukovinac said at the rally. “It is absolutely essential that a whistleblower who works in his clinic today or who has worked in his clinic before, comes forward to stand up for these children.”

“It’s the Gosnell of DC,” she added, referring to Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murdering three babies born alive in 2013.

Pro-life groups have long expressed concerns about Santangelo, an OBGYN and abortionist in the District of Columbia. In 2013, pro-life group Live Action released a secret video checked in in which Santangelo says he would allow a child who survived an attempted abortion to die if the child was born during the procedure.

At the rally, Bukovinac and other activists, such as Randall Terry, who served as a PAAU spokesperson, attempted to deliver a letter to clinic workers. A slew of reporters and police followed them inside the office building where the abortion clinic is located.

Terry slipped a notice of the reward under the locked door of the Washington Surgi-Clinic.

“We are offering $25,000 to any Cesare Santangelo staff member who testifies under oath about the crimes he has committed,” the letter reads. It details two examples of reportable activity: “examples of babies being killed after live birth or partial abortions” and “examples of medical waste company fraud.”

“If you have witnessed, participated in, or been a victim of illegal activities taking place at the Washington Surgi-Center, you may be eligible for a $25,000 reward,” the letter reads. “The truth always comes out and you can be part of it.”

Bukovinac and fellow PAAU member Lauren Handy first told reporters on April 5 that they got the 115 aborted babies from a driver at a medical waste company outside Washington Surgi- Clinic, with the intention of giving unborn children a dignified funeral and burial.

The medical waste company, Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, denies the interaction took place. In a statement, the company, which operates a medical waste incinerator in Baltimore, also said its policy does not allow for the disposal of fetal remains.

While DC police previously said all five babies were aborted according to DC law, pro-life leaders fear the abortions may have violated federal law against killing babies outside the womb.

Since the discovery of the five babies’ remains, lawmakers have sent several letters and pro-life groups have held rallies calling for a full investigation and autopsies of the babies’ bodies.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser gave no indication the city intended to autopsy the remains. Instead of addressing concerns about the abortionist, she suggested that Handy may have violated federal law.

Handy, along with eight others, was charged on March 30 for an incident unrelated to the discovery of the babies. The Justice Department has charged her and eight others with conspiring to violate rights and violating the Clinic Entrances Freedom of Access Act after a protest they staged in Washington. Surgi-Clinic in 2020. Handy pleaded not guilty.

Handy was not present at Wednesday’s rally due to her federal case, Bukovinac said.

During the event, pro-life activists took turns speaking at a podium and holding images of the five, as a crowd gathered to watch. A few young women, some of whom identified themselves as students from George Washington University, attempted to interfere with the event.

At one point, some shouted, “Abortion is health,” to which UPAU members shouted, “Abortion is murder!”

Towards the end, pro-abortion supporters tried to erase the chalk messages that pro-life activists left on the sidewalk with water, and by rubbing them with their shoes.

Bukovinac said she wants pro-lifers to participate in “non-violent direct action” to fight abortion.

“Yes, it’s scary. Yes, there are risks. Your life changes because of it. But these babies are being killed,” she told CNA. “And if we say we want justice for them, then we have to be prepared to come out and actively put our bodies between the oppressor and the oppressed. And the oppressor is Cesare Santangelo.

She concluded: “We need a gathering of life defenders here every day until Santangelo is held accountable.”

CNA contacted the Washington Surgi-Clinic several times for comment and received no response.

Police and toy store hope recent theft will serve as a lesson in learning for the community


FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – It was the giraffe that made headlines last week after three juveniles were filmed walking into a Fargo toy store and running around with the stuffed animal 8 feet tall named Gary.

All three suspects have since been remanded to juvenile court for theft, as Gary is valued at over $1,000.

“Gary was such a valuable element, not just financially, but in the spirit of the store. He meant a lot,” said Legacy Toys store manager KaSara Osborne.

Fargo police said recently that officers have seen an increase in aggressive behavior when dealing with minors, both physically and verbally.

“The kids are really struggling to deal with the complexities of their lives and they’re frustrated and angry and don’t know how to act,” Fargo Police Sgt. said Cristie Jacobsen.

Jacobsen says that with social media and the various challenges online, it’s not a good mix.

“Children are impulsive and make bad choices, but now they routinely film those choices. It’s really a trend where kids want to be competitive, so when these challenges come up, kids get interested in it but don’t really process ‘is this a good decision to make?’ said Jacobsen.

Osborne says that while she knows there’s a current trend on TikTok that mimics the robbery that happened at her store, she doesn’t know if that’s what led to the three kids running off with them. Gary.

“You see things like this happen and you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s never going to happen in my store,'” she said.

Osborne and Jacobsen say they hope this case inspires parents across the Valley to tell your kids about the devastating consequences a seemingly innocent prank can have and not fall under peer pressure.

“Repeat your kids to stop and think, ‘Is this a good choice?'” Jacobsen said.

“Something I talked to my son about was not always following the crowd. You can make smart decisions and know better, and if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it,” Osborne said.

Osborne adds that while the incident hasn’t changed her thinking about customers, it has changed the way she runs the store. She says an employee now always mans the storefront during peak hours.

“Having to look at people and constantly ask yourself, ‘How are you going to behave? Is something going to happen? It’s just a little out of control at the moment,” she said.

Osborne says she and the store forgive the three children, but says that to move on and find closure for Gary, the community must also find forgiveness.

“They’re not bad kids because they made bad decisions,” Osborne said.

She also says that unfortunately Gary’s return is not likely after his three-day jaunt through town, but says someone close to her may take his place in the future.

The FPD says the department is developing a new juvenile diversion program set to launch this fall to help children who run into a bump in the road.

“They would go through an educational program hosted, trained and taught by law enforcement officers here at the Fargo Police Department. It’s twofold, it’s to educate, but it’s also to build relationships and build trust,” Jacobsen said.

Jacobsen said the program would focus on those charged with lower level crimes like disrupting a classroom, disorderly conduct, theft and criminal mischief.

“We just want to help them get through these minor mistakes without causing additional anxiety or frustration,” she said.

Further information on the three minors involved in the Legacy Toys case is not available.

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Young eco-friendly baby care brand gets Asda listing


Pura has secured a listing at Asda for its line of plastic-free wipes and sustainable nappies and pants. They roll into up to 445 stores nationwide and online.

The move comes just weeks after the eco-friendly babycare brand received £4.25million in a funding round led by private equity firm Maven Capital Partners.

Founded by parents Guy and Abi Fennell, Pura offers a range of “affordable but high-quality” eco-friendly products via an online monthly subscription service.

Since its launch in 2020, the Cheshire-based company has experienced strong growth driven by the quality of its products and its environmental credentials. In addition to being plastic-free, Pura herbal wipes are biodegradable and compostable. The brand’s low-impact nappies are meant to offer a more eco-friendly alternative to standard nappies, without compromising on performance.

Winning the contract with Asda represents the first step in Pura’s strategy to expand into the supermarket business since Maven’s investment.

CEO Guy Fennell said: “This is an exciting time for Pura. We are truly delighted to launch our award-winning eco-friendly range at Asda, one of the country’s most popular and trusted retailers.

“With Asda’s commitment to values ​​such as sustainability, community and waste reduction, we felt Asda was the perfect fit. Pura’s availability in Asda makes the brand even more accessible and empowers many more parents to make the small changes that collectively will have a big impact on the future of our planet.

An Asda spokesperson commented: “We are proud to offer our customers options that allow them to make more environmentally friendly choices, so we were delighted to be the first UK supermarket to list the Pura range in store. Pura’s eco-friendly baby care is a great fit for Asda shoppers looking for simple ways to live more sustainably and we can’t wait to see their reaction to the products.

After years of heated debate, Tories quietly part ways with The United Methodist Church

Logos of the World Methodist Church, left, and The United Methodist Church, right. Courtesy images

(RNS) – It was a “very special Sunday,” Reverend JJ Mannschreck told his congregation during the traditional service streamed online from Flushing United Methodist Church in Flushing, Michigan.

The congregation shared pray demands and celebrated what the pastor called “the victories of God” – namely the church’s community garden, which its young people planned to prepare for spring later in the day.

United Women of Faith of Flushing held a baby shower between services for Mannschreck’s fourth and youngest son, Asher.

And – what made it special – a member of the church’s preaching team gave his first sermon, on Moses and forgiveness, as part of the current series of sermons called “There and Back”, a reference to JRR Tolkien’s classic novel “The Hobbit”. ”

What no one mentioned was that Sunday (May 1) was also the launch of the Methodist World Church, a new theologically conservative denomination that split from the United Methodist Church that Mannschreck plans to join.

After decades of spiteful debates over LGBTQ United Methodist ordination and marriage, a special General Conference session of The United Methodist Church, and three postponements of a vote to officially split the denomination, the schism has finally come.” without fanfare, but full of hope, faith and perseverance.

That’s how the Reverend Keith Boyette, president of the World Methodist Church’s Transitional Leadership Council, described the launch of the new denomination in a statement posted days earlier on his website.

RELATED: Vote postponed again, some United Methodists say they have quit. Now what?

Sunday’s launch, Boyette told Religion News Service last week, “was most definitely driven by practicality and the fact that postponing General Conference caused many to say they were tired of waiting and tired of the conflict not being addressed and resolved by The United Methodist Church.

Delegates have debated issues of sexuality at every quadrennial General Conference meeting of The United Methodist Church since 1972, when language was first added to the denomination’s Book of Discipline saying that “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching”.

BIOMILQ creates “breast milk” for babies in a lab

Enter: BIOMILQ. The North Carolina-based startup is working to create “human milk” outside of the body.
The idea first came to co-founder and chief scientific officer Leila Strickland in 2013, after hearing about the world’s first lab-grown burger. A cell biologist by training, Strickland wondered if similar technology could be used to grow human milk-producing cells, she told CNN Business.

Strickland had struggled to produce enough breast milk for her first child. “A lot of women struggle with this,” she says.

Globally, only one in three babies gets as much breast milk in their first six months as experts recommend, according to the World Health Organization. Instead, many parents rely on formula. The formula industry was worth more than $52 billion in 2021, according to market research provider Euromonitor International.

Often made from powdered cow’s milk, formula is “capable of meeting a large portion of nutritional needs,” says Strickland, but it cannot replicate “the complexity of breast milk.” Strickland says BIOMILQ’s product, by comparison, matches the nutritional profile of breast milk better than formula, with more similar proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

The BIOMILQ team creates its product from cells taken from human breast tissue and milk, donated by women in the local community, who in return receive a Target gift card. BIOMILQ grows cells in flasks, feeds them nutrients, then incubates them in a bioreactor that mimics the environment of a breast. Here the cells absorb more nutrients and secrete milk components.

BIOMILQ still has three to five years before bringing a product to market, Strickland says. First, the startup needs to develop breast cells on a much larger scale — and at a lower cost. BIOMILQ must also convince regulators that the product is safe for babies, a particularly difficult task for a new food category like lab-grown breastmilk products.

“There really isn’t a regulatory framework that exists,” Strickland says.

No magic formula

Even if BIOMILQ goes this far, breast milk that comes from a bioreactor won’t have exactly the same health benefits as milk that comes from a breast, according to Natalie Shenker, a fellow at Imperial College London and co-founder of the Human Milk Foundation, which helps provide donor milk to families in need.

Fatty acids, which aid in brain development and growth, and hormones such as cortisol, which help develop the baby’s sleep cycle, come from the mother’s blood, Shenker says.

Not all components of breast milk can be replicated in a bioreactor, experts say.

Lactation consultant Courtney Miller, who supports breastfeeding mothers, agrees that cell culture milk is not a “breastmilk replacement”. But she thinks it could offer parents “another choice”, especially when it comes to adoption or surrogacy.

“Formula milk is their only option right now, unless they’re able to donate breast milk,” Miller says. Access to donor milk can be difficult. In the United States, feeding a newborn with breast milk from a milk bank can cost up to $100 a day. Finding a donor online is often cheaper, but can pose security issues.

Miller also believes BIOMILQ can further the scientific study of breast milk. She donated a few ounces of her own milk to the startup, in hopes her research could lead to new breakthroughs in infant nutrition.

A growing industry

BIOMILQ isn’t the only company hoping to create a new type of baby milk. Singapore- and US-based Turtle Tree cultivates stem cells to create milk components from a range of mammals, including humans, while New York-based Helaina uses microbial fermentation to develop proteins found in breast milk.
How lab-grown sushi could help fight overfishing
By taking dairy farming out of the equation, BIOMILQ says its product could make feeding babies more environmentally sustainable. The production of one kilogram of packaged formula creates between seven and 11 kilograms of carbon dioxide, according to an estimate. BIOMILQ always conducts studies on its own carbon footprint.
The promise of a greener alternative to the formula has attracted investment from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Along with other investors, the climate-focused fund helped BIOMILQ raise $21 million in October 2021. With this funding, Strickland says BIOMILQ is focused on expanding and producing more milk. “We now consider ourselves in our second trimester,” she says.

— Rachel Crane contributed to this article.

Children’s replicas of Russian army Z-marked vehicles hit stores


Toy replicas of Russian military vehicles emblazoned with the now infamous ‘Z’ logo, synonymous with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, have gone on sale in Russia.

The EONK online store, headquartered in Moscow, sells a range of small plastic toys including military trucks, multiple rocket launcher systems, tank trucks, missile launchers and personnel carriers .

Prices range from 602 to 817 rubles, which equates to around £6.12 to £9.25.

Their sale is part of a nationwide campaign to drum up young people’s support for Russia’s war effort, which has seen sick children dragged from hospitals to appear as a Z and young gymnasts displaying the symbol on their shirts.

First appearing on tanks and armored vehicles on the battlefield, the letter Z has since been adopted for propaganda purposes by Putin’s regime and now seems ubiquitous in Russian media as well as on the front lines. .

Toy replicas of Russian military vehicles emblazoned with the now infamous ‘Z’ logo, synonymous with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, have gone on sale in Russia

The EONK online store, headquartered in Moscow, sells a range of small plastic toys including military trucks, multiple rocket launcher systems, tank trucks, missile launchers and personnel carriers .

The EONK online store, headquartered in Moscow, sells a range of small plastic toys including military trucks, multiple rocket launcher systems, tank trucks, missile launchers and personnel carriers .

Prices range from 602 rubles to 817 rubles for a multiple rocket launcher system toy (equivalent to around £6.12 - £9.25)

Prices range from 602 rubles to 817 rubles for a multiple rocket launcher system toy (equivalent to around £6.12 – £9.25)

A Russian army truck carrying an armored vehicle approaches the Perekop checkpoint on the Ukrainian border on the first day of the invasion, February 24

A Russian army truck carrying an armored vehicle approaches the Perekop checkpoint on the Ukrainian border on the first day of the invasion, February 24

Servicemen of pro-Russian troops in uniform without insignia are seen atop a tank with the letter

Servicemen of pro-Russian troops in uniform without insignia are seen atop a tank with the letter ‘Z’ painted on its sides in the separatist-controlled settlement of Buhas (Bugas), as the invasion of Ukraine by Russia continues, Donetsk region, Ukraine March 1, 2022

Pro-Putin celebrities began wearing Z badges, and young activists posted videos of themselves wearing Z-branded T-shirts, shouting, “For Russia! For Putin!

The Kremlin claimed that the letter Z stands for the phrase ‘za pobedu’ (for victory), while the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claims that it denotes units from the Eastern Military District of Russia and, if enclosed in a square, Crimean forces.

But Russia’s use of the symbol Z is confusing, given that the character itself does not exist in the Cyrillic alphabet of the Russian language.

The sound of the letter Z is denoted by the Cyrillic character ‘з’, leading commentators to question why the Latin Z was adopted by the Russian armed forces and Putin’s propaganda campaign in the first place.

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak, 20, (pictured) faces disciplinary action for sticking a Z on his kit during a medal ceremony at a World Cup in Qatar

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak, 20, (pictured) faces disciplinary action for sticking a Z on his kit during a medal ceremony at a World Cup in Qatar

First appearing on tanks and armored vehicles on the battlefield, the letter Z has since been adopted for propaganda purposes by Vladimir Putin's supporters at home.

First appearing on tanks and armored vehicles on the battlefield, the letter Z has since been adopted for propaganda purposes by Vladimir Putin’s supporters at home.

The symbol has also been cynically used by a cancer charity which runs a hospice for sick children in the Russian city of Kazan (pictured)

The symbol has also been cynically used by a cancer charity which runs a hospice for sick children in the Russian city of Kazan (pictured)

Some pro-Ukrainian commentators have compared Russia’s use of the Z sign to the Nazis’ use of the swastika during World War II.

Meanwhile, Israel today denounced Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s comments and demanded an apology after he suggested Adolf Hitler had Jewish roots.

Lavrov made the remark when challenged by an Italian TV channel over his claim that Russia is “denazifying” Ukraine, pointing out that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish.

“I think Hitler also had Jewish origins, so that doesn’t mean anything,” Lavrov said. “For a long time we have heard from the wise Jewish people that the greatest anti-Semites are the Jews themselves.”

Yair Lapid, Israel’s foreign minister, today called the remark ‘outrageous’ and said the Russian ambassador would be called in for a ‘tough talk’.

Zelensky himself said: “I have no words… No one has heard any denial or justification from Moscow. All we have from here is silence… This means that the Russian leadership has forgotten all the lessons of World War II.

“Or maybe they never learned those lessons.”

Lavrov made the remark after being challenged by Russia's claims that Ukraine is ruled by the Nazis, despite Zelensky (pictured) being Jewish

Lavrov made the remark after being challenged by Russia’s claims that Ukraine is ruled by the Nazis, despite Zelensky (pictured) being Jewish

Dani Dayan, president of Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial to the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust, said the Russian minister’s remarks were “an insult and a blow to the victims of true Nazism”.

Speaking on Kan radio, Dayan said Lavrov was spreading “an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory without any basis in fact”.

In 2018, a study by Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders and expert Hitler historian Marc Vermeeren collected saliva samples from more than three dozen living relatives of the Nazi dictator.

The parents’ DNA was tested to determine their major haplogroups – parts of chromosomes that geneticists can use to distinguish between different ancestries.

The study, which was reported by History.com, found that Hitler’s parents appeared to share a dominant haplogroup that is common to North Africans and two different groups of Jews.

P&G’s site in Hyderabad will become its largest factory in India


Procter & Gamble’s Hyderabad site is set to become the FMCG giant’s largest consumer care facility in India.

Spread over 170 acres in Kothur, on the outskirts of Hyderabad, it added a new state-of-the-art liquid detergent manufacturing unit on Monday.

This is P&G’s first liquid detergent manufacturing unit in India. The company has invested nearly Rs 200 crore in setting up this unit, which will bring the overall investment made by the company in the facility to Rs 1,700 crore over the past seven years.

The company currently operates 35% of the total territory. Telangana Industries Minister KT Rama Rao, who inaugurated the liquid detergent unit, asked the company to accelerate plans to utilize the entire campus and provide jobs for 6,000 to 10,000 people local.

“I have been told that this facility is on its way to becoming P&G’s largest consumer care facility in India. The day is not far away,” he said.

The P&G site is currently focused on producing fabric care brands Ariel and Tide, and baby care brand Pampers.

Madhusudan Gopalan, CEO of P&G Indian Subcontinent, said they strategically chose Hyderabad as the location to expand their operations as it offers an investor-friendly environment and top-notch facilities made possible by the government.

“Hyderabad plays a key role in P&G’s growth in the country. In addition to our facilities, we have established our state-of-the-art planning service center and a dedicated technology center in Hyderabad that integrates global innovation with local needs. bring the best of the world to our consumers in India,” he said.

KTR thanked P&G for its continued support of communities in Telangana during the pandemic and through its P&G Shiksha program. He noted that the company was supporting the state’s COVID relief measures by providing 200,000 masks and other materials.

On the sidelines of the event, Minister Rama Rao, Education Minister Sabitha Indira Reddy, Industries & Commerce Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and Madhusudan Gopalan inaugurated new classrooms and sports complex at Inmulnarva Zilla Parishad High School supported by P&G Shiksha.

Over the years, in Telangana, the company has built, modernized and renovated nearly 35 schools with more than 100 classrooms and sports, sanitary and hygiene facilities.

Through its P&G Shiksha program, the company will impact over 2 lakh children across the state.

In addition to this, each year through the P&G Mother Daughter Health & Hygiene program, P&G educates and distributes free sanitary napkins to teenage girls.

He has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Telangana to partner in the field of Menstrual Health and Hygiene Education in Telangana State. P&G has also donated 1.3 lakh of sanitary napkins to the government.

P&G’s manufacturing site in Hyderabad is also leading the way in raising the bar for gender diversity within the company. It was one of the few manufacturing sites in India that allowed female employees to work on all shifts.

The Hyderabad site is fully committed to environmental sustainability. Last year it also became the first P&G site in India to install an internal solar power plant. The site is also “zero manufacturing waste to landfill”, which means that no manufacturing waste is sent to landfill.

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Inside ‘The Challenge’ Alums Kam, Leroy’s Baby Shower: Photos


What to do in case of formula shortage | WJMN


CLEVELAND (WJW) — Eleven-month-old Isaiah loves a good snack and while he might be thinking about a burger right now, the formula is going to be part of his daily routine for at least a little longer.

But finding formula for many parents is a bit difficult right now. Global shortages are also affecting US store shelves.

“It was embarrassing. We usually get it at Costco. At first I tried to fill up and they limited it to two at a time, or two [stores] where we’ve been they haven’t had any and I know my sister in law who has a baby too and orders Similac on Amazon and sometimes it’s out of stock.” said Isiah’s mother, Katie Goldby.

It’s the same story all over the country.

Two things happened here. The biggest infant formula makers, Abbott and Mead Johnson, have both had problems getting some of the ingredients they need, which has slowed production.

In addition, a major recall of certain lots of Similac and two other brands in February exacerbated the supply problem.

Even if your usual brand isn’t available, pediatricians say most children can adapt to another brand.

“I’m sure there are taste differences and every baby has preferences, but if you have to change formulas, you should be fine. The only exception would be babies taking special types of formulas like certain hypoallergenic formulas or elemental formulas,” said Dr. Lauren Beene of Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital Suburban Pediatrics.

Dr. Beene says they get a lot of questions from parents about what to do when their favorite brand of formula isn’t available.

She says don’t use cow’s or goat’s milk. It has nowhere near correct nutrition for an infant and could cause problems.

Also, don’t think about diluting the formula you already have to make it stretch. You can switch brands, but all formulas must be given in the correct mix.

“The content of the formula, especially the electrolytes, sodium, potassium and all that, is in a very specific ratio and when diluted with additional water, it becomes too dilute and the baby’s kidneys don’t aren’t mature enough to properly filter out the extra water.” says Dr. Beene.

Dr. Beene encourages parents who are struggling to find a formula to speak to their pediatrician, as they may be able to direct them to resources that can help.

Major infant formula makers say they hope to recover stocks, but no timetable has yet been set.

For parents, limitations and shortages will continue to be painful.

“Generally, we try to get value for money. It’s mostly frustrating [when] there is limited availability and there is less choice and you have to choose something expensive. Luckily he’s not picky, but some babies are,” says Goldby.

Dr. Beene says if you have any questions about infant formula, you should contact your pediatrician.

Candy. Cheese. Toys. A Day on the Amish Trail | News, Sports, Jobs


Spent an afternoon on the Amish Trail last weekend which was a lovely thing to do on a day when the sun had finally decided to show up for spring.

And the truth is, there’s no better place than on a country road in the spring. This is true all over the world. Back roads near Randolph take you through checkerboard fields where things are just starting to wake up, and there’s a kid riding a pony there, and the trees are waking up here, and the breeze is gentle and has already forgotten the winter, and people stand outside as if returning from Mars, rubbing their eyes in the sun and emerging from their dark cocoons in the newness of a beautiful day.

Country roads. The Amish Trail offers some great ones.

I hadn’t hiked the Amish Trail until last weekend and thought it was lovely, although I have a few suggestions to make it more tourist friendly. But like a weekend drive in the sun, what a wonderful way to spend a day.

Turns out the thing we did the most on the trail was eating: candy, cheese, and chicken wings. I loved the local toy store, but spent more time playing with a puppy than with unique, handcrafted toys. There’s a big rocking horse in the shop that’s attached to the ceiling with ropes and I’ve been taking a ride on it since no one has reminded me of my age lately. At least, I reminded my mother, it wasn’t a mechanical bull.

I had read reviews of the Amish trail on Trip Advisor before going and had to agree with a few of the reviews that felt the trail was a bit confusing and difficult to navigate at times. There are signs, yes, but if you have no idea what you’re doing it’s possible to get lost. Signage should be posted bearing in mind that a tourist has absolutely no idea where they are and may even regularly get lost two miles from home.

The Amish Trail website provides a map and a list of stores, but it’s not easy to combine this information in a way that helps you plan a viable route. And you really have to know how to read a map because your GPS is not always reliable on secondary roads. It took me a while to find my way around.

Having worked in the travel industry for two decades, I know people want to go on an adventure with confidence and I think the Amish Trail website could build that confidence. I suggest offering two or three workable itineraries that people can print out and take with them that are very, very detailed. A route could be called, for example, “Half Day Itinerary” for those who only have a few hours. You would write the itinerary in a conversational and friendly way, like “Start at Randolph on the corner of these streets, have lunch at one of these four restaurants, then turn left here to visit the next three stores.” You can also offer a full day route or routes that start at different starting points on the trail.

A fortnightly website update could give information about specific stores or restaurants through a blog post detailing their offerings, some photos, their history, what makes it special, and their hours and addresses. After two years or less, you’d have a blog post about every store and restaurant on the trail. It would help tourists to plan. You can also offer a survey to identify areas for improvement and better understand what people really liked.

Just food for thought.

The trail is a local treasure and I am impressed with the people who created it and put in the time and effort to make it accessible. Sharing culture is a way to preserve what makes our region special. This trail is a gem.

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Sun Bun recalls Baby Bum sunscreen after detecting levels of benzene

Sun Bum has recalled Baby Bum Mineral SPF 50 after levels of benene were detected.


Sun Bum has recalled Baby Bum Mineral SPF 50 after levels of benene were detected.

Sun lotion brand Sun Bum has recalled a product made specifically for babies after it was found to have low levels of benzene.

On a website specifically for the recallhe said Sun Bum recently identified two lot codes of Baby Bum Mineral SPF50+ Lotion, AUST L 355134, supplied in Australia and New Zealand, which potentially contained levels of benzene above the permitted amount.

“It is not an ingredient in this product and may have been unintentionally introduced during the manufacturing process,” he said.

It affected 88ml, LOT # N1118B and LOT # N1118C EXP 04/2024, AUST L 355134 sold in pharmacies and specialty stores nationwide from August 2021 to April 2022.

* Seven out of eight sunscreens fail Consumer NZ’s latest SPF tests
* Golden syrup and Chelsea molasses recalled for lead contamination
* Banana Boat aerosol sunscreen products recalled for health reasons

A recent test of the product detected benzene at a concentration of approximately 2.4 parts per million in the two affected lots of lotion in Australia and New Zealand.

Benzene is banned in cosmetics in New Zealand under the Cosmetics Group Standard.


Brands of sunscreen go through rigorous testing before they hit the shelves, and we can be sure they’re safe, says the New Zealand Sun Care Initiative.

The 2.4 ppm level was above the 2 ppm limit the Australia Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) had set for benzene residues in medicines, as it is classified as a human carcinogen.

The TGA classifies sunscreens as medicines in Australia.

Although the levels of benzene detected in the affected product are above the amount allowed by Australian standards, the health risk to consumers who may have used these products is considered extremely low, he said.

“However, out of an abundance of caution, Sun Bum has made the decision to recall both lots of the affected product.”

Benzene is a naturally occurring chemical in volcanoes and forest fires, but it is also used in the process of creating other chemicals such as lubricants, rubbers, dyes, detergents, drugs and chemicals. pesticides.

Exposure to certain levels of benzene may cause drowsiness, dizziness, rapid or irregular heartbeat, and headache.

No other Sun Bum products were affected.

Persons with affected products should contact Sun Bum using the recall website https://www.babybumrecallanz.com/ to request a refund, then discard the product.

Families are feeling the impact of baby formula shortages


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Here in the river region, mothers forbid helping each other and meeting the needs of their young.

Three months ago, Tara Sexton and her family welcomed twins born at 35 weeks and six days by cesarean section.

“Having a newborn doesn’t really prepare you for having two newborns. You would think it would be very similar. But there are a lot of differences,” Sexton said.

What has made this time more difficult is that there is a nationwide shortage of infant formula caused by supply chain issues and recalls. Sexton’s babies can only drink a specific type of formula that was already hard to find before the shortage.

“So we go through a lot of formula, they drink about four ounces, six times a day. So you look everyday for us we need about 52-54 ounces of formula on average, that’s changing a bit now. Because the way they are, they grow up, they’re going to need more formula,” Sexton said. “I have all the apps for all the pharmacies and Target and Walmart. Every morning I look to see if I can do a pickup order for the formula from any of these, these stores.

Some retailers limit the amount of formula parents can buy. Now mums are stepping up to help Sexton and other mothers ensure their babies are fed.

“It was really heartbreaking to see a lot of these moms frantically trying to find formula. And I had a baby that needed a special formula. And so I know how important that is for the moms,” Bonnie McGalliard said.

McGalliard no longer has a child who needs formula but knows the struggle. She is part of a moms Facebook group where members help other moms find the food their baby needs.

“We mums who have older kids who don’t need formula, maybe have a little more time to look for these things for these young mums and new mums and accompany them and help them,” McGalliard said.

Many moms haven’t met in person, but they share a bond in motherhood. Sexton is grateful to these Facebook friends who are stepping up in important ways.

“It’s really beautiful. Like, even outside of motherhood, that, like a human sees the need for another human and is like, that just speaks to them. And that’s just, they just want to do what “They can help that person. I mean, it’s really, really amazing,” Sexton said.

Children’s of Alabama says that if your child is taking a standard formula, you should have no problem switching to another brand. They caution against trying to stretch your supply or make your own.

The Alabama Department of Public Health always advises parents to seek the advice of their health care provider regarding the nutritional needs of infants and children. Also, people who may be eligible for WIC in Alabama should contact their local health department if they are eligible.

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High maternal mortality rate in Erie County


BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – There is a high maternal mortality rate in Erie County that has a growing tendency for women of color to choose to give birth at home rather than in hospital.

Melminated Moms founder Alexcia Harrod is focused on helping Black and Brown mothers have a better childbirth experience as she views the death rate for black and brown mothers in Erie County as dire .

“Black and brown women are three times more likely to die in child labor than their white counterparts and that stat is scary,” says Harrod.

Harrod is hosting a community baby shower at the Hansa Building on June 11 to raise awareness and ensure Doula supports mothers.

“Doulas are the mother’s advocate, so they will be there to focus on you and make sure you have a pleasant experience during your birth,” says Harrod.

Harrod and others say 70% of black maternal deaths are preventable.

“New York State ranks 23rd compared to other states, which is alarming,” says Danise Wilson, executive director of the Erie Niagara Region Health Education Center. “I would say New York State has recognized a problem here and especially in Erie County, maternal mortality rates are very high compared to other counties in the state.”

Erie County Legislative Speaker April Baskin said the women of Black and Brown don’t deserve to die or have a bad childbirth experience.

“We need to change the statistics that you don’t deserve to die or have a bad experience just because your chances of having a positive birth experience are lower because of your race,” Baskin said.

Baskin and Wilson are working with New York State’s Medicaid Doula pilot program as a first step to addressing this disparity.

“This is the first time this has been done in this pilot program, and it is only done in Erie County where low-income mothers have access to Doula services and it has been shown that Doula helped eliminate the maternal mortality rate,” Wilson said.

As for Alexcia Harrod, she hopes this awareness will go beyond Erie County.

“Black and brown women are three times more likely to die than their white counterparts, so they know it’s a problem,” Harrod said. “I’m glad they talked about it, but we have a lot of work to do.”

Click here to learn more about the community baby shower event and the death rate among black and brown mothers in Erie County.

This £60 Aldi Mud kitchen is the perfect toy to entertain your kids this Bank Holiday


ALDI has heard your kids crying out for more toys and has launched an impressive clay kitchen.

Aldi’s latest drop is meant to keep your kids entertained for hours, and it’s just £60 – which we think is an absolute bargain.


Aldi’s Mud Kitchen is perfect for your little ones

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  • Little Town Gray Mud Kitchen, £59.99, from Aldi – buy here

Aldi’s Little Town Gray Mud kitchen retails for £59.99 and is available to buy exclusively online, so you’ll want to shop fast so you don’t miss out.

This kids toy lets your little ones play in their own kitchen, channeling their inner, albeit muddy, chef.

This design comes with all the bells and whistles, from a sink and hob to a mini chalkboard for detailing daily specials, Aldi has truly outdone themselves.

The Mud Kitchen not only has enough space for all cutlery, but also for crockery; from a metal saucepan and frying pan to a spatula, a saucepan lid and a spoon.

Plus, it includes two plastic flower pots, for a complete home cooking experience for your child.

The set is made from FSC®-certified wood, which has been painted in part with a soft pistachio green and white.

It’s suitable for ages three and up and comes with a one-year warranty.

Whether your little one is playing with mud, sand or water, this is the perfect and perfect backyard toy to keep them entertained this holiday.

For £59.99 you can’t go wrong.

How do I join Boots Parenting Club and what do you get for free?

Stroller sales: the best packs and strollers for your newcomer

I gave my £15 Ikea high chairs a stylish makeover on a budget

Want to find more savings on your online shopping? Then head to Sun Vouchers where you can get discounts and coupon codes on hundreds of top retailers including B&Q, Boots, Iceland, Lookfantastic, Dunelm, adidas and more.

Walmart unveils activewear line featuring Michelle Smith, Stacey Griffith


Fashion designer Michelle Smith and SoulCycle instructor Stacey Griffith are launching their activewear line, Love & Sports, at Walmart. The line is designed to be avant-garde, with bright colors and unique fabrics.


Over the past two years, fashion designer Michelle Smith and SoulCycle instructor Stacey Griffith have touched dozens of fabrics, spit out brand names, and tried on samples of sports bras and leggings as they go. lounging at home or sweating during workouts.

Now the New York-based couple are revealing their secret project: Love & Sports, a premium athletic and swimwear brand they’re debuting with Walmart. The new brand hits the big-box retailer’s website on Friday and is rolling out to 1,500 stores.

“I think some of our friends actually thought we were having a baby because we couldn’t talk about something and said, ‘We can’t go. We have something to work on,'” Griffith said.

“I guess we’re kind of going to have a baby,” Smith said with a laugh.

Smith co-founded the high-end clothing brand Milly and designed the dress worn by Michelle Obama in her Smithsonian portrayal. Now she has a new, eponymous line of stylish items, from silk camisoles to alpaca coats, which can cost up to $2,750 apiece.

During this time, Griffith gained popularity as an indoor cycling instructor and did a motivational tour with Oprah Winfrey. The designer and fitness instructor met — and later started dating — through a SoulCycle class.

The fashion-forward clothing collection is another sign of the retailer’s efforts to shake up its reputation and market itself as a place where shoppers can find stylish clothes as well as milk, bananas and TVs.

Walmart launched a growing number of exclusive and high fashion names, including Sofia Jeans, a denim brand developed with actress Sofia Vergara; Eloquii Elements, a plus-size women’s brand inspired by the acquired brand Eloquii; Scoop, an avant-garde women’s clothing brand; and Free Assembly, a line of everyday wardrobe clothing for men, women and children.

He’s also harnessed the star power of other fashion names, including hiring Brandon Maxwell – who has dressed famous women including Lady Gaga – as creative director of Scoop and Free Assembly.

Love & Sports will be sold on Walmart’s website and in 1,500 stores. His first collection includes 121 pieces ranging in price from $12 to $42.


Walmart, which still derives the majority of its annual revenue from groceries, does not allocate apparel sales to other general merchandise, such as home decor and electronics.

Denise Incandela, executive vice president of apparel and private labels for Walmart US, said the retailer was drawn to Love & Sports’ unique designs and bold colors. She said teaming up with Smith and Griffith created an opportunity to stand out in a category where high quality usually comes with a high price tag.

The idea for the new brand came about when Smith reached out to Incandela through a direct message on Instagram in the early months of the pandemic. Incandela, a Saks Fifth Avenue alumnus, knew Smith because the luxury chain carried her Milly clothing line.

Smith then shared some initial sketches she had been working on for a few months. “It’s just such a natural extension of Stacey and myself that it almost designed itself,” she said. “It’s just poured on paper.”

Smith, who trained at elite fashion houses like Hermès and Louis Vuitton, said she and Griffith seek to create clothes that fit both budgets and bodies.

The brand’s debut collection features 121 pieces that range in price from $12 to $42. It includes retro running shorts, cropped sweatshirts and seamless bras. It varies in size from XS to XXXL for sportswear and up to XXL for swimwear.

Items have details that blend urban fashion and fitness, such as plenty of pockets for cell phones, invisible inside zippers to secure credit cards, and belts that can be worn high waisted (preferred style by Smith) or rolled up for a low rise. look (Griffith’s preference).

Love & Sports will add shoes and accessories, including sneakers and handbags, in the fall.

Love & Sports debuts with swimsuits. In the fall, the line will include shoes and accessories.


Activewear has become a hotter, but more crowded, area during the pandemic. Sales in the men’s and women’s apparel category grew from $52.3 billion in 2019 to $70.8 billion in 2021, a 35% increase over the two-year period, according to The NPD. Group. The market research group includes all clothing items with active features such as moisture-wicking fabric.

Kristen Classi-Zummo, an industry analyst who covers fashion apparel for the NPD Group, said some observers are betting that as the pandemic recedes, people will go out into the world dressed again and eager to don. formal attire like in the Roaring Twenties.

Instead, she said, people have been widely looking for comfortable, versatile pieces that fit into a hybrid lifestyle, like pants with enough stretch to allow for a quick walk around the block between virtual meetings or a longer sports bra that can be paired with workout leggings as well as jeans and heels.

However, as the category has exploded, so has the number of brands vying for market share. The number of activewear brands has grown from 1,600 in 2014 to 2,400 in 2021, according to NPD. This area includes players from Lululemon and Nike to private labels launched by Target, Kohl’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Classi-Zummo expects activewear to remain popular this year and beyond, but to grow in double digits in 2021 – and that, she said, will increase competition for consumers. .

“We still expect it to grow, but what should a brand do in a market that is seeing less growth and a lot more competition?” she says. “She’s been shopping for gym clothes for years. She doesn’t need another pair of black leggings. What special features, what new fit, what new fabric can you offer her to keep her interested in category ?”

Griffith said Love & Sports was inspired, in part, by a pandemic-related shift to “an era of delicious fabrics.”

She said she once secretly sported the brand in SoulCycle classes, but hid sports bras under tops and wore logoless shorts. Now, however, she is eagerly awaiting her big reveal.

Dearborn Co.’s plan commission to discuss draft zoning map updates and alternatives on May 31


The public is invited to attend and share their opinions.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A meeting to discuss proposed updates to the Dearborn County zoning map has been postponed.

The Dearborn County Plan Commission is rescheduling its originally scheduled meeting from Monday, May 23 to Tuesday, May 31 at 7:00 p.m. in the Henry Dearborn Meeting Room at the Dearborn County Government Center.

At the meeting, the Plan Commission will review and discuss proposed updates to the Dearborn County zoning map specific to agricultural and residential zoning districts.

The county’s original zoning ordinance and map was created in 1965. Since then, there has always been an agricultural zoning district and a residential zoning district.

Updates to the zoning ordinance and map could include the addition of new zoning districts, potential changes to permitted and conditional uses within each zoning district, changes to standards such as setbacks, sizes lot minimums, lot widths, etc.

Interested persons are asked to attend the public meeting and give their opinion on the proposed updates.

Current zoning map: Microsoft Word – ZONING ORDINANCE_CURRENT 03-12-20 (aiircdn.com)

Suggested updates: Microsoft Word – Dearborn County – Draft Districts_REVISED 6-21-21 (aiircdn.com)

Background (via Dearborn County Plan Commission)

Recent (2019) and previous (2004) housing studies in Dearborn County have identified a demand for more housing options. Since the creation of the original zoning ordinance and map in 1965, there has always been an agricultural zoning district and a residential zoning district. Because county ordinances have not been amended to accommodate certain types of residential uses and structures, these types of development have been limited – in terms of the types of housing that can be built without variances, conditional uses and / or rezoning, and also the options available in (unincorporated areas of) the county for residential lots and related uses, improvements and amenities.

Last year, on October 21, 2020, the Dearborn County Plan Commission and its staff, along with a team of consultants, held 2 public workshops to review and discuss proposed changes to the Ordinance text. zoning of Dearborn County, particularly with respect to agriculture and residential. Zoning Districts, including: the addition of new zoning districts, potential changes to permitted and conditional uses in each zoning district, new or expanded or modified definitions of uses and related limitations, and changes to dimensional standards such as setbacks, minimum lot sizes, lot widths, etc. At these 2 previous public workshops and for several weeks before and after, the Dearborn County Plan Commission and staff also conducted an online survey to obtain community feedback on the draft texts. After seven (7) months of careful review and analysis of all feedback received from the workshops and the survey, the Zoning Technical Advisory Group, county staff, along with the planning commission and consultants made several changes to the draft texts. to reflect and respond to preferences and concerns expressed by the community, and to address additional internal questions and issues that have surfaced.

Federated Farmers Vice President Karen Williams says rural roads should be for all Kiwis


Anyone concerned about rural road safety can contact Federated Farmers. File photo / John Stone

The state of our rural roads should be of concern to all New Zealanders – because all New Zealanders use rural roads, said Federated Farmers Vice President Karen Williams.

“It’s easy to think it’s rural people who are just being affected – they’re not. It’s everyone, urban and rural,” she told The Country’s Rowena Duncum.

Earlier this week, Coroner Marcus Elliott called for a nationwide review of rural intersections after a woman and her two babies died in a high-speed crash near Ashburton in April 2019.

Williams, who is the transport spokeswoman for Federated Farmers, was in Ashburton when the coroner’s report was released. She went to visit the crash site.

“I just want to acknowledge the tragedy that happened here. Three lives lost; a mother and her two babies. This is something we need to reverse.”

The survey also revealed that there were 79 similar intersections in the Ashburton district alone. The coroner recommended any necessary examination.

Williams said it would “take place across the country.”

“We need to make sure – like what the coroner has recommended – that we have the right markings and signage so that drivers are properly alerted and can slow down and operate intersections as they are supposed to. “

Federated Farmers Vice President Karen Williams visited the crash site near Ashburton where a woman and her two babies lost their lives.  Photo / Provided
Federated Farmers Vice President Karen Williams visited the crash site near Ashburton where a woman and her two babies lost their lives. Photo / Provided

Williams said farmers in Ashburton told him that some roads had potholes so large that vehicles had to move to the opposite side of the road to avoid them.

It was stories like these that shed light on the coroner’s recommendations, she said.

“It’s time to research and find out where these repairs are needed and schedule them into work schedules.”

While the government’s Road to Zero message was admirable, it needed to be more than just an awareness campaign, Williams said.

“This government has a responsibility to rally behind this [message] and it’s not just about these intersections – it’s also about the state of our rural roads.

“We want the right results and yes, sometimes the campaign has to be part of [that] wrap. But really, we want change on the roads. We want safer roads.”

Listen below:

All New Zealanders have used rural roads and networks to access “our beautiful places in the country”, Williams said.

“We expect to be able to travel safely and efficiently on these [roads] and that needs to be a much higher priority with action on the ground.”

Anyone concerned about rural roads could get in touch with Federated Farmers, Williams said.

“We are here to help. We can connect with our members at the push of a button. We can get that feedback from our rural communities and feed it into work programs through District Councils and Waka Kotahi .

“We are all responsible. We all have to push and advocate for better results.”

Avatar: the film history forgot


This morning I woke up, straight, drenched in sweat from a nameless, unhinged nightmare.

This morning, I remembered that the movie Avatar existed.

“Avatar,” I whispered to myself. “Do you remember Avatar?” The movie about the… blue stuff?

Unobtanium…floating mountains…Sam Worthington to headline Hollywood…

Hair sex.

Wait, hair sex?

My long-rooted memories were dislodged, most likely, by the news that the long-in-the-making sequel to Avatar finally has a name: Avatar: The Way of the Water.

As part of this announcement, a remastered re-release of the original Avatar was also announced. A planned reissue, I suspect, on the counter of the collective Avatar brain wipe. To remind people that Avatar was a thing that existed.

Because Avatar is the history of cinema forgotten.

Do you remember Avatar?

If a wayward volcano decided to violently erupt – Pompeii-style – blanketing my entire suburb in lava, future historians, I bet, would be able to piece together 21st century culture almost perfectly using the things lying around my house. .


Do you remember when Sam Worthington was a protagonist in Hollywood?


An Indiana Jones toy whip. When you hold down a button, it plays John Williams’ iconic score. When you do a whipping motion, it generates an amazing whipping sound. The best toy ever.

An Iron Man suit. Not one real Costume Iron Man, as a disguise, for children. I should know, I tried (and failed) to wear the thing multiple times.

Star Wars stuff. So much Star Wars stuff: books, Lego, Blu-ray, posters, toys.

But historians, after spending months digging through the dust and the DVDs I refused to throw away, will find nothing in my house to confirm that Avatar existed, or had any cultural impact on this strange race. bi-pedal that was collecting pogs for some reason.

It’s crazy. How does a movie that so many people paid to watch have such a small imprint on our collective culture?

Scrolling through the list of top performers at the box office, even the most casual movie fan can make connections. Think Titanic, think of Celine and hot sex in a car. Star Wars is star wars. Avengers is the New Star Wars.

Adjust for inflation and the connections are even stronger. carried away by the wind » and « frankly my darling I don’t give a fuck ». HEY, The sound of music. These films reverberate through history in ways we can never eliminate.

In such a powerful list, Avatar looks like a drunken one-night stand.

Was Avatar a bad movie? I do not think so. Avatar was a strange post-colonial Pocahontas you could accuse of being mildly racist – but that was almost too dumb to be racist in a really damaging sense. It was a cinematic experience elevated by a heroic commitment to world-building and aesthetics, but brought down to earth with clunky dialogue and a wooden performance by Sam Worthington.

But none of that stopped Star Wars from inspiring a broad sense of wonder and possibility in an entire generation of children (and adults). My kids dress up as Avengers every fucking day. My eldest still swings around a toy lightsaber. The idea that one of my children could dress up as a blue Avatar (what do you call them…Na’vi?) is insane.

Why did Avatar scoop up all that dough, but retain no cultural cachet?

It may be because somehow sucked. Mediocre movies can make money… Aquaman banked nearly $1.2 billion — but the average movie rarely hits that $2 billion mark without word of mouth and repeat viewings. A film almost has to become a cultural event to reap that kind of bread.

And that’s almost certainly the key here, the reason Avatar made so much money but lurks in the shadows like some weird uncle crouching in the attic of our subconscious is that Avatar wasn’t a cultural event, it was technology event.

Unlike most box office top 10 films, Avatar was not a sweeping epic entry to a story we’re invested in. It’s not an epic conclusion to a brilliantly executed cinematic universe.

Avatar was about attaching a pair of 3D glasses to your face to see what it was. The film was almost secondary. It wasn’t meant to be forgettable, but it was forgettable nonetheless.

3D. Do you remember 3D? You may not remember Avatar, but you definitely remember 3D.

Don’t forget to pay extra to put on dark glasses and remove the vomit on the films that had 3D, but of course they weren’t designed from the ground up to work in 3D. Remember those TVs that came with a pair of glasses so you could watch the World Cup in 3D, but your friends couldn’t?

Do you remember the 3DS?

Do you remember the 3D Blu-rays that nobody bought?

What a strange time.

The Trojan horse

It’s funny, in an article on Avatar, it took me 700 words to quote its director.

James Cameron is undoubtedly one of the most successful directors in Hollywood history. Terminator 2 and aliens are two of the greatest action movies ever made, Titanic was a smash hit. But Cameron’s movies tend to be inseparable from the technology he pioneered to make them possible. No one has used cinema to push the boundaries of technology quite like James Cameron.

But none of Cameron’s films are tied to their technology like Avatar.

3D. It has completely disappeared from television and is a walking envelope in cinemas. An interesting gadget in its day, now universally hated, when you think of Avatar you think of 3D glasses and try something because it was weird and worth doing once – like a roller coaster ride or virtual reality.

This is why we forget Avatar. We remember 3D, the Trojan horse on which she arrived.

Now, when news of Avatar and its potential sequels hit the internet, I rub my eyes in weary disbelief. Does this film… exist? It happened?

Now Avatar is like a Furby or a Tamagotchi. It is a warning. A permanent reminder that humanity, as a species, has the potential to go completely and collectively insane.

Is splitting or selling Buybuy Baby the right move for Bed Bath & Beyond? – RetailWire


April 27, 2022

Bed Bath & Beyond is under pressure from activist investor Ryan Cohen to sell its Buybuy Baby chain and interested parties are lining up for a chance to acquire the business, according to a report published last week by The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper reports that Cerberus Capital Management and Tailwind Acquisition, a company chaired by former Casper Sleep CEO Philip Krim, have expressed interest in possible deals to acquire the baby products chain.

Mr Cohen, who co-founded Chewy and is the current chairman of GameStop, took a nearly 10% stake in Bed Bath & Beyond last month and began advocating for the company to spin off Buy Buy Baby and go private. under new ownership.

Mr. Cohen wrote in a letter last month to Bed Bath & Beyond’s board of directors that Buybuy Baby alone is likely more valuable than its parent company based on its $1.5 billion fiscal year 2023 sales target, rates double-digit growth and market penetration of around 50%.

“In the event that Bed Bath pursues a full or partial sale of BABY, it could position itself to pay down debt, put cash on the balance sheet and continue to reduce its share count, creating significant shareholder value. “, Mr. Cohen wrote. “Separating BABY’s stock would be an even more efficient way to transfer value to shareholders. Notably, BABY’s strong online penetration would likely reduce operational hurdles. We assume that Bed Bath and BABY could still have a shared services agreement to maintain an omnichannel experience for customers.

Buybuy Baby was a bright spot for Bed Bath & Beyond, which has seen its performance falter in recent quarters due to supply chain issues.

Bed Bath & Beyond CEO Mark Tritton, speaking earlier this month on the company’s fourth quarter earnings call, said a 12% drop in same-store sales and adjusted gross margins of 28.8% were directly related to “lack of available inventory” and which proved to be a permanent obstacle.

Buybuy Baby has been identified as a growing business by Bed Bath & Beyond, with US birth rates rising again after declines related to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The chain is expected to open between 20 and 25 new stores this year and its products will be showcased as part of Bed Bath & Beyond’s shop-in-shop collaboration with Kroger announced last November.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Would Bed Bath & Beyond be a stronger company with or without Buybuy Baby? Would Buybuy Baby be a stronger company if split or sold by Bed Bath & Beyond?


“Although running it or selling it might make sense in the future – for example if Bed Bath & Beyond management can’t right the mothership – otherwise I would hold on.”


Miss Manners: Newbie at work feels left out when she’s not asked to attend office baby shower


DEAR MISS MANNERS: My dilemma stems from the fact that I am new to a small office where strong bonds have already been formed and new people are naturally on the sidelines for a while. The issue concerns a small baby shower organized for a charming young mother who is a pleasure to know.

The words “baby shower” had been a bit tossed around in my second week, but as a new member of staff I was hesitant to know more unless I was approached directly, which I was not.

Everything was fine until they threw the “surprise” baby shower at the office, and I was left there empty-handed.

I understand and totally agree with your point that this is why business and friendship don’t go together, but in my community it has apparently become a cultural thing. And with such a small company and office, things shouldn’t change. Unfortunately, this is just one example of a stream of unwanted behavior from key “players” in the office.

Apart from this drama, I really like my new job. The company is excellent in many ways, has an excellent reputation and is known for taking good care of its employees. I can see myself growing and thriving with this company in other roles, and I don’t want to waste a wonderful opportunity for career growth because of petty office politics.

Is it possible to survive and/or thrive with such delicate office dynamics, especially when it comes to finding greener pastures within this company in the future?

GENTLE READER: Let’s quickly jump to a time when you stood up in this office and were able to welcome newcomers.

Tell yourself to the new employee, “We’re taking a shower for Tanya tomorrow — it’s that nice lady over there; I’m going to introduce you — so you might want to bring a gift”?

Miss Manners hopes not. In fact, she hopes that if you rise to a position of authority, you will act on your agreement that professional and social lives should be separated. But that will be for another time.

For now, it would be helpful to stop viewing the existing situation as petty and delicate, even if you have more compelling examples. If you are cheerful and helpful in your work, the time will surely come when you will be asked to organize the baby shower.


DEAR MISS MANNERS: While I admire the fact that a close friend’s child has graduated from college, I don’t feel obligated to send him the cash gifts he asks for. Am I wrong? I’m sending a congratulations card. Is it sufficient?

GENTLE READER: Congratulations are exactly what is required. Requests for money are outrageous and should be ignored.

But Miss Manners is all too aware that the same people who view the mere announcement as a cash grab often don’t respond at all, which is also callous.

(Please send questions to Miss Manners at her website, www.missmanners.com; to her email, [email protected]; or by mail to Miss Manners, Andrews McMeel Syndication, 1130 Walnut St., Kansas City , MO 64106 .)




1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106; 816-581-7500

Boys are more demanding than girls before they are born, scientists say


Finding out a baby’s sex during pregnancy could improve their life chances, a new study from Cambridge has found.

Pregnancies of male babies are more likely to lead to complications, possibly because they grow faster in the womb and require more nutrients and oxygen than those supplied by the mother through the placenta – the temporary organ that attaches to the wall of the uterus during pregnancy to help the fetus grow and develop.

Now, scientists have found that the sex of a fetus can affect the proper functioning of the placenta as well as factors such as diet-induced maternal obesity and stress, after studying pregnancies in lab mice.

About one in 10 women is affected by pregnancy disorders, such as fetal growth restriction and pre-eclampsia – life-threatening high blood pressure for both mother and child – but these can be difficult to predict and treat.

The new research suggests that designing individual treatment plans and encouraging pregnant women to change their lifestyles based on the gender of their unborn baby could have lifelong health benefits for their children. – and mean the end of the tradition of waiting until the baby is born to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.

“Often parents don’t want to know the gender of the baby because they want it to be a surprise. But actually knowing the gender would help determine if one pregnancy may be more risky than another, because we know that certain pregnancy conditions such as pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction may be more common in women carrying male babies than in women,” said Dr Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri, Member of St John’s College, who conducted the research with his team from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Development Physiology and Neuroscience at the Center for Trophoblast Research.

“We’re not 100% sure why, but it could be related to the fact that male babies grow faster in the womb, so it could be that their needs for nutrients and oxygen supplied by the mother via the placenta may easily become limited, so the baby boy may not be given everything he really wants and needs to reach his full potential.

Dr. Sferruzzi-Perri’s research team revealed their findings in an article published in the journal Reproductive Biology. A second study authored in collaboration with fellow researchers from institutions around the world, which demonstrates how diet-induced maternal obesity alters placental structures and affects baby growth, including causing sex-specific alterations of the fetus, appears in the review. Acta Physiologica.

Fetal growth depends on placental function, which requires energy from mitochondria – special compartments in our cells that help convert energy taken from food into energy that cells can use as fuel. The researchers found that during a normal pregnancy in mice, the placenta reacts differently depending on whether it is supporting a female or male fetus, and works better with lighter female fetuses than with heavier male fetuses.

“The placenta has an incredible ability to alter how it forms and functions,” Dr. Sferruzzi-Perri said. “It can be seen on many levels of how cells form in the placenta, it’s genes and proteins, even its mitochondria. These can all change in response to different kinds of signals, whether in a mother who ate a sugar and fat diet, or in a pregnancy where there’s sibling rivalry when there’s more than one baby, but what I think is probably the most novel aspect, c is that the way the placenta adapts seems to depend on whether the baby is female or male.”

Studies show the importance of designing gender-specific therapies for placental insufficiency and fetal growth abnormalities, as well as personalized lifestyle interventions or therapies for obese pregnant women.

“The data we generated in the lab really showed us that we need to consider the sex of the baby when monitoring a pregnancy,” Dr. Sferruzzi-Perri said. “Therefore, perhaps treatments should be tailored based on the gender of the baby.”

Scientists already know that male and female risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease depends on gender – men tend to have a higher incidence of both. “Whether some of this is from early exposures is a key area that people like me and others are really eager to try to solve. is really widespread around the world, including even in developing countries where urbanization means that women have more access to sugary and fatty diets than before,” said Dr. Sferruzzi-Perri.

In the UK, more than half of pregnant women have a body mass index above the normal healthy range. This is concerning because maternal obesity increases the risk of pregnancy complications, such as miscarriage, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and stillbirth. Abnormal birth weight can also lead to neurodevelopmental problems and immune disorders in childhood, as well as obesity, diabetes and heart disease in adulthood.

“We are now building more and more evidence of what to measure in the mother during pregnancy, such as her starting body mass index, her growth, her gestational weight, but also taking into account the fetal sex. routinely, clinicians consider sex when looking at ultrasound images, because sex is an important determinant of fetal growth, however, we haven’t really understood before how this might be determined; how it might interact with the environment of the mother or the way the pregnancy Our studies therefore give more information to the clinician to allow him to make more informed decisions on how to manage this pregnancy.

“A woman who has a male baby may have to adopt different living arrangements than a woman who carries a woman.”

Currently, there are very few ways to treat women with pregnancy complications other than bed rest, dietary advice, or early delivery, due to the risks of drugs passing through the placenta and affecting individual organs of the fetuses, which are very sensitive. Scientists are now trying to think of ways to design treatments that only go into the placenta.

“These therapies would increase how the placenta functions, how it grows, and even how at its mitochondria it produces energy to support fetal growth,” Dr. Sferruzzi-Perri said. “Much of this groundwork reinforces that the placenta is fundamental to a healthy pregnancy and that fetal sex is important. But by looking at the different types of genes, proteins, and cellular mechanisms, we could identify targets that could be used as biomarkers and specifically targeted in the placenta to improve outcomes for mothers and their babies.”

CAMP, a creative spot for children, opens in SoCal – NBC Los Angeles


Appealing to a camp-like setting, with atmospheric backdrops, cute cabin structures, colorful trees, and the kind of exterior detail we’ve come to expect from a woodland destination, usually means we have to head somewhere full of fir trees, streams and puffy clouds.

Sometimes, though?

When there is something enchanting about the fresh forest air, and there is innovative planning to put that enchantment into action, the woods can somehow sprout into the town, so the little ones can have the playful outing that they could discover in a wooded setting.

CAMPthe “family experience” company founded on the East Coast in 2018, wanted to bring some of this whimsical woodland wonder to various metropolises, giving kids places to wander, explore, frolic and get creative.

And the newest CAMP outpost just debuted in Century City, a 7,000-square-foot “woodsy” space that’s “part (p)art toy store, part activity destination, and all the good stuff. vibes”.

Outdoor and indoor gear has nine outlets, including destinations in New York, Massachusetts and Texas. Century City CAMP is the company’s ninth location and West Coast flagship.


What can families find in this novel revolving around the traditional toy store?

The CAMP Canteen area is where the shelves of toys, books, and games are, but wait: did that wall over there just move?

He did, indeed. CAMP features a “Magic Door,” a rotating wall giving families surprise entrance to a rotating lineup of cute kid-friendly activities. “Revolving” means these lively tasks will change with the seasons, giving little ones new fun to look forward to on a future visit.


Base CAMP is the first of the adventures to debut, giving kids a chance to “go from cabin to cabin” while enjoying a host of nostalgic pastimes, from crafts to fun dance times. If these activities sound like summer camp, that’s exactly what Base CAMP is: summoning some of that old-school sunshine.

What about the Splatter Room, a popular CAMP feature? Budding artists are encouraged to “stock up on Jackson Pollack” by tossing paint festively onto a canvas (while wearing team-provided splatter gear, of course).

Barbie and RVshare also helped “create unique experiences” for CAMP Southern California, including a Barbie-inspired disco booth.

For hours, details and details on what is happening, in terms of activity, at the last CAMP, browse by this site now.

Rihanna is dating A$AP Rocky on her first outing since being released from prison


Singer Rihanna was spotted with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky for the first time after he was arrested and released in connection with a shooting case in 2021.

Singer Rihanna was seen with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky for the first time after her release from prison. The couple were all set for dinner as they joined some family and friends at a restaurant. Rocky was arrested last week at Los Angeles International Airport in connection with a shooting that took place in November of last year. Read also : Parents-to-be Rihanna and A$AP Rocky shut down breakup rumors as they went out for dinner in Barbados. See the pictures

Rihanna and Rocky are currently expecting their first child together. Rihanna was spotted in a black and gray bra, sparkly shorts, paired with a matching black and white jacket and heels. She let her long hair fall to one side, partially hiding her growing baby bump. Rocky wore a gray floral tracksuit.

According to People, they went for a “happy and relaxed” dinner with a group of close friends at Giorgio Baldi’s house in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday. The portal quoted a source as saying, “It was a happy and relaxed group. Rihanna looked great. She sat next to A$AP and they were affectionate. They had dinner for a few hours. The accent was put on Rihanna and the baby.” Some reports have suggested it was actually a baby shower.

Rocky was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department after arriving on a private plane a few days ago returning from vacation with Rihanna in his native Barbados. According to Page Six, Rocky was picked up and handcuffed upon his return. He was released from prison hours after the arrest. His bail was set at $550,000 after he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, in connection with a firearm incident on November 6.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky announced her pregnancy with a photo shoot in January. Rihanna made headlines with her glamorous appearances during her second and third trimesters. There had been reports recently that the couple broke up as Rocky “cheated on” Rihanna. However, these rumors were later debunked and the source apologized for posting unverified information.

Tap into health: Parents must take steps to prevent drowning deaths


May is National Drowning Prevention Month, but every day is an opportunity for parents and children to learn water safety skills at Old Town Hot Springs.

Mark vonSchondorf, water sports director at Old Town Hot Springs, said water safety is more important than many parents think.

“Most parents only think about water safety when it comes to swimming lessons,” vonSchondorf said. “They don’t think of it in terms of their responsibility to watch over their children and secure water sources in their home environment. This could include condo pools, a nearby lake, etc.

Take preventative measures at home

In fact, 70% of child drownings occur during non-swimming periods. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children aged 1 to 4 years, with the exception of birth defects.

To avoid these horrific accidents, vonSchondorf recommends taking proactive measures, including erecting barriers and fencing around pools, hot tubs, or other water features, and installing a pool alarm, which can alert parents if a child enters the water unsupervised.

The Red Cross now recommends that at least one designated adult serve as a “water watcher” when children are playing anywhere near water. This person should be alert and attentive and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol or distracted by texting or reading.

Swimming lessons for babies and toddlers

Babies and children can start swimming lessons at Old Town Hot Springs as young as 6 months old. These lessons will help children become more comfortable with the water and learn skills, such as floating and holding their breath.

“The goal of getting them comfortable in the pool environment is just to start their learning process,” vonSchondorf said. “There is no real element of safety so early. This has the potential to make the water less safe, as it makes them more comfortable entering the water without an adult supervising them.

Once children are comfortable in the water, the next step is to learn to float on their backs.

“Floating is a level of comfort in the water, but it’s also the beginning of any of our swimming strokes,” vonSchondorf said. “Your body is horizontal in the water as if you were floating. This is the fundamental first step of swimming. We teach floating, kicking and arm pulling simultaneously.

Most children are able to start swimming on their own around 5-6 years old. However, it is still necessary to closely supervise your children when swimming independently, regardless of their age or skill level.

“We view rescue personnel as the last line of defense,” vonSchondorf said. “You have to be responsible for your child and his behavior. A lifeguard has over 100 people to watch – you have one to three children to watch.

Competitive swim team and lifeguard training for teens

Old Town Hot Springs offers multiple avenues for young adults to continue developing their passion for water sports through their competitive swim teams and lifeguard training programs.

“A child can start swimming lessons here at 6 months old and can swim here competitively through high school,” vonSchondorf said.

Local students interested in meaningful work can apply to become staff trained lifeguards at Old Town Hot Springs and will receive extensive safety training.

“I’m passionate about my aquatics career because it allows me to teach young people a skill they can actually use,” vonSchondorf said. “We can teach them to rescue, give swimming lessons and even teach young children to swim. It’s an interesting and fulfilling career path.

Visit Old Town Hot Springs to learn about early childhood swim lessons, competitive swim programs, CPR and lifeguard training.

Sarah Konopka is the Marketing Director of Old Town Hot Springs. Learn more at OldTownHotSprings.org.

Ryan’s World: How a Hawaiian Kid Became a YouTube Millionaire


It’s a typical Sunday afternoon for the Kaji family, from Honolulu, Hawaii. They play a game, save it on mom’s phone, have fun. But what’s not typical is that when they’re done, they’ll send the video off to a production team in Houston, who will edit and package it as part of a kids’ entertainment empire. of several million dollars, known as “Ryan’s World”. .” Their content on YouTube gets billions of views a month.

Where is Ryan??? Can you find Ryan Puzzle Game! by
Ryan’s World on

They also have a TV show on Nickelodeon, “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate” and of course, licensed toys – so many toys! – all generating, by some estimates, more than $25 million a year, making Kajis one of YouTube’s highest earners.

And it all started, more or less by accident, when Ryan was just three years old. “When I first put the video on, I didn’t think about it,” said Loann Kaji, Ryan’s mother. “And I tried to share it with my friends and my family, because, you know, we both have a lot of family members outside of the United States”

But today, this video of Ryan playing with toys, aimed at loved ones, has over 52 million views:

Child playing with Lego Duplo Number Train toys by
Ryan’s World on

Correspondent Luke Burbank asked Ryan’s father, Shion, “Do you have any theories as to why those videos you were making were so popular?”

“I think authenticity is definitely the number one factor,” he replied, “probably mainly because we’re filming at home and we don’t have a line-by-line script.”

Before long, Shion and Loann quit their jobs to start a family business on YouTube, which eventually led them to Kerry Tucker, chief marketing officer at Pocket Watch, a sort of old-school Hollywood studio system for a very new kind. of content.

Ryan’s mother is recording a video that will be featured in YouTube posts that garner billions of views each month.

CBS News

“We’re taking the world’s biggest children’s YouTube stars and turning them into global franchises,” Tucker said. “This generation, this Generation Alpha, only knows one world with YouTube and mobile devices. The way we think about it is that Pocket Watch wants to be wherever the kids are.”

Tucker helped inflate the Kajis’ brand, literally — from the Macy’s Day parade to the toy aisles everywhere.

A balloon of “Red Titan Ryan” flew over the streets of New York during the 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

CBS News

You’d think a kid with their own toy line and more daily viewers than most TV networks might let it go. But it turns out that Ryan is like a lot of other 10-year-olds. He especially wanted to talk about the video games he loves.

Burbank asked him, “So you’re a fat guy, like Roblox, Minecraft?”


“Do you have any tips for me as a broadcaster on how I can get more people to watch the stuff I do?”

“I guess – hmmm, I think you should just, like, keep doing it and wait,” Ryan replied. “And eventually it’s going to blow up. I mean, YouTube is partly luck.”

“Partially lucky?” What do you mean ?

“Because people, like, have to find your videos. And then it comes back to recommendations from a lot of people and stuff,” he said.

Burbank asked, “Would you like to recommend my show on one of your videos, try to help us?”

” Perhaps. How do you call this ?

“It’s called ‘CBS Sunday Morning.’ Can you incorporate this into one of your videos?”

“Perhaps!” said Ryan.

“Ok thank you!”

Correspondent Luke Burbank with Ryan Kaji.

CBS News

For more information:

Story produced by John Goodwin. Publisher: Ben McCormick.

A customer takes delivery of eight Bugatti sports cars at a time


A Bugatti customer and his family took charge of a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition and six Bugatti Baby IIs at once.

By : HT automatic office
April 24, 2022, 1:13 p.m.

The client also supported six bespoke Bugatti Baby II models for children. (Bugatti)

Bugatti shared that one of his customers visited the brand’s headquarters in Molsheim and took delivery of not one or two but eight Bugatti cars at a time. These included the Chiron Super Sport 300+, one of eight Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition certified by “La Maison Pur Sang”, as well as six Bugatti Baby IIs in bright spring colors. Bugatti informed the client that he had brought his six children to let them experience the French brand’s site.

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, equipped with an advanced 8.0-liter W16 powertrain, became the first production car to exceed the speed of 482 km/h. It offers a top speed of 490.4 km/h. Bugatti only made 30 examples of this model, all sold out.

(Also read | Bugatti begins deliveries of the Chiron Super Sport, reaches 300 km/h in 12.1 seconds)

The other Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition is equipped with an 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine and became the fastest open-top car in the world in 2013 to reach the speed of 408.84 km /h. Bugatti only made eight of them. The model that this customer received is accompanied by an official certification from La Maison Pur Sang which verifies the authenticity of models from all periods of the brand’s history.

(Also read | Bugatti Centodieci enters production, covers over 50,000 km in final tests)

The client also supported six bespoke Bugatti Baby II models for children. These models have been carefully selected and are available in colors such as yellow, red, blue, green, white and orange. Bugatti mentioned that it partnered with The Little Car Company to develop a modern version of the original Bugatti Baby model. These models are 75% scale and are electrically powered.

Date of first publication: April 24, 2022, 1:13 p.m. IST

Momma Dee, Lil Scrappy’s mom, claims they don’t talk anymore


Momma Dee has called wife Bambi ‘insecure’ after reuniting with Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend Shay Johnson at her baby shower.

the love and hip hop The drama involving Lil Scrappy, his mother Momma Dee, his wife Bambi Richardson and his ex-girlfriend Shay Johnson has been given new life on social media. Reality TV fans have seen Scrappy go through several relationships during his tenure with VH1’s hit series, and although his mother disagreed with nearly every one of his picks, she was pretty close with Shay. These days, Scrappy is enjoying her growing family with Bambi and Shay is currently pregnant as she also continues to build a new life for herself.

A recent video showed Momma Dee and Shay getting together at what appeared to be Shay’s baby shower and one user said it was “disrespectful” to Bambi. Momma Dee didn’t hold back in her response.

Frazer Harrison/Staff/Getty Images

“I am for who for me,” replied Momma Dee. “I never heard bam make fun of what I ate. Send me flowers for my birthday. Give me a greeting card. and I’m not even talking because of his insecurity, c ‘is finished.”

Over a season of Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion, Scrappy and Bambi revealed that they had problems in their marriage and even had discussions about the breakup. They decided to weather the recession, but Momma Dee made it clear there was a lot more going on than people thought. Check it out below.

Health Secretary orders new Nottingham maternity scandal review chair


Health Secretary Sajid Javid has commissioned a new chair for the Nottingham Maternity Scandal Review, which is examining hundreds of cases of alleged poor care.

In a letter published on Friday evening, Mr Javid said there needed to be ‘urgent’ changes to the way the review was carried out, which included the appointment of former NHS Trust chair Julie Dent, to conduct the review.

The Health Secretary’s letter comes after more than 100 bereaved families called for the review to be reviewed and for the chairman to be replaced by Donna Ockenden who chaired the inquiry into the Shrewsbury maternity hospital scandal.

The Nottingham review, dubbed the ‘independent subject review’, is led by local NHS commissioners and NHS England.

The families told the Health Secretary on April 7 that they had no confidence in the thematic review and called for an independent review to replace it.

In response to a letter from the families, Donna Ockenden said she would be happy to lead the review subject to being interviewed. It is unclear whether the Department of Health and Social Care had contacted Ms Ockenden.

In his letter to the families, Mr Javid said: ‘Following discussions at regional and national level, it is clear that urgent changes to the way the exam is carried out need to be made. A new Chair must lead this review with enough high-level experience to address the concerns and challenges facing Nottingham University Hospitals, to speed up the process and to deliver a review that can bring real change for women and babies in Nottingham.

“It has therefore been agreed that the review will now benefit from enhanced national oversight by NHS England and NHS Improvement and I am pleased to announce that Julie Dent CBE has agreed to take on the role of Chair of this review and she will commence this work with immediate effect.”

Lycoming Township parents face felony charges | News, Sports, Jobs


When county narcotics unit investigators raided the Lycoming Township mobile home of Jeffrey Howlett and Lindy Beck at 1970 Beech St., A29 last week, they discovered conditions of lives that were simply “deplorable and dangerous”, according to Old Lycoming Township Police Sgt. Christopher Kriner. The couple live in the house with their five minor children, he said.

One of the children’s bedrooms “was littered with toys and trash on the floor which made it impossible to move around the room”, Kriner said in an affidavit. “There was a soiled mattress on the floor, right next to an exposed electrical outlet without a protective faceplate,” Kriner said, adding that next to the mattress was “a baseboard heater with live wiring exposed.”

In a playroom, where two of the children were sleeping, investigators found “presumption of methamphetamine on a glass plate” as well as suspected fentanyl “inside an unsecured wooden box on a computer desk where video game controls were located”, Kriner said.

Throughout the living room, there was garbage and animal droppings on the floor, Kriner said, adding that in the kitchen were bags. “containing rotten rubbish and dirty diapers on the floor.”

In the court document, Kriner said there was “piles of dirty laundry all over the trailer.” There was an exposed electrical outlet in the bathroom as well as an exposed electrical circuit breaker in the master bedroom, creating “a serious risk of electrocution as well as a risk of fire”, Kriner added.

The county’s Department of Children and Youth took emergency protective custody of the children after the April 14 raid. Last month, the department ordered the couple to clean the trailer, Kriner said.

“Howlett and Beck allowed unsafe and unsanitary conditions to exist in their home that endangered their five children, even after repeated directions from authorities to clean the place,” he added.

Howlett, 34, and Beck, 30, were arraigned Thursday before District Judge William Solomon on five counts of endangering the welfare of children. Howlett was jailed in Lycoming County Jail in lieu of $75,000 bail while Beck was released on the same amount.

The search warrant that the narcotics unit filed to search the house has been sealed and is not available to the public.

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As infant formula shortage worsens, Arizona pediatricians see surge in calls


PHOENIX (3 on your side) – The current shortage of infant formula is getting worse. As parents and caregivers scramble to find the food they need for their babies, Arizona’s WIC Shoppers hotline is facing a surge in calls from people with questions about it, learned 3 On Your Side. Pediatricians also hear from worried moms and dads.

“We’re certainly getting a lot of calls about the shortage,” said Phoenix Children’s pediatrician Dr. Farah Lokey. According to a recent Datasembly report, there is a 31% out-of-stock rate this month for infant formula. In January, the stock-out rate was 23%. The shortage is caused by ongoing supply chain issues and a mass recall of several popular infant formula brands, including Similac, which wiped out existing products. “Inflation, supply chain shortages and product recalls have resulted in unprecedented volatility for infant formula,” said Ben Reich, Founder and CEO of Datasembly. “We expect the infant formula category to be significantly impacted by these conditions.”

Major retailers like Walgreens, Target and CVS now limit the amount of infant formula shoppers can buy. “It’s no problem to switch from one brand to another if necessary. These are usually the same ingredients, but maybe changed very little and minimally, but you can switch between brand names or off-brand names from supermarkets and bulk stores. Tom Herrmann, spokesman for the Arizona Department of Health Services, which administers the USDA-funded Arizona WIC program, said the state has a contract with Abbott, the maker of Similac formulas. “Arizona’s WIC Shoppers Hotline has received an increase in calls regarding the recent infant formula shortage and recall,” Herrmann said. “Abbott and the USDA have provided the Arizona WIC program with some flexibility to temporarily provide non-Similac formulas when they are not available in stores. Due to temporary flexibility, Arizona’s WIC program can provide standard infant formula without a doctor’s prescription. Medical formulas always require a prescription from a medical provider.

“The Arizona WIC program receives frequent updates from Abbott on the infant formula recall, and Abbott will notify the Arizona WIC program when the temporary flexibility to provide non-Similac standard formulas ends,” Herrmann added. “The Arizona WIC program has worked closely with families to find the right formula to meet their infant’s nutritional needs. If a WIC participant has questions or has difficulty finding a formula, they should contact their WIC office directly.

Although you can switch brands of formula, health care providers emphasize that you should never try to create your own formula mix, and you should never add extra water to try to make the formula last longer. . “Mix them exactly as directed on the box,” Dr. Lokey warned. “If you put more water in it to stretch it out, the water can be what we call ‘free water’, which is water not mixed with anything else, maybe dangerous for infants, especially under six months, which can cause seizures if they have too much water in their systems.Dr Lokey says that for children under one year old, it is also important avoid cow’s milk. Instead, stick with formula or breast milk. If you have any questions or concerns, ask your pediatrician.

People are sharing hilarious text messages sent by pregnant women


Serious case of baby brain! Text messages reveal the sometimes hilarious reality of pregnancy – from cravings to putting ketchup in the shower

  • Relevant text exchanges were shared by women and their partners
  • One Reveals Woman’s Bizarre Pregnancy Dinner of Oreos and Carrots
  • And another shows a confused husband misinterpreting his wife’s pregnancy test

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for many women, but these photos prove that it can also be a hilarious nine months.

Text messages from around the world reveal the unintentionally funny side of pregnancy, from bizarre food cravings to wild mood swings. The best examples have been compiled into a gallery by With My Ladies.

A text reveals a woman’s strange pregnancy dinner, consisting of half a packet of double-stuffed Oreos and half a packet of carrots.

Another set of posts reveals a confused husband, who misinterprets his wife’s positive pregnancy test as a low thermometer reading of 11F.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the funniest and most relevant texts sent by pregnant women.

Pregnant or frozen! A woman confused her partner with her positive pregnancy test message, they thought it was a thermometer reading of 11F (-11C)

Code cheese!  Another woman texts her partner in an urgent offer to get the cheese sauce she wants for her dinner

Code cheese! Another woman texts her partner in an urgent offer to get the cheese sauce she wants for her dinner

Weird!  Woman's husband revealed she would forget what she was doing and ended up putting the ketchup in the shower

Weird! Woman’s husband revealed she would forget what she was doing and ended up putting the ketchup in the shower

Balance!  A woman shared her dinner that night in a text message - saying she had carrots and Oreos

Balance! A woman shared her dinner that night in a text message – saying she had carrots and Oreos

Love not war!  Hungry woman asks her partner to come home with poutine because she craves it

Love not war! Hungry woman asks her partner to come home with poutine because she craves it

Life or death: another text message exchange reveals that a woman ate a day old meatball sandwich to satisfy her hunger

Life or death: another text message exchange reveals that a woman ate a day old meatball sandwich to satisfy her hunger

Stuck quickly!  A woman appears to be in trouble as she had dropped something on the floor but was unable to get up

Stuck quickly! A woman appears to be in trouble as she had dropped something on the floor but was unable to get up

No kidding!  A man's sister texted her to tell her she was having labor, but instead of offering kind words of comfort, he told her a joke instead, leaving her unimpressed.

No kidding! A man’s sister texted her to tell her she was having labor, but instead of offering kind words of comfort, he told her a joke instead, leaving her unimpressed.

Sick day!  The woman did not feel like going to work and wanted to call pregnant instead of being sick

Sick day! The woman did not feel like going to work and wanted to call pregnant instead of being sick

Typo!  A woman accidentally writes

Typo! Woman accidentally writes ‘placenta’ instead of location in text message, mind preoccupied with birth

Food on the brain!  Woman compares her swollen feet and toes to food during a chat with her husband after she's just eaten breakfast and makes herself hungry again

Food on the brain! Woman compares her swollen feet and toes to food during a chat with her husband after she’s just had breakfast and makes herself hungry again

Clear the calendar!  Wife Tells Husband She Logs Cheeseburger Consumption In Order To Satisfy Pregnancy Craving

Clear the calendar! Wife Tells Husband She Logs Cheeseburger Consumption In Order To Satisfy Pregnancy Craving

Existential crisis!  Another exchange reveals a woman who is about to give birth and comes to terms with the fact while feeling rather worried about the whole thing.

Existential crisis! Another exchange reveals a woman who is about to give birth and comes to terms with the fact while feeling rather worried about the whole thing.

Jack and Jill have climbed the hill!  Woman uses unusual rhyming method to tell partner she's pregnant

Jack and Jill have climbed the hill! Woman uses unusual rhyming method to tell partner she’s pregnant

Roll!  A woman shares an image of a turtle to express the difficulties pregnant women have in getting up in the morning

Roll! A woman shares an image of a turtle to express the difficulties pregnant women have in getting up in the morning

What?!  During a conversation with her friend, a woman makes a typo and tells her that she fancies something entirely different before correcting herself

What?! During a conversation with her friend, a woman makes a typo and tells her that she fancies something entirely different before correcting herself

Seven fun facts about babies born on the twenty-first (21) of the month


Numerology is the study of numbers and the meaning behind each one. It’s important to know how these numbers impact our lives, so if your baby was born on the 21st of the month, their characteristics will be unique to their number, which will set them apart from babies born on other calendar days. Here’s what you can expect from a baby born on the 21st…

Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Communicators: Your baby will have no problems when it comes to his social life. 21-year-olds are made for socializing, which makes them excellent in roles such as journalism, editing and sales. They are imaginative and creative, so they are always the life and soul of the party. People are naturally drawn to their boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. While this is considered a huge plus for many, as parents you will sometimes need to overpower them if they get too dizzy.

Selfish: 21s care about others, but they will always make sure their own needs are met first. Although it is often advised before helping those around you, they may fall guilty of being selfish. Try to help your child look outside of themselves in certain situations so they don’t grow up thinking the whole world revolves around them.

Worker: Your child will quickly learn that he will only get out of life what he puts into it. If at some point he tries to slow down, he will find that life is not going his way. Therefore, they will work hard for whatever they achieve because they know that is the only way to get what they want. They will find it difficult to understand those who seem to have a free ride in life and may even be jealous of them. Try to remind your child that while others may seem to have it easy in certain areas, they will try incredibly hard to maintain parts of their world that others cannot see.

Distracted: 21 year olds have to love what they do or they can easily procrastinate. It can be worse when they are in school and forced to learn things that don’t interest them. Try to instill in them that they have to work hard during these crucial years to reach a point where they can have choices. They will fight hard to do something they are passionate about as a career because they can’t support something for the wrong reasons, so support their happiness rather than focusing on their paycheck.

Guardians: While 21s will always think of number one above all else, they care about others and will also give to others. Your child will turn out to be a great parent if he grows up wanting to have offspring, because he has a lot of love to pass on. The best way to nurture this side of their personality is to be a loving and generous parent yourself to set an early example. If they grow up knowing nothing else, it will be easy for them as they get older.

Distance: Your child will probably want to spend some of their years away from home, either going to school or traveling to other countries, but rest assured, they will always come back to you. You don’t have to worry about them staying away too long because they know where their hearts go. Encourage whatever life experience comes their way and be patient for their return.

Paranoid: Your child may grow up becoming paranoid about other people’s opinions and thoughts. If they are left for too long, their nerves will take over and this could lead to problems at home during their younger years. Try to encourage your child to only deal with things that have been said or done rather than “what if” scenarios so that they have something concrete to deal with.

RELATED: Numerology: Seven Fun Facts About Babies Born On The Twenty (20th) Of The Month

by for www.femalefirst.co.uk
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Hannah Morgan: Families working together for a better world


This comment is from Hannah Morgan of Plainfield, a mom and organizer with families risea 350Vermont project bringing families together to talk about the harsh realities of climate change and participate in the transition to a healthier and safer world.

Leaving home with young children is always a triumph. I had been trying to do just that with my 1 and 3 year olds all morning.

While I was cleaning the 1 year old’s oatmeal, the 3 year old ran outside and then walked through the house in his muddy boots.

While I was helping the 3 year old with his boots, the 1 year old was soaking his hat in dog water and soaking his pants.

While I was changing the 1 year old, the 3 year old was stripping and throwing baskets of toys.

Finally, both children were dressed and ready to go and I was packing food and listening to their laughter, grateful that they were enjoying each other’s company. I turned to see that they were taking turns stomping on a soft water bottle and running through the resulting puddle in their socks. I ran upstairs and silently screamed, sobbed and pounded the mattress with my fists before happily calling out that I was looking for dry socks.

Parenting is wonderful and difficult. But these daily struggles aren’t what makes parenthood so deeply exhausting. The real challenge for me has been trying my best to stay calm and raise my children the right way under the constant blanket of grief for the world.

The challenge is to find strength and hope in feeding my children breakfast, knowing that a mother brings her son home in a wheelbarrow and buries him in a shallow grave in her garden in Ukraine. He breastfeeds my daughter to sleep knowing manatees are starving in Florida right now due to pollution and climate change.

I write about this exhaustion knowing that I am a parent with many privileges and that I do not have to deal with the daily violence of racism, homophobia/transphobia, etc., which causes suffering and exhaustion that I will never even understand.

How do we continue to raise our children in the face of these constant atrocities and losses? For me, one way to keep hope alive is to take action.

What is happening in Ukraine is a devastating reminder of the link between war and the climate crisis. Militarism contributes enormously to climate change and access to resources such as oil is at the root of armed conflict. Not only are fossil fuels causing the climate emergency, they are also funding and enabling war. As long as we extract and burn dirty energy, we will see more families torn apart by instability, violence and war.

And although we heard daily about the suffering in Ukraine, the latest IPCC report made it clear that our time for deliberation was over. We are on track for catastrophic 3C warming, spelling the most extreme outcomes of the climate emergency, including total social and environmental collapse.

But it is not yet a fatality. Scientists have provided a clear path to avoid this worst-case scenario and that means stepping up the climate movement and defeating the fossil fuel industry to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

The response to the war in Ukraine must not be to increase domestic oil and gas extraction. This is the time to take the leap out of dirty energy. And as we all work towards the end of the age of fossil fuels, we must ensure that this transition is just and centers the voices of those who are most vulnerable and historically marginalized.

False solutions are currently offered by legislation in our state, such as the use of biofuels as a clean heat source. While false solutions like this are attractive on the surface, in reality, biofuels displace food crops, destroy ecosystems and release sequestered carbon.

Local leaders should prioritize real change now by funding massive weatherization and incentives for low-income Vermonters to have access to heat pumps, electric vehicles and community solar power. We need to fund more environmental justice laws and provide access to land for BIPOC farmers, and prioritize a robust public transportation system, including fully electric school buses.

I wish I could devote all my time and attention to raising my children and continuing my work, but I just can’t do that under the weight of the constant fear I feel for their future. As a mom, I will continue to organize for climate justice. And I will continue to pick up the crumbs under the table, knowing that means I am still able to feed my family; I will wash the dishes and do the laundry, grateful that we have access to hot running water; I will try to revel in the constant noise, knowing it means I am surrounded by my children who are still alive.

As a member of Families Rise Up (a network of over 700 parents and families across Vermont working for climate justice), I know I am not alone with these feelings. Our strength lies in our shared love for our children and our fierce commitment to justice, an end to war and a livable planet.

You can join Families Rise Up for an Earth Day solidarity and nurse rally on the Statehouse steps on Saturday, April 23, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The nurse will take place at noon.

What: All families are invited to join us in singing, breastfeeding our babies and picnicking together on the steps of the Statehouse to call for an end to fossil fuel extraction and war, and to celebrate community and life. Please wear yellow or blue, bring your family, friends and a picnic, and be prepared to sing. All breastfeeding people are especially welcome to gather and breastfeed their babies or children at noon on the steps of the Statehouse.

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Recent Stories

Sam’s Club redefines Member’s Mark as a “purpose-driven brand”


Sam’s Club aims to transform its private label Member’s Mark into a more sustainable brand.

Bentonville, Ark.-based Sam’s on Tuesday unveiled a new identity for Member’s Mark, including a new logo and the tagline “Made with Our Members and Planet in Mind.” Repositioning the label, the warehouse club chain said the product line – spanning grocery, health and wellness, baby, apparel, homeware, furniture, office and tech categories – now aspires ” to be of the highest quality while showcasing the trend of innovation and a focus on people and planet.

The new member brand logo and design features a subtle check mark to signify the brand’s greater focus on sustainability as well as high product quality, Sam’s said. Plans are for the new logo and check design to appear on club packaging over the next 18 months.

“Increasingly, our members are looking to us for on-trend, quality-lasting items,” Megan Crozier, executive vice president and chief merchant of Sam’s Club, said at a press conference yesterday. “We are announcing that we have considered all of our members’ feedback and are transforming our private Member’s Mark into a purpose-driven brand.”

Sam’s noted that it had launched, renovated and rebranded more than 1,200 Member’s Mark items since 2020, when the chain decided to reassess the brand after parent company Walmart announced its goal of becoming a regenerative business. Member’s Mark was launched in 1998, and in 2017 Sam’s consolidated its 20 proprietary brands under the label.

sam’s club

Many Member’s Mark products already have sustainable attributes, such as Fair Trade Certified Member’s Mark Colombian Supremo coffee, and now Sam’s Club has said it plans to give the brand a stronger meaning. This includes removing certain ingredients from Member’s Mark feeds and consumables and expanding the assortment of items made using practices that promote animal welfare, support the health of land and oceans, mitigate deforestation, use more sustainable textiles and come from renewable sources.


“Increasingly, our members are turning to us for on-trend, long-lasting quality items.” — Megan Crozier, Sam’s Club Head Merchant

For example, by 2025, Sam’s is aiming for 100% of its seafood to be sustainably sourced, 100% of its eggs to be cage-free, all poultry to be raised without antibiotics, all animal protein to be from human sources and 100% of its coffee, tea and cocoa products to be certified fair trade. Among other objectives set for 2025the retailer aims for 100% of its fresh and frozen produce and its live floral and plant products to have certified Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, 100% responsibly sourced palm oil, 100% of its packaging is recyclable or reusable (or industrially compostable), and a 15% reduction in the design of virgin plastic packaging.

Sam’s also said it aspires to have 100% of its products free of ingredients on its “made without” list by 2025. The 39 items currently on the list include ingredients such as corn syrup high fructose, artificial flavors (by 2028), parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors (by 2028), aspartame, saccharin and nitrates, among others.

Additionally, Sam’s will require Member’s Mark suppliers to participate in Project Gigaton – Walmart’s private sector consortium to reduce or avoid 1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions – as well as to source items Member’s Mark more responsibly and seek more diversity in the brand supplier. base.

sam’s clubSams_Club-Members_Mark-Made_Without_Ingredients_List.jpg

“As we continue to evolve the Member’s Mark brand, we intend to develop items that reflect the ingredients, processes and materials that our members want – and don’t want – in their products,” Prathibha Rajashekhar, senior vice president of private labels and sourcing at Sam’s Club, said in the press call. “We will make those decisions that focus not just on quality, innovation and value, but on the impact we have on the world around us.”

All Member’s Mark products are expected to convert to the new logo by the end of 2023, and members will soon start seeing the updated logo, according to Rajashekhar.

“We are introducing a new member brand logo, inserting a checkmark. We hope this reflects our increased ambition for quality and regeneration,” she said.

Member’s Mark’s new identity, Crozier said, reflects feedback from the My Member’s Mark community, a group of more than 40,000 Sam’s Club members who provide feedback on Member’s Mark articles at every phase of the product lifecycle. a product.

For example, one product – Member’s Mark Beer Battered Cod – was pulled from clubs in October 2020 after failing to meet customer expectations. Following a review of member feedback, an adjustment to the recipe with the supplier (adding more crispiness and beer flavor and using cleaner ingredients) and an update to the packaging, the cod was relaunched in February 2021 and is now highly regarded and has grown in popularity, according to Sam.

“We know that Members who buy Member’s Mark products have higher renewal rates and enjoy shopping at Sam’s more than those who buy more national brands. So we reached out to our members to figure out how we can make a brand they already love even better,” Crozier said. “The feedback they gave us was largely positive, but we see an opportunity to have higher and consistent quality standards across all categories.”

Young Dolph murder suspect sentenced to 2 years in prison


Justin Johnson, one of the men charged with the murder of the late Young Dolph, recently pleaded guilty to federal offenses, according to Action News 5. At a hearing on Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to not being regularly employed, to missing mandatory drug screenings and therapy sessions, failing to ask permission before leaving the jurisdiction and being arrested.

The latest two violations relate to Justin’s arrest in January, which resulted in local charges being filed against him in the Dolph case. As we reported, Justin, aka Straight Drop, was arrested by US Marshals after a vehicle he was traveling in was stopped in Indiana. Justin, who had been on the run for over a month, was hit with various charges related to Dolph’s death. The charges include first degree murder, attempted first degree murder and theft of property worth $10,000 to $60,000.

Cornelius Smith is also charged with first degree murder in Dolph’s death, while Shundale Barnett, who was apprehended with Justin, has been charged as an afterthought accessory to first degree murder. Justin was the only suspect to appear in court and a federal judge said he was “bitterly disappointed” with Justin during the hearing. Judge Mark Norris said the 23-year-old “wasted the opportunities the court gave him”.

Justin made a remark during the hearing that he was ready to put the case behind him as he has “a lot of stuff with other charges.” At this time, no further information is available on the sentencing of any of the Young Dolph murder suspects, but we will update you as more information becomes available! Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the latest development below!

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USC researchers launch breastfeeding support group for black women in the Midlands | Health


Over the weekend, a research team from the University of South Carolina College of Nursing, Mocha Mama’s Milk, launched a virtual breastfeeding support group for black women in the Midlands.

Co-founded by Tisha Felder, a behavioral specialist, and Joynelle Jackson, a maternal nurse, the group plans to meet once a month for mothers seeking breastfeeding support.

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 66% of black mothers have started breastfeeding, compared to 82.8% of white mothers and more than 90% of Asian mothers.

“Women just aren’t educated enough about breastfeeding,” Jackson told The Post and Courier. “We think of boobs as if they’re personal, they’re mine and I don’t share that with anyone. But what it can do is amazing, and you don’t do it forever.”

According to the CDC, breastfeeding can be widely beneficial for mothers and infants and is associated with lower risks of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, and reduced risks of high blood pressure and ovarian cancers. and breast in mothers.

Black mothers and infants in particular are at increased risk for many of these health conditions, which can be greatly reduced if breastfeeding rates improve.

“Especially for black women, there is a significant reduction in risk for very aggressive breast cancers, such as triple-negative breast cancers,” Felder said. “Breastfeeding can actually reduce that risk.”

Felder said much of the problem can be solved by educating women and mothers about the importance of breastfeeding and creating safe spaces for mothers to turn to when they have questions and need help. Support.

Felder told The Post and Courier that breastfeeding is not a popular topic among black families, an idea that stems from a long history of enslaved black women forced to serve as wet nurses for slave owners’ infants. .

“(Slavery) has had a lasting impact, not necessarily because we sit down and talk about it specifically, but more so because of that behavior. (Our) association with that behavior is that it’s not very positive “, Felder mentioned.

Other barriers black mothers face when breastfeeding include a lack of peer and family support, insufficient education from health systems, and difficulty navigating between work and breastfeeding, according to a recent report. from the CDC.

According to a lactation consultant from the Medical University of South Carolina, Molly Gros, during the first months of life, babies nurse at least eight to 12 times a day. So a mother returning to work should pump every three to four hours for 15 to 30 minutes at a time.

Medicaid expansion for new and expectant mothers could affect thousands of women in SC

This was the case of Lt. Brittany Jackamonis, of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia.

Jackamonis had her first child in the spring of 2021 and has been exclusively breastfeeding for over a year, feeding only her son’s breast milk without any supplemental nutrition, while also overseeing her unit of officers in Colombia.

“The sacrifice is real,” Jackamonis said. “Work-life balance with a breastfed baby is definitely something you need to mentally prepare for.”

Jackamonis, one of five siblings, was never breastfed as a baby. It was just something that wasn’t talked about much in his family or his community.

“Definitely worth it,” added Jackamonis. “At the end of the day, the reward of seeing your child thriving and getting the nutrition they need, you can’t explain. It can really be very difficult for you at times, but it’s something you you’ll never come back.”

According to Shalonda Clyburn, another lactation consultant for MUSC, mothers can benefit from seeing a lactation specialist before and after birth.

“I believe that if mothers are educated and feel supported, they will not only try to breastfeed, but they will breastfeed longer if they know what to expect,” Clyburn said. “Education takes away a lot of the fear of what’s to come.”

SC officials fear handling more calls as suicide hotline moves to 3-digit number

Both Clyburn and Gros said the education mothers receive about breastfeeding is important in debunking common myths about the practice. According to Gros, common myths surrounding breastfeeding include that the practice is painful and requires a special diet.

“Pain is actually a sign of a problem,” Gros said. “And there really aren’t any foods you need to avoid.”

And according to Clyburn, some women think they won’t be able to produce enough milk because a family member has had trouble breastfeeding.

“I have to remind moms that we are designed for this and that breast milk is a whole food,” Clyburn added. “That’s all your baby needs for the first full year.”

Felder and Jackson are also conducting a separate study with Prisma Health to promote breastfeeding among black women. The study, which will begin in the summer of 2022, will interview at least 15 newly breastfeeding women and provide support through lactation nurses and peer mothers.

Those interested in the study can visit mochamamasmilk.com or email [email protected] to learn more.

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New York Institute for Special Education Hosts Easter Egg Hunt and Celebrates Award Winner Danny



CHILDREN AGED 3 TO 6 from the Readiness and Schermerhorn programs at New York Institute for Special Education ran around the campus grounds, located at 999 Pelham Parkway North in the Allerton section of the Bronx, during the school’s annual Easter egg hunt, searching high and low for Easter eggs filled with candy and toys before the holidays.
Image reproduced with the kind permission of

The New York Institute for Special Education (NYISE) held an Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday, April 13 for over 100 preschool and kindergarten children.

Based in the Bronx since 1924, NYISE is currently located at 999 Pelham Parkway North in Allerton and offers quality programs to more than 250 students from all five New York boroughs, Westchester County and upstate New York. , including more than 100 Bronx children, ages 3 to 5, who attend her preschool.

Staff at the institute, which was founded in 1831 as the New York Institution for the Blind, say it is one of the oldest and most respected schools in the country and provides services specialized in children with disabilities, as indicated above.

CHILDREN AGED 3 TO 6 from the Readiness and Schermerhorn programs at New York Institute for Special Education ran around the campus grounds, located at 999 Pelham Parkway North in the Allerton section of the Bronx, during the school’s annual Easter egg hunt, searching high and low for Easter eggs filled with candy and toys before the holidays.
Image courtesy of the New York Institute for Special Education

Meanwhile, the Danny Awards are a global award that showcases and recognizes the musical talents of people with intellectual and physical disabilities. The event celebrates differences while bringing together individuals of all abilities.

The 2nd Annual Danny Awards, sponsored by René Plessner, took place March 19 at Peter Jay Sharp Theater at Symphony Space in Manhattan and also streamed live online, having previously been postponed due to the pandemic. NYISE student Wani Benedith, 14, was one of the 2021 Danny Award winners and performed the song “A Million Dreams.” Wani is a solo artist who is legally blind.

Judge and guitarist, Adam Stengel, introduced Wani, describing him as “truly unforgettable” and “a brother, student, singer, public speaker and co-founder of a company called Braille Code Inc”. Stengel continued, “He’s been singing since he was 6 under Naum Shulman’s training.” A Wani performance of the song can be viewed below, and the full award show, including her live performance on the night, can be viewed below, also on YouTube.

Accepting her award, Wani said, “Music has been important to me because it’s part of my daily life. When I was a kid, my mom played me music all the time and she introduced me to a bunch of artists of the day. He added: “Even now, on my way to school every day, I listen to music. I’m glad my undying love for music brought me here. Speaking of bringing me here, thank you to the Daniel Music Foundation and the Danny Awards for recognizing my talent.

Wani then joked, “Not only will this make a great memory for me, but it will also look great on my future CV!” He concluded by thanking the sponsor and founder of the event, his music teacher, who he says guided him to the event, and his family who he says were very supportive.

Wani Benedith, 14, a student at the New York Institute for Special Education, was honored at the 2021 Danny Awards, which took place in 2022.
Picture via YouTube

According to the organizers of the event, the awards show lasted two years and this year more than 100 video submissions were received from talented musicians around the world. Organizers said competition was fierce for the top ten winners. In fact, there was a tie for 10th place, so 11 winners were honored this year, in addition to fan favorite Danny Awards 2021.

A panel of judges made up of musicians and music industry professionals such as Paula Abdul selected the top winners, chosen from video submissions in two categories: “Outstanding Original Song” and “Joyful Expression of a Cover Song. “.

CHILDREN AGED 3 TO 6 from the Readiness and Schermerhorn programs at New York Institute for Special Education ran around the campus grounds, located at 999 Pelham Parkway North in the Allerton section of the Bronx, during the school’s annual Easter egg hunt, searching high and low for Easter eggs filled with candy and toys before the holidays.
Image courtesy of the New York Institute for Special Education

Each winner received a personalized Danny award, commemorating their achievement, $500, plus up to $500 in travel reimbursement.

More importantly, each winner also had the opportunity to share their musical talents with the world through their performance during the show. Visit danielsmusic.org/TheDannys2021 for event details.

In other NYISE news, in 2021, Daniel Lubiner, a teacher at NYISE, announced that he had invented a tablet for people who are blind or visually impaired. This allows them to create tactile drawings and learn Braille at the same time.

CHILDREN AGED 3 TO 6 from the Readiness and Schermerhorn programs at New York Institute for Special Education ran around the campus grounds, located at 999 Pelham Parkway North in the Allerton section of the Bronx, during the school’s annual Easter egg hunt, searching high and low for Easter eggs filled with candy and toys before the holidays.
Image courtesy of the New York Institute for Special Education

As noted, the disability community scored a major victory recently when it was announced that a coalition of disability activists and advocates had settled a court case launched in 2020 under the Americans with Disabled Law (ADA) against the National Board of Elections (BOE).

People with disabilities can now take advantage of a new statewide accessible mail-in ballot program to vote in future elections. A federal court approved and ordered the terms of the settlement agreement, under which the State BOE will create the new program. It will allow blind and disabled voters to complete a remote, accessible, mail-in ballot online, print it and return it to their respective county electoral board.

For more information about Daniel’s Music Foundation, visit: https://www.danielsmusic.org/.

Next and a group of investment companies acquire JoJo Maman Bébé | Mergers and Acquisitions


Babywear and maternity wear retailer JoJo Maman Bébé – whose high-profile customers include the Duchess of Cambridge – has been taken over by big business Next and a group of investment firms.

Laura Tenison, who started the business in 1993 from her shared kitchen table and grew it into one of Britain’s leading mother and baby retailers, said the new owners had “plans exciting to grow and grow the brand much faster than we ever could, giving us the opportunity to open up new markets”.

However, as part of the deal, she will leave the company.

Next acquired 44% of the company’s shares, with the remaining 56% being acquired by investment companies managed or advised by the hedge fund Davidson Kempner Capital Management. The shares were acquired from existing JoJo shareholders, including Tenison.

In addition to its websites, JoJo Maman Bébé has 87 outlets and employs over 950 people in the UK.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore JoJo Maman Bébé maternity clothes. Photography: Rex/Shutterstock

The company told staff that the new owners “wish to keep our stores where they trade profitably”, adding that in the future “there may be opportunities for more stores”. [and] new international websites”.

The value of the deal was not disclosed and it is unclear how much Tenison received for his majority stake in the company.

Tenison started the business after a serious car accident while living in France left her in hospital. In interviews, she said her companion was a young mother of two young children, who amused herself by ordering from mail-order catalogs.

“[Living in rural France] I couldn’t help noticing how well-dressed children in France were. You would see them walking along the beach with their grandparents whatever the weather, in their awesome waterproof overalls and fisherman jackets, picking things up in the sand,” she said. told an interviewer in 2020.

Having been so inspired, in 1993 she started the JoJo business from her shared flat in London, with her “warehouse”, her parents’ shed in South Wales.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been photographed several times wearing a white maternity coat from the brand and it is also said that he has bought a number of items for her daughterPrincess Charlotte.

Commenting on the deal, Tenison said: “Turning JoJo from a kitchen table start-up to the leading specialist boutique brand for mothers and babies in the UK has been my focus for the past 30 years. I am exceptionally proud of our accomplishments and excited about the opportunities this new partnership will provide for the future of the brand.

She told staff it was important to Next and the other businesses “that we retain the brand’s identity, values ​​and flair, while allowing JoJo to benefit from the economies of scale of their larger umbrella. … Next and DK agree with us that our stores are of great value to the whole business…. She added that she would maintain her own dedicated website.

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Gwynn Milligan, who joined JoJo Maman Bébé in 2017 as chief commercial officer, has taken over as general manager, and the other directors will remain in place.

Next said the company would retain its managerial autonomy and creative independence. Next will also make a £16.3 million investment in the brand, funded by its own cash resources.

Simon Wolfson, Managing Director of Next, said: “We are excited to see what can be achieved through the combination of JoJo’s exceptional product with Next’s infrastructure and Davidson Kempner as an investment partner.

Olivia Bowen fans are convinced she left a big clue about the baby’s gender during the nursery tour


Olivia Bowen gave her followers a preview of the nursery on Instagram on Friday as she prepares to welcome her first child with husband Alex this summer

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Olivia Bowen shares a look inside her childhood bedroom

Olivia Bowen’s eagle-eyed fans were convinced she secretly blurted out the gender of her unborn baby as she toured Instagram on Friday, ahead of her due date. summer.

The Love Island star, 28, gave a glimpse of the newly decorated bedroom and her followers were quick to notice a selection of colorful babies in the clip, prompting them to wonder if it was a hint at the baby’s gender.

After showing off how she decorated the room with toys and a full wardrobe of clothes, Olivia took to the comments section to say how she had both a pink baby and a blue baby.

Olivia Bowen’s eagle-eyed fans were convinced she secretly leaked the gender of her unborn baby



The Love Island star, 28, took to Instagram on a nursery tour on Friday and showed off a baby blue grow



She wrote: “Eagle-eyed over there. We have a pink AND blue onesie hanging ready to be taken to the hospital to see which one he/she eventually comes home to.

“I loved the idea of ​​having both prepared!

“Just before someone starts thinking we’re having twins or we know what we have, we don’t know.”

Olivia has completely outfitted the room with toys and a full wardrobe of clothes



A cute rainbow and toy baskets hanging on wooden pegs



Olivia and husband Alex, whom she met on series two of Love Island, are determined to keep their baby’s gender a surprise until birth, but admitted they were ‘out of their minds’ trying to figure out the gender during a scan recently.

“We went for a scan the other day and we were beside ourselves trying to fix it and I dreamed it was a girl, but I dreamed it was a boy, so it really didn’t help me,” Olivia said in an exclusive chat with Mirror Online last month.

Olivia and Alex are determined to keep their baby’s gender a surprise until birth



They are expecting their first child this summer


Instagram/ @oliviadbowen)

“I thought it might mean something to me but I dreamed of both. I think it’s just me trying to imagine what it’s going to be like. I have no idea. People say ‘oh , I had a feeling” but I can’t say. I wish I knew.

Meanwhile, Alex said: “I’ve had a few dreams about sex, especially the day after your exam, that’s when you can find out, your mind plays into it a bit more. There’s all these stories of women, but no one knows.”

Olivia admitted they struggled with not knowing, especially as they have started to prepare the nursery and plan to expand their sprawling house to build a playroom next year.

The reality star added: “We really want the moment of birth where Alex can tell me what it is. It’s going to be so beautiful, so we’re holding on.”

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Patient-centered care begins with listening at CHRISTUS Maternity & Women’s Health Center – Port Arthur News


Kiersten Scott went to a local medical center in 2020 because she felt her hormones were running low.

A few tests later, Scott was told she was pregnant.

“For me, it was like being pregnant for the first time, again, because it was so long,” Scott said. “My children are 14 years apart. At the time, I had no idea that I would be pregnant again.

Due to Scott’s age in his late thirties, one of the nurses at the health center recommended that he see Rhonda Dixon, a certified nurse midwife at CHRISTUS Maternity and Women’s Health Center.

Scott, from Port Arthur, said it was a great decision, describing his time working with Dixon “like going to see a friend”.

“She was really nice, practical and I enjoyed every moment of it,” Scott said. “You felt like they really cared about you. She really took her time. She explained a lot of things that were going on with my body and what they were looking for. She gave me things that I needed to do, things that might help and made adjustments. She wouldn’t let me forget anything.

“They had to refer me to specialists they are connected to, and it was the same thing. Everyone they connected with was amazing.

Scott’s son, Kyler, was born happy and healthy on January 7, 2021.

She said he was “doing amazing,” just starting to walk and getting ready to go to daycare.

Certified nurse midwife Rhonda Dixon stands in her treatment room at CHRISTUS Maternity and Women’s Health Center. (Stephen Hemelt/The News)

CHRISTUS Maternity and Women’s Health

Dixon, who is also an advanced practice registered nurse, said her experiences with Scott were indicative of the care she feels the women of Greater Port Arthur deserve.

No. 1, according to Dixon, midwives don’t just give birth at home. They work in hospitals, neighborhood clinics, birthing centers, etc.

No. 2, she said that midwives have been proven to reduce many health complications in patients, especially pregnant patients.

#3, “We don’t just deliver babies, we do Pap smears, we do breast exams, we treat infections, we order blood work and other tests, we do ultrasounds and help doctors with C-sections,” Dixon said.

The work is important to Dixon, who was born and raised in this community.

“I have a lot in common with my patients,” she says. “I can relate to some of their experiences.”

According to Dixon, word about the women’s health center is growing. She noted that patients, even those who don’t speak English, were driving from Houston, Baytown, Orange, Bridge City, Beaumont and Winnie for care and attention.

The center uses a phone line service via iPad for patients who do not speak English.

“It’s just about making the patient the center of attention in that moment,” Dixon said. “Every patient receives authentic, quality care and a little more.”

CHRISTUS Maternity and Women’s Health Center is located at 8801 9th Avenue, Suite 501 in Port Arthur. (Stephen Hemelt/The News)

Time spent with patients

Patients are not treated as just another number. They are treated like human beings who need to be listened to.

Dixon believes that sentiment is lacking in much of health care. Creating a connection is key.

“It helps the patient open up to me, and I’m able to help her with other issues that she thought maybe we didn’t have time to talk about,” Dixon said. “Maybe she’s too embarrassed to say what’s going on. A lot of times, especially in women’s health, since we’re dealing with parts of the body that most people don’t want to talk about, things can be ignored.

Dixon thinks everyone deserves good treatment, adding there has to be equity in health.

“I know a lot of the people I serve are some of the main people who struggle more because they’re not being listened to,” she said. “People don’t take the time to find out what’s really going on with them.

“Our whole team treats our patients the same way. We all care about our patients. I think the composition of the team is important and helps from the first time a patient calls and schedules her appointment until she leaves. Everyone she spoke to provided her with the same kind of care and attention.

Outside of listening, Dixon said her team can provide resources for people if they’re struggling with depression or any type of anxiety.

“If they lack food, clothing, shelter, we can provide resources for that,” Dixon said. “We don’t just focus on the medical or the physical, but on the whole person.”


CHRISTUS Maternity and Women’s Health Center is located at 8801 9th Avenue, Suite 501 in Port Arthur. Those interested in learning more can call 409-989-5858.

It’s a place that still means a lot to Scott nearly 16 months after the birth of his child.

“They’re an amazing place,” she said. “I tried to send all my friends or anyone I know who might be pregnant there because they took such good care of me and were really nice.”

Rabbits are pets, not toys, experts say ahead of Easter


SAUCIER, Miss. (WLOX) – Easter is just days away, and while some parents may be inclined to surprise their children with a new pet bunny on Sunday morning, many experts have advised against it. Among these experts are James and Sherry Johnson.

The Johnsons own and operate Johnson’s Bunny Haven in Saucier. Here, they collect rabbits abandoned by owners. Owners usually decide this after realizing that the work and expense of owning a pet rabbit just isn’t worth it, and according to James Johnson, this is especially true around Easter.

“It’s an 8 to 10 year commitment,” he says. “Most rabbits bought for Easter, 4 out of 5 will die or be thrown away the first year.”

“People leave them in the woods or near the woods because they think ‘it’s a rabbit, they’ll be able to survive,'” explains Sherry Johnson. “But they won’t survive. They are domesticated rabbits, totally different from normal rabbits.

The Johnsons work in partnership with the Humane Society to find homes for their rabbits. Aspiring owners are encouraged to learn more about rabbit.org before deciding whether or not adopting a pet rabbit is right for them.

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‘Our plan is to spend a lot more’: In Babylist’s online baby registry TikTok strategy


Babylist’s online baby registry is making a big bet on video this year, leveraging TikTok in a game to boost brand awareness. The California-based company went so far as to hire a dedicated TikTok publisher late last year, according to Lee Anne Grant, vice president of marketing and revenue at Babylist.

It is a growing trend. As TikTok grows more popular, brands like Amazon and VolunteerMatch are looking to hire TikTok social media managers to boost their presence on the app.

Babylist, founded in 2011, launched the brand’s account about eight months ago and has since gained more than 416,000 subscribers on the video app. Regularly, Babylist videos accumulate thousands of views per publication, sometimes going viral. A video of a father helping deliver his child seen 8 million views.

“[One of the] Babylist’s six main marketing goals relate to the growth of TikTok,” Grant said. “Our plan is to spend a lot more than we currently do.”

By the end of the year, TikTok is expected to become one of Babylist’s top three advertising channels. Grant added that the baby brand plans to invest far more ad dollars in TikTok than any other ad channel this year.

This year, Babylist’s TikTok spend will be just over 7% of total marketing spend, up from 2% of total marketing spend last year, said a brand spokesperson, who did not provide amounts. specific in dollars. According to Kantar, Babylist spent over $291,000 on media in 2021, compared to $145,000 spent in 2020. These numbers do not include social spending as Kantar does not track these numbers. Ad tracking firm Pathmatics reports that Babylist spent $5.1 million on Facebook and Instagram ads in 2021, up slightly from $4.8 spent in 2020.

The baby brand‘s TikTok strategy is twofold, leveraging paid and organic efforts. Videos are made up of user-generated content, creator content, and videos produced internally, by grant.

Babylist’s target audience is intended parents, from anyone carrying a child to those adopting, adopting or using surrogate mothers. To target these people and grow its user base, Grant says the company is using TikTok’s machine learning and targeting capabilities.

Babylist’s TikTok efforts aren’t relegated to driving direct sales. Instead, Grant says the team views the platform as one that delivers brand awareness, customer acquisition and sales. Success is measured by the number of people signed up for a baby registry, she added. It’s a common theme in the number of brands approaching TikTok as a brand awareness channel as opposed to a performance marketing channel. In fact, most advertisers have yet to consider the platform as another brand or performance channel similar to Facebook and Instagram, according to previous Digiday reports.

“We are looking for people to hear about Babylist and sign up more,” she said. “You can’t put an exact number on that, but we feel like it’s working and it’s getting results.”

Babylist is not alone in its TikTok efforts. Brands like L’Oreal, Dr. Squatch and Hotwire have ramped up their spending and content efforts to present themselves to the platform’s growing audience. In reality, eMarketer Reports that TikTok’s global ad revenue is expected to triple to $11.64 billion this year.

Over the past two years, after gaining popularity during the pandemic lockdown, TikTok has continued to become a staple of media spending, even consuming more and more marketing dollars. Earlier this year, Digiday reported that not only is the ByteDance-owned company seeing more performance advertisers testing the platform, but larger advertisers are also spending more.

Babylist may be on the right track in moving away from relying on TikTok for sales and conversion, according to Glenn Ginsburg, president of influencer marketing agency QYOU media.

“There is a happy medium where native and influencer content on social platforms consistently outperforms traditional ad units in views, engagement and clicks,” Ginsburg said. “A growth and content marketing strategy can catapult DTC brands to a new level of awareness and relevance.”

Overall, Babylist’s Grant says the brand wants to double its video views and plans to continue investing ad dollars in TikTok and expand its YouTube footprint. By the end of the year, Babylist hopes to reach more than one million followers on TikTok.

Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Those Who Have No Idea


Whether your best friend just gave birth or you need to buy a last-minute gift for a baby shower, here’s all the inspiration you need. Discover eight local baby brands created by parents…

Harri and Eve

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

This online children’s store has recently merged with EcoSouk to bring you a beautifully curated selection of children’s products. From toys and interiors to baby clothes and gear, Harri & Eve has you covered for everything from newborn to eight years old.
The best choice: Brother/sister rompers from the British brand Bob & Blossom (150 Dhs). Or for something a little more adventurous, the wobbel starter board (from Dhs485).

Crochenista by Katerina

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Mum-of-two Katerina Sahhoum started her crochet business during the pandemic with the aim of creating old-fashioned, eco-friendly, non-plastic toys that could be saved and passed on to the next generation. Using a technique called Amigurumi (the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting stuffed yarn creatures), Katerina stocks a popular range of existing patterns and can also create bespoke orders.
The best choice: We love the adorable handmade bunnies (Dhs185), which can be paired with a matching rattle with beech wood ring (Dhs85).


Baby Shower Gift Ideas

You can’t go to a restaurant or a park in Dubai without seeing the Citron brand in action. The stylish product line is designed to make mealtimes easier and more fun. Using materials that support the brand’s eco-friendly values, products including lunch boxes, snack boxes, water bottles and tableware are built to last and our favorite part is that the water bottles are made to last. water come with a QR code, which you can save so you’ll never lose a bottle again.
The best choice: Discover the My Mealtime pack (437 Dhs), which includes a four-compartment lunch box, a food jar, a backpack and a water bottle, as well as a surprise toy.

Eggs and Soldiers

This is our go-to store for all things baby. With a focus on finding a “more natural way”, Eggs n Soldiers is on a mission to find simpler, longer lasting and often cheaper solutions to the millions of “disposable” products on the market. What started as selling cloth diapers in markets around Dubai has grown into three stores in the United Arab Emirates, a WhatsApp shopping service and an online store selling everything from toys to teethers and from baby carriers to clothes.
The best choice: No baby shower is complete without Sophie La Girafe, but for something a little different, check out Sophie’s camel cousin Al Thir (Dhs135).


Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Mama Care’s philosophy is to ‘feed the nanny’ – in other words, remember to care for the mum, not just the baby. With products carefully selected and beautifully packaged together, Mama Care supports all aspects of a mother’s well-being and helps her rest, restore and recover after childbirth.
The best choice: The birthing box (499 Dhs) and the breast friend forever “BFF” box (499 Dhs) include everything a mom needs for the first few weeks.

Henrietta’s world

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Henrietta’s World was created many years ago as a series of children’s books, suitable for three to six year olds, based on a little hippopotamus called Henrietta who visits an imaginary world at playtime with her two best friends. The series creator rediscovered her love of drawing during the pandemic and began turning her illustrations into greeting cards, notebooks, t-shirts and nursery artwork. An amazing gift for a mom-to-be or a new baby.
The best choice: A set of three personalized nursery prints (from Dhs 295).


Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Specialist in personalized birth gifts, Mumzlab is the reference in terms of ready-made baskets, boxes and baskets. It’s about simplifying the process of buying a gift without losing that special touch.
The best choice: We love the vanilla sky gift set (Dhs395), which includes a toiletry bag, muslin swaddle and baby brush and comb set.


Baby Rock

In an effort to share her “must-have” baby accessories to make life easier for other moms, BabyRoc founder Isabel Olmedo got to work designing her own stylish products. Sold via Instagram and on stalls in city markets, BabyRoc’s range of beautifully handmade baby accessories use the highest quality cotton fabrics, so they are completely safe and comfortable against the baby skin.
The best choice: The super useful diaper pouch (Dhs195) comes with a waterproof portable changing pad and is available in several
cute designs.

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Rohingyas have babies to get more food aid — BenarNews


The way food aid is distributed to Rohingyas needs to be adjusted as it is driving population growth in the country’s sprawling refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, a senior Bangladesh government official has said.

Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, the interior minister, suggested that because food rations encourage Rohingyas to have more babies, as he said, the government intends to cut food aid to refugees .

“Rohingyas, regardless of age, receive the same amount of food. An adult male and a newborn are given the same amount of food. Therefore, they give birth to more babies – 35,000 babies are born every year,” he told BenarNews on Monday, a day after leading a meeting of a government committee that coordinates and manages the law and the order in the camps in the southeast along the border with Myanmar. are home to around 1 million Rohingya refugees from neighboring Rakhine State.

The committee discussed food allocation and other security issues, according to Khan.

“Rohingyas have more babies for more food,” he said. “We have decided that the amount of food will be reduced. Our relevant agencies will work out a new ration standard.

The number of babies in the camps is about half of what Khan claimed, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

In response to a request for details from BenarNews, the bureau released a spreadsheet showing that there were 18,858 children under the age of one in Rohingya camps as of February 28.

Md. Shamsud Douza, another refugee relief and repatriation commissioner under the Ministry of Disaster Management, told BenarNews that food allocations for Rohingya refugees are set in coordination with the World Food Program (WFP), a United Nations agency.

“Each Rohingya family receives a monthly food card with per capita allowances of 980 taka ($11.40) to 1,030 taka ($11.97). They are collecting rice and 19 other basic necessities from certain shops designated by WFP, according to their needs,” Douza told BenarNews on Tuesday.

He said his office had not received any direction regarding the change in allowances.

Officials from the WFP and UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, did not immediately respond to BenarNews’ multiple requests for comment on Khan’s proposal.


Human rights activists, meanwhile, have criticized the government, saying cutting food allowances will not reduce the birth rate among the Rohingya and that such efforts could lead to malnutrition and food insecurity.

Md. Jubair, secretary of the Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights, said the allowances were already insufficient.

“We receive a maximum of 1,030 taka per person per month. With this small amount, we buy 13 kilograms of rice, pulses, fish, salt, edible oil, vegetables and other essential products. It is very difficult to manage a family on this allowance,” he said.

Another campaigner said such cuts would have a negative impact.

“The amount of food aid given to each Rohingya family helps them to live with minimum needs. Reducing it further is not acceptable as it would have a disastrous impact on the health and food security of the entire Rohingya population, especially women and children,” Professor Mizanur Rahman, a former Rohingya, told BenarNews. President of the National Human Rights Commission.

“If the government cut food rations, women would not cut food allowances for male family members and cut them for themselves and children. In this case, women and children will face malnutrition and food shortage,” he said.

He added: “All over the world, the poor think they have more children for more food or more income and the Rohingya should not be isolated in this regard.”

Nur Khan, former executive director of Ain-O-Salish Kendra (ASK), a Bangladeshi human rights group, also disputed Khan’s comments.

“It’s really a shame that we hear such an unfair comment on Rohingya food intake. Talking about someone’s food is not decent,” he told BenarNews.

“There is no correlation between increasing the food allowance and a population boom: reducing the food allowance would not reduce the birth rate. I would strongly oppose any decision to reduce food allocation to Rohingya under the guise of lowering birth rates,” he said.

Birth control efforts

According to Dr. Pintu Kanti Bhattacharya, deputy director of Cox’s Bazar district family planning department, the higher birth rate among the Rohingya stems from superstition, religious bigotry and a lack of education.

“Local and international NGOs and the government family planning department have been working to motivate the Rohingya to adopt birth control measures,” he told BenarNews.

“Family planning workers go door to door twice a week in the camps and provide counseling so that they understand the benefits of family planning,” Bhattacharya said, adding that the agencies provide contraceptives, including pills, injections and condoms.

“Compared to the situation in 2017 and 2018, the Rohingya are more supportive of family planning,” he said.

Bangladesh has seen an influx of around 740,000 Rohingya since Myanmar’s military crackdown on the stateless Muslim minority group in August 2017.

I close the door on the crumbs, the scattered toys and the unmade beds – and I get a shed | Nell Frizzel


Owooden slats, a hard chair, scraps of paper, thin cushions, a small desk, cold cups of coffee, morning light and birdsong; After more than 15 years of what I believe we call economic activity, I finally have a room of my own. Yes, I’m building a shed. To like Dylan Thomas, Roald Dahl and probably that guy with glasses from The Repair Shop, I’ll now be working out of the house, staring at a rosemary bush.

As a woman, I now believe this is the only way to work from home without constantly sinking into the quagmire of household chores. I say women because, as just about every sociological report on the subject has proven, in heterosexual cisgender relationships, women still do the majority of the domestic work. A filthy mix of social conditioning, an unfair labor market, unequal pay and unaffordable childcare means it’s mostly women who hang the laundry, wipe the countertops, clean the bathtub and not just notice that the floor is covered in grated cheese, but then take the drastic step of sweeping the grated cheese.

While working from home is only a privilege granted to people in a certain type of job – often non-essential, not open to the public and computer-based – it means that many of us are now seeing their day of work interrupted by guilt. -cause the sight of a full washing-up bowl or a child’s pajamas hanging from a doorknob. Not to mention the lure of the fridge or the tantalizing song of the kettle.

And so, I head for the garden. I close the door on crumbs, scattered toys, snacks, and unmade beds, and take possession of my own office. Will I start writing winding novels about middle-class families with neurotic heroines? Will I find myself writing Welsh poetry and drinking whiskey for breakfast? Am I going to create a children’s classic by lazily gazing at a magpie? I very much doubt it. But I will be facing a window, with a swept floor and no one will ask me to wipe their ass. Pure joy.

Nell Frizzell is the author of The Panic Years, now available from Bantam Press. Arwa Mahdawi is absent

27 best brands of children’s clothing: clothes for children and babies


Olivier Londoninstagram

While shopping for yourself is fun (and boy, is it fun), there is something to buy for the little people in your life, whether it’s your own child, niece or nephew, or a referral, who takes retail therapy to the next level. And surely the best kind of retail therapy is shopping for children’s clothes.

We’re pretty sure it’s because of the miniature nature of these garments – tiny slippers, tiny jumpsuits and micro dresses – that get us add to cart so quickly. And it’s all the fashion designers, like Stella McCartney, Rejina Pyo and Charlotte Knowles, creating children’s lines all infused with the style and sparkle of their mainline collection.

Alongside fashion’s biggest names (hello The Row and Burberry), one can’t ignore high street staples such as M&S, Arket and John Lewis, whose practical kidswear will go the distance. Additionally, independent brands like floral threadsPolarn O. Pyret and vintage shop And they wear means the child in the wardrobes of your life starts out as green as they want to go.

So whether you’re looking for bold, loud hues or classic shapes and natural tones, these are the best brands of clothing for children and babies to shop now.

Advertising – Continue Reading Below

Age range: 4-10 years old

School sets from Shushu/Tong are super cute and exclusive to SSENSE.


Age Range: 4-9 years old

A modern brand for fashion-forward kids with coats, jackets, knitwear, dresses and more.


Age range: 3 months – 12 years

The luxury Italian fashion house now caters to babies and kids, offering everything from sneakers, coats and t-shirts to rompers, accessories and more.


Age range: 3 months – 6 years

An award-winning vintage-style children’s brand selling cashmere and Liberty print clothing.


Age range: 10 years old

Your favorite high street brand for Scandi, minimal outfits also create them in miniature – and they recently launched gender-neutral collections.



Age range: 4-10 years old

Be prepared for the high price of these cashmere pieces, because with The Row’s mainline, it’s definitely something to behold. That said, you won’t find such quality anywhere else.


Age range: 2-12 years old

If your little ones already show a penchant for smarter style, take a direct look at Thom Browne’s new collection of children’s clothing.


Age range: 0-10 years old

With everything from homewares to adorable children’s clothes, H&M is truly a one-stop-shop for stylish pieces at affordable prices.



Age range: 0-11 years old

This Swedish children’s clothing brand succeeds every time, both in terms of style and durability.


Age range: 3-14 years old

Burberry has created classic and fun investment pieces for kids – ones to keep.


Age range: 0-12 years old

An 80-year-old Swedish children’s fashion brand, which uses organic cotton and focuses on sustainability.


Age Range: 2-10 years old

The Australian cult brand has expanded its line of flowing, floral dresses to now include kids. Mom and I are a perfect match.


Age range: 0-16 years old

One of the greenest and most transparent stores on the high street, M&S designs useful and well-made children’s clothing.


Age Range: 2-7 years old

Rejina Pyo kids specializes in wearable and fun pieces using organic, upcycled and upcycled materials.


Age range: 3 months – 10 years

The bold style of the British designer translates perfectly into children’s clothing. We are particularly seduced by its combinations.


Age range: 0 – 14 years old

Like M&S, John Lewis is a British staple that has all your baby and children’s clothing needs.


Age Range: 2-10 years old

For fans of the hype, these bold and bright Balenciaga designs ensure your child is the coolest on the block.


Age range: 3-12 years old

Self-Portrait has created a wonderful line of formal wear for children, ideal for birthdays and Christmas.


Age Range: 0-8 years old

Using only found materials, Central Saint Martins graduate Chopova Lowena has created a funky and fun collection of baby and children’s clothing.


Age Range: 4-10

Adored by Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa, Charlotte Knowles’ poptastic outfits are also available in minis.


Age range: 0-12 years old

Babies deserve the best too, so why not get them used to the glories of cashmere from day one? The slow fashion brand has been delighting parents and children for more than 20 years and now also has a stand-alone store at Burlington Arcade.


Age Range: 0-7 years old

One of the coolest kids and baby clothing brands out there, Ando Stores also creates matching outfits for moms. Too cute.


Age range: 4-10 years old

Beyoncé’s favorite moon print is now available for kids with the Marine Serre Miniature collection.


Age Range: 0-7 years old

Your love of vintage doesn’t have to stop with you, thanks to this vintage children’s clothing seller.


Age range: 0-6 years old

These made-to-order bloomers, available in Liberty fabrics, make adorable gifts.


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Baby Strollers & Prams Market Recorded CAGR of 4.96% in 2021 | Driven by changing lifestyles coupled with the rise of single-parent and nuclear families | Technavio


NEW YORK, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The “Baby Strollers and Prams Market – Competitive Analysis, Drivers, Trends, Challenges and Five Forces Analysis” report has been added to Technavio’s offering. The market value of strollers and prams is expected to increase by $1.10 billion from 2020 to 2025, progressing to a CAGR of 5.58%. In addition, the market recorded a 4.96% year over year growth rate in 2021 according to the latest Technavio market report.

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Baby Stroller and Pram Market by Product, Distribution Channel, and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025

Market Dynamics – Drivers and Challenges

The main growth drivers for the pushchairs and prams market are the changing lifestyles coupled with the increase in single-parent and nuclear families. Single parent and nuclear families face many different tasks while caring for their newborns and toddlers. Therefore, parents demand baby care products that could bring convenience and ease to them. One of the main concerns of these customers is the transport of the child from one place to another. Strollers and prams are parents’ top choices for transporting babies with ease and comfort. Pushchairs and prams have become a benefit to customers who are single parents or belong to nuclear families, due to the benefits that are served by these products.

Howeverthe short life cycle of pushchairs and prams will be a major challenge for the strollers and prams market during the forecast period. Babies grow quickly and baby products such as pushchairs or prams need to be changed depending on the child’s age, weight and height. In addition, strollers and prams of established brands are quite expensive, and these products are not profitable for customers who constantly change the size of the stroller. As a result, customers do not opt ​​for pushchairs or prams, which may limit the sales volume of these products during the forecast period.

Learn more about other pilots and challenges – Download a free sample now!

Company Profiles

The stroller and pram market is fragmented and sellers deploy organic and inorganic growth strategies to compete in the market. The Baby Strollers and Prams market report provides comprehensive information about major vendors includingg Artsana Spa, Baby Trend Inc., Britax, Bugaboo International BV, Combi Corp., Dorel Industries Inc., Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd., Inglesina UNITED STATES Inc., Newell Brands Inc. and Nuna International BV.

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Competitive analysis

The competitive scenario provided in the Strollers and Prams market report analyzes, evaluates and positions the companies based on various performance indicators. Some of the factors taken into consideration for this analysis include the financial performance of companies over the past few years, growth strategies, product innovations, new product launches, investments, market share growth, etc.

Segmentation analysis

  • By Product, the market is categorized into baby comfort strollers, baby strollers, baby comfort pram, 3-wheel baby strollers, and baby tandem strollers segments. On the stroller and pram market, Baby comfort stroller segment will be significant during the forecast period.

  • By Geography, the market is classified as Europe, North AmericaACPA, South Americaand MEA. Europe will have the largest market share. 31% of market growth will come from Europe during the forecast period. Germany and the United Kingdom are the main markets for pushchairs and prams in Europe. Market growth in this region will be slower than market growth in other regions. In Europe, the penetration of baby strollers is very high, as the relative increase in household disposable income over the years has allowed working parents to spend more on baby care related products such as baby seats. car, pushchairs, prams, cradles and others.

  • By distribution channel, the market is classified as offline and online. The demand for baby products such as pushchairs and prams online channels is expected to increase and stabilize over the forecast period.

For more information on how each segment contributes – Download a free sample now!

Related Reports

  • the toy market Europe is expected to grow USD 8.75 billion from 2021 to 2026, and the market growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 4.77%. Download a free sample now!

  • the children’s bike market has the potential to grow in $2.59 billion from 2020 to 2025, and the growth momentum of the market will accelerate at a CAGR of 3.46%. Download a free sample now!

Scope of the baby strollers and prams market

Report cover


Page number


Year of reference


Forecast period


Growth momentum and CAGR

Accelerate at a CAGR of 5.58%

Market Growth 2021-2025

$1.10 billion

Market structure


Annual growth (%)


Successful market contribution

Europe at 31%

Competitive landscape

Leading companies, competitive strategies, scope of consumer engagement

Profiled companies

Artsana Spa, Baby Trend Inc., Britax, Bugaboo International BV, Combi Corp., Dorel Industries Inc., Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd., Inglesina USA Inc., Newell Brands Inc. and Nuna International BV

Market dynamics

Parent Market Analysis, Market Growth Drivers and Barriers, Fast and Slow Growing Segment Analysis, COVID 19 Impact and Future Consumer Dynamics, Market Condition Analysis for the Forecast Period,

Personalization area

If our report does not include the data you are looking for, you can contact our analysts and customize the segments.



Market landscape

  • Market ecosystem

  • Value chain analysis

Market sizing

Five forces analysis

Market segmentation by product

  • Market segments

  • Comparison by product

  • Baby comfort stroller – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • Baby strollers – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • Baby comfort pram – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • 3 wheel baby stroller – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • Baby Tandem Stroller – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • Market opportunity by product

Market segmentation by distribution channel

  • Market segments

  • Comparison by distribution channel

  • Offline – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • Online – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • Market opportunity by distribution channel

Customer landscape

Geographic landscape

  • Geographic segmentation

  • Geographic comparison

  • Europe – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • North America – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • APAC – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • South America – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • MEA – Market size and forecast 2020-2025

  • Main leading countries

  • Market Opportunity by Geography

  • Market factors

  • Market challenges

  • Market trends

Supplier Landscape

  • Supplier Landscape

  • Landscape disturbance

  • Competitive scenario

Vendor analysis


About Us

Technavio is a global leader in technology research and consulting. Their research and analysis focuses on emerging market trends and provides actionable insights to help companies identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. With over 500 specialist analysts, Technavio’s reporting library consists of over 17,000 reports and counts, spanning 800 technologies, spanning 50 countries. Their customer base consists of enterprises of all sizes, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. This growing customer base relies on Technavio’s comprehensive coverage, in-depth research, and actionable market intelligence to identify opportunities in existing markets and potentials and assess their competitive positions in changing market scenarios.


Technavio Research
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Media & Marketing Manager
USA: +1 844 364 1100
UK: +44 203 893 3200
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.technavio.com/

Technavio (PRNewsfoto/Technavio)

Technavio (PRNewsfoto/Technavio)



See original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/baby-stromler-and-pram-market-recorded-a-4-96-yoy-growth-rate-in-2021 -driven-by-changing-the-lifestyles-associated-with-the-rise-of-single-parent-families–nuclear-familys-technavio-301520987.html


Coloradans ship bags of clothes to Ukrainian families


DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — Coloradians have filled nearly 100 bags with clothing, shoes, backpacks and toys to ship to Ukrainians in need.

The donations were recently collected at the “Just Between Friends” event in Douglas County.

The organization – which bears the same name – holds a consignment event twice a year where local families can sell items their children have passed to other families at a discounted price.

“We understand that kids grow up fast which can be expensive, and twice a year we host an event where families can sell the things their kids have outgrown and other families can buy them for 50-90 % off retail price,” the event owner said. and coordinator, Deborah Freeman.

Freeman said she understands first-hand some of the challenges parents face when it comes to shopping for clothes for their children.

“I’m a mom of three girls and it’s hard to keep supporting them, especially when they’re growing up fast,” she said.

This year, the event made sure to focus on helping families affected by war in Ukraine.

More than 600 families participated in the mailing.

They also raised around $2,500 for local charity Joyful Journeys which recently helped victims of the Marshall Fire.

Freeman said she is grateful for helping local families in the Colorado area and reaching beyond.

“We wanted to use our collective power of moms helping moms locally and do a little part to help moms affected by all the issues that are happening in Ukraine,” Freeman said.

Gerber baby contest 2022: The search for Gerber’s next face has begun


Is there an adorable baby in your life who could become a model? Gerber might just have a job for them.

Gerber launched its 2022 search for the next face of Gerber products with its annual contest for a baby to represent the brand.

Since 2010, the company has organized the annual competition, which includes a cash prize of $25,000.

“Not only will the winner serve as the 2022 Spokesbaby, but the little grower will also step into the tiny, but formidable, shoes of Gerber Chief Growth Officer Zane Kahin to become the second baby in the brand’s history to win the coveted C-suite title,” the company said in a statement.

To be eligible, potential Gerber babies must have the following characteristics:

  • A natural gift for making people smile
  • belly full of laughter
  • The passion to be the center of attention
  • Between 0 and 48 months
  • Must demonstrate an irresistibly fun and expressive personality

This year’s contest is special because Gerber has announced that he will match the winnings by donating to the March of Dimes maternal and child health programs.

To enter the contest, parents and legal guardians can enter their baby’s picture here. All photo submissions must be received by April 14 at 11:59 a.m. ET.

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Guest Review: The True Health Costs of Gas Leaf Blowers | News


As community members and physicians specializing in children’s health, we offer our personal perspective on the health risks of gasoline-powered leaf blowers (GPLB) for the citizens of Menlo Park, especially for our children. . While the state of California will enforce a ban on the sale of GPLBs in 2024, that won’t stop citizens from using these engines that can last 20 years or more.

Decades of rigorous scientific research have taught us that environmental pollution disproportionately affects our children. Our training and current practices in pediatric resuscitation and in the operating room constantly remind us why this is so: babies and children breathe faster than adults, they inhale a greater volume of air indexed to their body weight, and they spend more time at ground level – crawling, walking or sitting – where many environmental toxins are deposited.

More importantly, children’s developing lungs, hearts and brains are especially susceptible to environmental exposures as they grow. Children’s lungs continue to grow and develop alveoli (the gas-exchanging lung sacs) until at least the ninth year of life. Therefore, any toxic exposure experienced today will be magnified in the future on a logarithmic scale.

LPPGs have two main contributors to adverse health effects: air pollution, both gaseous chemicals and dust/particulates, and noise pollution.

Air pollution: GPLBs and all two-stroke engines such as lawn mowers burn a mixture of oil and gasoline. Unlike cars, they don’t have exhaust filters or catalytic converters. Emissions contain known and suspected carcinogens such as unburned gasoline, benzene, formaldehyde and ozone. For reference, GPLBs release up to 300 times more hydrocarbons than most cars and trucks.

Particulate air pollution: All leaf blowers work by propelling particles into the air. They propel soil dust into the air – and into children’s lungs – which contains everything from microscopic particles of soil and brake lining powder deposited on road surfaces to soil chemicals such as herbicides. and pesticides. This particulate matter damages the lungs, is harmful to everyone today and deleterious for decades to come to the developing lungs of our children.

Noise pollution: GPLB motors emit up to 100 decibels of low frequency noise (noise above 85 decibels is considered hazardous). Research shows that noise increases blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks and strokes, harms children’s development and learning, and increases stress hormones like cortisol. It is also a critically important sleep disturbance as noise easily passes through windows and walls, even at a distance of 100 feet. You may ask, “Who sleeps at 10 a.m. because our laws require leaf blowers to be used during the day?” Our most vulnerable – our babies and young children – depend on this daytime sleep for brain development and growth.

We understand that there are significant economic, political and societal implications to imposing an immediate ban on the use of GPLB. We trust the experts in these respective fields to deliver a creative and fair proposition that meets both the needs of the workforce using GPLBs and the community that needs its yards and fields kept clean. Although we are not experts in these areas, we argue that an immediate ban will also help protect the health of gardeners, workers and citizens of Menlo Park using GPLBs, who now inhale the gas and particles while working. . They too deserve protection from these environmental toxins.

It is not only the basic function and duty of government to provide clean air, but we believe there is also a clear mandate for our communities to promote a healthy environment for our children. As parents, doctors and residents of Menlo Park, we ask our community leaders to carefully consider this issue.

Note: These concepts have been well summarized and rigorously researched by Leah Elkins in the Menlo Park Environmental Quality Commission Agenda Item C-2 paper dated September 22, 2021.

David M. Axelrod, MD, and Elliot Krane, MD, are faculty physicians at Stanford Children’s Health. The opinions expressed do not represent the views of Stanford.

Jordan Bowers pleads guilty to endangerment charges


The mother of missing 5-year-old Oakley Carlson has pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges. The charges are not related to Oakley’s disappearance.

GRAYS HARBOR, Wash. — The mother of missing 5-year-old Oakley Carlson pleaded guilty to two counts of endangerment with a controlled substance in addition to one count of abandonment.

Jordan Bowers, who initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, was due to stand trial on April 19. Bowers had a criminal history and would likely face a longer sentence than her husband. Bowers will be sentenced on April 22.

Andrew Carlson, Oakley’s father, was sentenced at the end of March to 12 months in prison. He pleaded guilty to two counts of endangerment with a controlled substance on March 14.

The charges are not related to Oakley’s disappearance.

Under the endangerment charges, Andrew Carlson was charged with knowingly or intentionally allowing two of his dependent children to be exposed to, ingest, inhale or have contact with methamphetamine. According to court documents, the Oakley siblings had “extremely high” levels of methamphetamines in their systems, suggesting they had been exposed to the drug or possibly ingested it.

Andrew Carlson had no criminal history. He is eligible for early release as early as August 2022.

In addition to 12 months in jail, Judge Katherine Svoboda said Andrew Carlson cannot use controlled substances, including marijuana or THC, without a valid prescription. He must also obtain a chemical dependency assessment within 45 days of his release, complete any recommended treatment and provide evidence in court within six months of his release.

Neither Andrew Carlson nor Bowers have been charged in connection with Oakley’s disappearance. She was last seen alive on February 10, 2021.

Police began searching for Oakley in December 2021 when a school principal called and asked for a welfare check. The Oakville Elementary School principal called police after one of Oakley’s siblings told him at a sleepover that “Oakley is no more,” according to court documents.

Investigators said Oakley was not seen during the welfare check and that Bowers and Carlson were uncooperative.

During a search of the family’s home, police found toys and clothing for all the children except Oakley. They also found blood on the blinds of the house and the front door. Investigators searched the family’s 300-acre property but did not find Oakley.

Anyone with information about Oakley’s disappearance is asked to contact the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 360-533-8765 or contact Detective Sgt. Paul Logan at 360-964-1729 or by email at [email protected]

Kylie Jenner Wears Custom Coperni on Her First Post-Baby Number Two Red Carpet


Kylie Jenner knows how to make a statement. When the beauty mogul didn’t make it to the premiere on time The Kardashians Thursday night, many assumed she had pulled out of the event. She had missed much of the family’s promotional tour before the new show. Instead, however, Jenner was just fashionably late, which meant that when she finally arrived, all eyes were on her and her custom white latex dress. And while being late meant she wasn’t able to take pictures with her sisters, Jenner shared some snaps afterwards to really show off her red carpet look.

The evening represented a significant moment for Jenner. Not only because it was the premiere of her family’s new reality show, but it was also her first red carpet appearance since welcoming her second child with Travis Scott in February. At the event, Jenner didn’t shy away from showing off her postpartum body, opting to match her sister, Kim Kardashian, in a skintight latex dress. While Kardashian’s look was designed by the late Thierry Mugler, however, Jenner’s was a custom Coperni piece based on a pink dress from the brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, which Gigi Hadid modeled on the runway. The dress featured two slits on the bottom and another on her chest, showcasing a bodice adorned with latex rosettes, one of which rested on her shoulder next to the boat neckline. When it comes to style, Jenner kept things pretty simple, pulling her hair back to show off diamond earrings and wearing a pair of matching white latex boots, a custom design by Amina Muaddi and Coperni.

Jenner has clearly been on a Coperni kick lately, as the first look comes just a day after the mother-of-two wore two other designs from the relatively young Parisian brand. On Wednesday, Jenner unveiled the glass Swipe bag, the hottest accessory of the season, largely due to its unique choice of materials and unexpected functionality. While the bag would also have matched her red carpet look — and Hadid wore it while modeling the dress originally — Jenner isn’t exactly one to wear anything twice, in especially a bag as memorable as the Horned Swipe. She’s clearly not afraid to pull from the same collection, as Jenner later joined her sister, Kendall, to attend a Phoenix Suns game, where she wore a jumpsuit and cargo boots from the same fall/winter show.

Coperni’s onslaught begs the question: Is Jenner following in her sister’s footsteps and becoming a one-brand woman like Kardashian recently did with Balenciaga? Although it would be fun to see co-founders Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant get the press that would undoubtedly come if Jenner only started wearing the label, and Jenner might sprinkle more Coperni into her wardrobe at the moment. future, it seems unlikely that she would save herself for just one brand. But hey, she’s clearly a fan, so you never really know.

Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Tamil Nadu Pet Parents Host Dog Baby Shower, Video Goes Viral


According to Indian tradition, godbharai or babyshower rituals are performed for women during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Last year, another video emerged on social media in which a Karnataka family performed similar rituals.

He said a dog is a man’s best friend. Many people like to keep dogs as pets for their loyalty to the owner. They share a pretty endearing bond with their pets. Celebrating pet birthdays is a common thing these days. But a family in Tamil Nadu recently held a baby shower ceremony for their pregnant dog. The video of the ceremony is doing the rounds on the internet and many are surprised to see the family’s love for their dog.

In the video, recently shared on social media, family members can be seen carrying out baby shower rituals with all the traditional fervor. The dog was decorated with flowers and according to custom, as followed for pregnant women, the family members also performed a puja for the dog. The dog was dressed in a new cloth. The female family members were seen making the dog wear glass bracelets. Sweets and fruits were also offered for the puja. Five different kinds of rice were prepared for the occasion.

According to Indian tradition, godbharai or babyshower rituals are performed for women during the third trimester of pregnancy.

In the video, family members are heard calling the dog Daboo. The video has gone viral on social media and many users are amazed to see the family’s love for their dog. Netizens praised the family for treating the dog like family. Many also wrote that the dog feels relaxed and lucky to have a family like them. The video garnered over 5.8 lakh video on Facebook.


However, this isn’t the first time pet owners have expressed their love for the animal in adorable ways. Last year, another video of a similar event also appeared on social media in which a Karnataka family was seen having a baby shower for the dog.

Read all the latest IPL 2022 news, breaking news and live updates here.

Watch out Yakima! Free distribution of diapers every Friday


There are times when money is tight, you don’t know where you are going to find the extra money for essentials, but you still need it, especially when it comes to your little babies. They have very specific needs that must be met. Fortunately, there are options for the community and one of them is coming this Friday, April 8, 2022, and the following Friday and the following and the following!

Diaper collection at the Henry Beauchamp Community Center every Friday

Local musician and nonprofit worker Mitch Weary has partnered with OCI and the Henry Beauchamp Community Center for this amazing community opportunity and they’re not done. Stay tuned for even more awesome opportunities for the community to come this summer.

No need to panic if you miss

Do you need diapers, wipes, cream, formula or tampons? The Henry Beauchamp Community Center, located at 1211 S 7th St, Yakima, WA 98901, will be holding a diaper drive between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. and again between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

What do I have to do?

Just keep going and they will check you in, it should only take about five minutes and you will be given a month’s supply of nappies, wipes, cream, formula and tampons.

Who can pick up items?

Anyone in need in the community can come and pick up supplies for their family.

What if I can’t come this Friday?

Carefree! This will happen every Friday, so if you are unable to come that Friday, you can come the following Friday.

Can I participate only once?

You can come back every month for as long as you need

Free distribution of diapers

KEEP READING: Here are the most popular baby names in every state

Using March 2019 data from the Social Security Administration, Stacker compiled a list of the most popular names in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C., according to their 2018 SSA rankings. The top five boy names and top five Girls’ first names are listed for each state, along with the number of babies born in 2018 with that name. Historically common names like Michael have only made the top five in three states, while the less common name Harper makes the top five for 22 states.

Curious to know which names are trending in your home country? Keep reading to see if your name makes the top five – or to find inspiration for naming your baby.

WATCH: The Most Popular Biblical Baby Names

WATCH: 30 fascinating facts about sleep in the animal kingdom

What’s in your Easter basket?


You know there’s a holiday just around the corner when your social media is filling up with surveys of favorite candy for that holiday in every state.

They always say “survey says” and I wonder how many people in each state participated in the survey? They must use empirical data such as the quantity of each candy sold in each state. But, I digress.

None of these stories have ever made me choose a different candy to include in my holiday celebration, because I think those preferences are set when we’re really, really young. These early Easter baskets set the stage for what a person wants from there.

And, yeah, I said from there because I don’t think a person outgrows an Easter basket or a stocking stuffer or a bag of Halloween treats.

The things in these containers will change a bit as you get older, and who provides them may change, but the fun of getting them can make anyone feel like a kid again.

I recently started making a basket for my beloved niece who is no longer a very young child. She is, to my amazement, a teenager.

I really don’t know how it happened. I tell her every time I see her that she has to slow down all this growth. She used to laugh at that, now she just gives me that teenage scowl. Deciding what to get a teenager in an Easter basket is more difficult, I admit.

All the cute little toys they make for Easter are too young for her, so I had to fill in with other stuff. Some listings I saw on social media had things like expensive headphones and video game systems.

Who are they trying to fool?

Easter baskets must not contain Christmas presents. They must contain trinkets. Tiny little things that bring joy.

So I tried to find things that she would like, but that wouldn’t give either of us a heart attack if she lost them or the dog ate them. Since she is old enough to read, I will not list them here.

But I will say there are some awesome listings on Pinterest for anyone who needs help building a basket for a teenager – just ignore the ones that are obviously put together by marketing departments who think Easter baskets should cost hundreds of dollars.

The recipient’s favorite candy and a few little balls or toys are all it takes to put some spring in their step and let them know they’ll always be our favorite little bunny.

What do beauty and baby food have in common? They produce a ton of trash


On average, each American produces 1,609 pounds of trash each year – and globally, we produce 2.12 billion tons of trash each year. You read correctly. And when it comes to plastic, 91% of plastic waste has not been recycled.

On a daily basis, many of us try to respect the environment. We recycle. We plant trees. We minimize water consumption. We carpool. But when it comes to waste, current efforts simply don’t make up for the monstrous mountain of waste that is created each year. Sustainability is – often – easier said than done. But some brands are rising to the urgent challenge, solving problems, setting standards, and making meaningful sustainable decisions that are much easier for the rest of us.

Take Pallet per bundle. This beauty startup is leading the sustainable beauty packaging revolution and is on a mission to make beauty reusable. That’s no small feat when you consider all the disposable plastic tubes, pumps, droppers, containers and bottles that are used in a single day in the average person’s beauty and personal care routine. . Disrupting a billion dollar disposable beauty industry, Palette uses innovation, form, function and design to deliver refillable, washable and reusable beauty products to stop disposable beauty in its tracks.

How big is the problem? About 120 billion units (yes billion) of disposable beauty and personal care products are produced every year. If you need a visual of its actual size, that’s enough to fill the entire Pacific Ocean every year. Considering that recent statistics reveal that up to 95% of this packaging is not actually recycled, it doesn’t take long for alarm bells to ring.

By tackling disposable beauty one category at a time, Palette is first tackling a very important subset of the single-use and disposable beauty packaging biggest problem – travel sizes and minis.

Most people don’t know that tiny plastics like single-use travel sizes and minis aren’t recycled at all due to their small size and go straight into our landfills, waterways and oceans. That’s why California and New York have banned travel products in hotels starting in 2023 and 2025 respectively.

Another industry that’s big on single-use items and getting shaken up? The baby food industry. It is expected to reach $96.3 billion by 2027 and does not currently have the same regulations and requirements as its formula counterparts.

What it means: pretty much anything goes when it comes to how the food our little ones eat is packaged and processed, which not only means more waste, but can also lead to brain development problems due to chemicals leaching into sauces and purees.

Brands like Cerebelly are making nutrition a top priority by making veggies the #1 ingredient and cutting back on sugar. The food they offer is non-GMO, 100% plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free – and they are setting standards where none existed before.

It’s the first and only baby food brand to provide all 16 essential nutrients that are essential for brain development, which in itself is development important enough; but they are also the first children’s food brand to receive the Clean Label Project Purity Award, which is given to products tested for more than 400 contaminants and heavy metals.

While transparency and science are big wins, they also lead the way in working with customers to reduce consumer waste. Through a partnership with international recycling leader, TerraCycle, which specializes in providing recycling solutions for typically non-recyclable waste, Cerebelly has reached a milestone of 100,000 recycled baby food pouches and, starting By Earth Day 2022, Cerebelly’s waste collection is expected to reach 110,000 bags. recycled.

Terracycle also hopes to help other baby food brands. Gerber currently has a recycling program with Terracycle to postal packaging that otherwise cannot be recycled through local municipal programs. With prepaid shipping labels, you can send your packaging for reprocessing. It’s a beginning.

Thanks to companies like Terracycle, more than 200 trillion people around the world now recycle, and they ultimately aim to be able to “recycle everything” – a noble goal worth pursuing.

Recycling reduces the amount of raw materials needed to be processed, thereby reducing air and water pollution. It also positively affects climate change by saving energy and thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is vital for companies to contribute to the sustainability of our planet. And while many of us do our best through sustainable habits, we want – and should – try to do more and support brands that don’t just solve problems, but set the standards. follow in the future. As a mom of little ones and a woman who loves bold lips from time to time, I keep an eye out for ways to cut down on my waste.

The opinions expressed here by Inc.com columnists are their own, not those of Inc.com.

Man slammed for keeping money at wife’s baby shower: ‘Ashamed’


A man has been called ‘shameful’ after admitting he planned to take all the money given to him and his wife at their baby shower.

The soon-to-be dad shared his situation on Reddit’s Am I The A** Hole forum under the username Engorgedclips, where he explained that his wife was due to give birth in May.

The 29-year-old wanted to throw a lavish baby shower for his 24-year-old wife, who preferred a smaller, cheaper party.

But he stuck to his guns and rented a venue for $2,500, saying, “I wanted to make a big deal out of it to make my wife feel special.”

After shelling out for the party, his account was empty, as he continued, “My wife wanted something smaller initially, but I wanted to do the mixed thing and invite my friends and family too. After paying for the place, my account was depleted and I won’t be paid for 2 weeks.

“So I took all the money we were given in the form of cards and deposited it into my account. We ended up getting about $1,600, so I ended up paying less than $1 000 dollars for the shower.”

Difference of opinion

He claimed that while he probably should have planned a little better in advance, he felt his wife was “ungrateful”.

“My wife is upset about this because she thinks the money should be used for more baby stuff and not ‘pay me back’ as she said. I told her I couldn’t have $0 in my account for 2. weeks, and she said I should have thought about that before booking such a big space for the shower instead of doing something smaller like she originally wanted.

“She’s also upset because the majority of the money came from her family. Honestly, I just assumed that all the money we got was to pay for the shower, and she assumed it would be for whatever we wouldn’t have it on our registry,” he said.

Although he added, “I’ll probably use the money for baby stuff anyway, but I also need money for gas and food.”

According to the Children.costhelper.com website, a baby shower can typically cost between $100 and $1,000, depending on the number of guests, which is usually 15 to 40.

My WEDDING venue cost less than $2500 to rent


He noted, “Many baby showers are held in a house with nibbles provided by the host or hostess.”

Other things to consider are the cost of invitations, food, decorations, venue hire, games and activities.

The Reddit post, titled: “AITA for keeping all my wife and me’s baby shower money?” has since amassed more than 10,000 upvotes since it was posted on Tuesday.

Velvetalocasia wrote, “That was my first thought! This guy doesn’t care about having a baby, he can’t even throw a party without breaking the bank.”

Delkarnu wrote: “$2,500 is both a very large amount of money to spend on a party and a very small amount of money to have in the bank with a baby on the way. Especially if the wife was working while the 2,500 was saved and they will lose that second income for a while when the baby comes.”

Aabbccbb commented, “Yeah. And he went with a bigger venue so his friends could come…and most of the money came from his side. AKA he threw himself a party with the money from the OP’s baby.”

Beckdawg19 wrote, “I think most of the baby showers I’ve attended have been at a venue, but they’ve all been cheap like parks or casual restaurants. We paid $50 for my venue. sister. $2,500 is absurd.”

TopRamenisha revealed, “My WEDDING venue was under $2500 to rent.”

DancinginHyrule pointed out, “Your wife is absolutely right. And it must be scary to have a month due with a man who spent 2500 on a party, knowing he technically couldn’t feed his family for the next two. weeks. YTA, what the hell where do you think? What if no one gave any money? Then what?”

Toss_it_out_tomorrow thought: “This gives some insight into how this kid is going to go through life. OP is impulsive and irresponsible in addition to being thoughtless, inconsiderate and now self-centered. OP you are a shameful AH. YTA .”

In response to the backlash, the dad added a number of lengthy updates, and it appears he ended up admitting he made a “reckless, impulsive decision because I wanted everyone to see that I I could support my family”.

He added: “My decision to take a lavish shower was based on insecurity more than anything and I was wrong for that…

“I haven’t even thought about the money being for the baby and I haven’t considered putting it in savings for him, but I like that idea. I’ve never been to a party prenatal, so I didn’t know better.

“Those of you who said I would have to suffer for the next two weeks are right. I will give the money to my wife and let her decide what to do with it.”

Newsweek has contacted Engorgedclips for comment.

Deposit silver photos and an invitation. A dad-to-be has been slammed for saying he was going to keep all the money he gave from his wife’s baby shower.
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Community Briefings: Fundraising in Ukraine, Toys for Autistic Children | Community


Fundraiser for Ukraine set for April 30

The Areté Dance Center is scheduled to host the Rise Up Ukraine Benefit Festival, a fundraiser for the people of Ukraine, from 4-6:30 p.m. on April 30 at the center, 979 Fremont Ave., Los Altos.

The event will include Ukrainian baked goods, light appetizers, local wines, a silent auction, original artwork, information about Ukraine’s national dance (hopak) and dances to music live performed by The Song Gardeners.

Tickets are $50 per person and donations are accepted. Funds raised will support the humanitarian work of Nova Ukraine, a non-profit organization based in Palo Alto, Ukraine.

Give toys to autistic children

The Autism Needs Response Center (ICAN) is collecting toy donations at 2 p.m. Saturday at Cuesta Park in recognition of Autism Awareness Month.

Representatives from the center will be on hand to accept toys or financial contributions for the purchase of toys for children with special needs.

ICAN is an applied behavior analysis provider in the Bay Area that serves many children with special needs.

“Most of our staff are now bringing toys and gear to customers’ homes, where customers may not have enough backup or gear to work with,” said ICAN founder Saba Torabian, a Los resident. Altos Hills. “We can’t do this alone, so we’re asking for your support.”

Cuesta Park is located at 615 Cuesta Drive, Mountain View. ICAN will bring colored balloons to alert donors to its location.

“If you can’t attend or bring the toys, you can still make a difference in the lives of children with autism by donating,” Torabian said.

Donations are tax deductible through the CARE Foundation (Tax ID 47-1202608).

Hoppin’ Hounds return to the hills

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the annual Los Altos Hills Hoppin’ Hounds Easter Cookie Hunt returns from 9-10:30 a.m. on April 16 at Westwind Community Barn at Byrne Preserve, 27210 Altamont Road.

The event — a fundraiser for Palo Alto Animal Services’ Pets In Need shelter — includes an on-leash cookie hunt for dogs on the preserve. PAAS provides animal rescue services in both Los Altos Hills and Los Altos, and operates a contracted no-kill shelter for found animals.

The suggested donation is $10.

Those unable to attend the event can donate $10 or more, and city staff will host a socially distanced kit pickup on April 15. The kit includes a treat bag, a Hoppin’ Hounds donor dog bandana and a chance to win four large gift baskets.

Prior registration is required.

Pink Ribbon event supports cancer patients

Pink Ribbon Girls – a non-profit organization that supports women dealing with breast or gynecological cancer – sponsors the Get Moving Challenge, a fundraiser designed to encourage participants to focus on their own health while supporting the others.

Los Altos Hills resident Julie Arnheim is the Director of Strategy and Development for Pink Ribbon Girls Bay Area.

The Get Moving Challenge brings together cancer survivors, friends, families and communities across the country to p